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Two 1 km fibers are spliced together. Each fiber has a 5 db loss and the splice adds the 1 db of loss. If the power entering is 2mW, then how much power is delivered to the end of this combined transmission line ?

A receiver requires 10 mW as input power. If all the system losses add up to 50 db, then how much power is required from all the source ?

A coal producer has the following total cost: TC=$187,500+$5Q+$0.0003Q2, where Q is tons of coal produced per month. Calculate the firm’s maximum profit if coal price is stable at $20/ton. (7 points)

what organs in the human body are lipids found

create a table lays out day by day plan to use a job aid for your employment search,spanning 3 weeks.

Help with Math
mario teaches science workshops .he is presenting an activity on falling objects. when mario drops a ball, it bounces back up to two thirds of the height from which it was dropped. mario starts by dropping the ball from a height of 135cm. determine the height of the third ...

Behavioral Science
Explain the communication process of neurons in the brain. List some common neurotransmitters and describe their effects on behavior.

math (need help badly)
the vertices of triangle DEF are D(5,12)and E(2,7) and F(8,4) Triangle DEF undergoes an enlargement with the centre ,O, and scale factors k.Its image is D`E`F` where D(5,12)arrow D`(7.5,18) a)How do i detremine the value of k

what was used to protect penguins from oil spills

simplify: a^2+4a/a^2+3a-4

Vector Algebra
Find the direction angles of the vector given below. Then write each vector in the form v = ||v||[(cos A) i + (cos B) i + (cos Y) k ]. v = -6i + 12j + 4k

American History
Why didn't the Dawes Severalty Act succeed/work?

unsramble words
I need to unscramble these to words nitbociasit and aukkk

.125m or 125000000nm

14 line 10 syllable poem
the sun is sunshine the birds r fly

Hum 130
What are at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples? (Broken Link Removed)

algebra check please
2/3 (7/8 - 4x) - 5/8 = 3/8 multiply 2/3 by 7/8 - 4x 2/3 x 7/8 = 7/12 2/3 x -4x = -8/3x 7/12 - 8/3x - 5/8 -1/24 - 8/3x = 3/8 add -1/24 to both sides -8/3x = 3/8 + 1/24 -8/3x = 5/12 x = 5/12 / -8/3 x = -15/96 or answer: x = -5/32

Info. literacy
what is the call number of the oldest copy of Ellison's Shadow and Act? Ask your librarian for the call number for her library on that book what is the call number of the oldest copy of Ellisons shadow and act

information literacy
what year was the oldest copy of Ralph Ellison's Going to the Territory published? That book was published in l986

financial mathematics
Qn 1. The easy loan company has a finance charge of 0.089% per day on out standing balances.What is the effective rate? Qn 2. Seven days after Jay's company borrowed R10,000,000 interest to the amount of R37,876,71 had to be paid. The simple interest rate equals? come on ...

financial mathematics
jeromeborrowed an amount of money on 16th june 1999. he has to pay Ri7500 back on 25th feb 2000. what was the amount borrowed if simple interest of 26% is chargedd? qn 2. For 20yrs sidney deposited R200 every month into an account. this account earned 15% intrest compounded ...

143.6 ft

french questions
are these correct? Si tu pense que ton colère affecté tes relations et qualité de vie. Si tu pense de ta colère constante Si c’est causer par quel que choses qui a arriver long temps passé Si il causer toi de faire des choses de ...

if a bar of copper is brought near a magnet, the copper bar will be not magnetic, nonferrous, not attracted to the magnet, etc

word unscramble

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