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The su three numbers in g.p. is 21 and the sum of their squares is 189 find the numbers.

Geometric progression
Sir answer a=2,r=3,

The temperature outside marys school is 17°c at midday by midnight the temperature has fallen by 33 °c what is the temperature at midnight

Is 7/8 an irrational number

hans needs to rent a truck company a charges 40 per day and company b charges 80 per day for what number of days is the cost the same

135 N

Adv. Physical Science
an automobile to be transported by ship is raised above the dock by a crane. If the gravitational potential energy of the car is 6.6 x 10^4 and the mass is 960 kg how high has the car been lifted?

a new car depreciated by 20% in its first year. each succeeding year it depreciated by 10% assume the car is still in good working condition after 10 years. if the car costs $25,000 calculate the value of the car after 10 years. express your answer to the nearest $10. please ...

Sketch the graphs of y=cos 2x and y= -0.5 over the domain -pi<x<pi. use an algebraic method to determine the values of x where these two graphs intersect. use exact value. Please help me work this problem out! I sketched the graph, just not sure how to set up the ...

Oh ok thanks! I understand what I did wrong. I used the concentrations calculated from part A as my starting concentrations. Isn't it impossible to use concentrations in part b though? Since HAc and Ac^- both start a 0.1 M and you are adding 0.1M HCl? Wouldn't that ...

I have a question about buffers. Part A So it starts with 20ml 0.1 sodium acetate and 25ml 0.1 acetic acid. Calculate ph of buffer is 4.74 because the acid and conjugate base have the same molarity correct? So the Ph is just pKa (1.8e-5)? Part B So the next part is add 5ml of ...

At what temperature would a 1.75m NaCl solution freeze, given that the van't Hoff factor for NaCl is 1.9? Kf for water is 1.86 C/m.

Outside the International Sapce Station, a 60 kg astronaut holding a 4.0 kg object (both initially at rest) throws the object at 10 m/s relative to the space station. A 50 kg astronaut, initially at rest, catches the object. What is the speed of the separation of the two ...

The Max possible loss will be increasingly unbounded if P --> infinite. If you simultaneously place a stop-buy order at $78, the maximum possible loss per share is $8.

visual arts
what is art(related to visual arts)?