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  1. Maths

    Two ships sail from port P. One sails 14km due south while the other sails 17km on a bearing of 120 degrees. Calculate to one decimal place the distance between the ships.
  2. Maths

    A square is transformed into a recatangle of perimeter 30 cm, by increasing one side by 3 cm and reducing the adjacent side by 2 cm. Find the length of the square's side.
  3. Maths

    yeah ive just recently learnt about the unit circle and all that other stuff but thanks
  4. Maths

    Find a if a is between 0 degrees and 180 degrees, and: a. Sin a = cos a b. sin^2 = 3/4 c. tan^2 = 1/3 I have no clue on where to start any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Maths

    An aeroplane is flying horizontally directly towards the city at an altitude of 400 metres. At a given time the pilot views the city lights of Melbourne at an angle of depression of 1.5 degrees. Two minutes later the angle of depression of the city lights is 5 degrees. Find ...
  6. Maths

    Yes I can. Thank you
  7. Maths

    The training of a football team involves running up and down a sandhill 25 times. If the hill is 30 m high and inclined at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal, how far does the team run during the training? Answer to the nearest 0.1 km.
  8. Maths

    The median for a set of 10 numbers is 10. An even number is added, and the median is now 11 and the range is now 4. What number was added?
  9. Mathematics question

    Three pieces of fruit have an average weight of m grams. After another piece of fruit is added, the average weight doubles. Find the weight of the extra piece of fruit in terms of m.
  10. Math

    How do I convert improper fractions into proper fractions?
  11. Physics

    a 50 kg block is being pulled up a 37 degree incline with a force of 450 N applied parallel to the incline. The block moves at a constant velocity. What is the kinetic friction? power if the velocity is 1.5 m/s? acceleration if the applied force increases to 500N?
  12. Math

    Ms. Jones is baking a cake for her students. She needs 2/3 cup of brown sugar to make the cake. Right now, she has 3/4 cup of brown sugar. Does she have enough to make the cake?
  13. Physics

    What is the ratio of the volumes for two black holes whose masses are 20 and 10 times the mass of the Sun, respectively? Assume the ’event horizon’ de?nes the edge of each black hole’s ’volume’
  14. Physics

    What is the reaction of the earth pulling down on a pen that is lying on a table
  15. physics

    A box slides down a frictionless 35 degree incline. Determine its acceleration. If the incline is 10.0 m long and the box starts from rest, how much time does it take to get to the bottom?
  16. Physics

    You must arrange three mystical stones in a line. They have masses 10.0 kg, 7.00 kg,and 3.00 kg. You place the 7.00 kg and 3.00 kg stones 5.00 m apart. Where do you need to place the 10.0 kg stone for the center of mass of the three stones to be 2.25 m from the 7.00 kg stone ...
  17. Physics

    A wire with cross sectional area 1.00 cm2 stretches 0.500% of its length when it is stretched with a tension of 20.0 N. What is the Young's modulus of this wire?
  18. Physics

    You push a block of mass m up a plane inclined at angle θ at constant velocity v with a force F parallel to the inclined plane. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the plane is µk. Which is the correct equation for F? (g = gravitational ...
  19. health

    Which of the following is NOT a type of muscle? A. Skeletal B. Long C. Smooth D. Cardiac
  20. math

    How many gallons of water are in a tank with a diameter of 40' and 12' tall ?
  21. Physics

    A boy with a mass of 40kg is seated a distance of 3.0m from the fulcrum of a seesaw. a. Calculate the load force exerted by the boy (Hint: What force is pulling him down?) b. Calculate the torque exerted by the boy. c. If his sister with a mass of 24 kg wants to balance the ...
  22. Math

    number of students in a class = 36 number playing cricket = 16 number playing football = 25 number playing both cricket and football = x write an equation for x how many students play both football and cricket

    thnks man you helped me big time
  24. Business

    Adapting to new conditions in the market and within your organization.
  25. Algebra

    (-5,3), (4,-5). Slope intercept form
  26. Algebra

    Y= 1/2x -5, (-3,-1)
  27. Math

    Y= -3x+2 (2,3)
  28. math

    4. A tree stands vertically on top of a hill whose angle of inclination is 30°. The top and base of the tree are 4√3 and 4 meters, respectively, from a point P at the foot of the hill. What is the angle of subtended by the tree at point P?
  29. Algebra

    .3928571 of a second
  30. math

    -4x<-64 4/5h>-2 solve each inequality
  31. math

    a store manager is accipting applications for part time workers. He can hire no more than 14 people. So far he has hired 9 people. Write and solve an inequality to determine how many more people the manager can hire
  32. math

    -5+b<-19 solve inequality and graph
  33. algebra

    solve inequality and graph a-1/4 > 5 3/4
  34. algebra

    I need an example how to graph for an inequality solution. eq. 5<x+31
  35. algebra

    graph inequality k<-1
  36. Math

    I don't understand your answer
  37. Math

    Question: Name a fraction between 1/4 and 5/16
  38. algebra

    Draw a rectangle to show that 5 (x + 2 ) and 5x + 10 are equivalent ?
  39. math

    written in math would be -1(2x+3)=2(-4x-3) -2x-3=-8x-6 -3=-6x-6 3=-6x -0.5=x

  41. math

    If I had to spinners what the possibility of the spinner adding up to 5. If the spinner only had the numbers 1,2,or3.
  42. math

    Pat worked 43 hours and received $7.25 per hour for regular pay and time-and-a-half for all hours over 40 hours. What were her weekly earnings?
  43. Math

    Find the length of the curve r(t)=sqrt(2)ti + e^tj + e^-tk, 0<=t<=1 Please explain how it happened. Thank you
  44. English 4

    Is it Bounderby?
  45. functions

    The estimated value of the Mona Lisa was about $100 million in 1960. By the year 2000 its value had increased to approximately $600 million. Write a straight line appreciation equation for the painting where y is the approximate value in millions of dollars and x represents ...
  46. Maths

    A movie theatre seats 200 people. For any particular show, the amount of money, m, the theatre makes is a function of the number of people, n, in attendance. If a ticket costs $12 and the cost to the theatre to run one show is $120, state the domain and range of this function.
  47. 5th grade (math)

    number of 5s = 7 number of 8s = 26 check 243 number of 5s = 15 number of 8s = 21 check 243 number of 5s = 23 number of 8s = 16 check 243 number of 5s = 31 number of 8s = 11 check 243 number of 5s = 39 number of 8s = 6 check 243 number of 5s = 47 number of 8s = 1 check 243 ...
  48. math

    a model rocket is projected straight upward from the ground level. It is fired with an initial velocity of 192 ft/s. How high is the rocket after 10 seconds? When is the rocket at a height of 432 feet? What is the maximum height of the rocket? When will the rocket hit the ground?
  49. math

    a model rocket is projected straight upward from the ground level. It is fired with an initial velocity of 192 ft/s. How high is the rocket after 10 seconds?
  50. algebra

  51. algebra

  52. geometry

    Two sides of a triangle are 22 and 34.The length of the third side must be greater than ____ and less than ____.
  53. geometry

    The degree measures of the angles of triangle ABC are represented by 2x+8,x-8 and 2x-20,state the measure of each angle
  54. Math, please help

    daniel rolls two cubes 36 times. how many times should he expect to roll a 4?
  55. statistics

    A couple considering a mortgage of $100,000 have a choice of loans. One loan is an 8% loan for 20 years, and the other loan is at 8% for 30 years. Find the amount of interest that the couple can save by choosing the 20-year loan.
  56. calculus

  57. second degree equation word problem

    A theater that is rectangular in shape seats 720 people.The number of rows needed to seat the people would be 4 less if each row held 6 more people.How many people would then be in each row?
  58. Calculus

    400 feet of fencing is to be used to enclose four adjacent pieces of land. What dimensions will produce the largest area?
  59. english 1

    What is one way that “The Maori: Genealogies and Origins in New Zealand” contrasts with “The Raven and the First Men: The Beginnings of the Haida”?
  60. Physics

    A man (mass 120.5 kg) is canoeing with his friend (mass 81.6 kg). He had the only paddle but dropped it in the lake. It has drifted just out of his reach along the long axis of the canoe. His friend suggests that if they trade places he might be able to reach the paddle. The ...
  61. Physics

    A 1kg pigeon sits on the middle of a clothesline whose supports are 10m apart. The clothesline sags by 1 meter. If the weight of the clothesline is negligible, find the tension in it.
  62. Physics

    A 1kg pigeon sits on the middle of a clothesline whose supports are 10m apart. The clothesline sags by 1 meter. If the weight of the clothesline is negligible, find the tension in it.
  63. calculus

    dinesh bro... the b is the same as the a
  64. Calculus

    use the simpson's rule with n=10 to estimate arc length of y=x^(-1/3), for 1<=x<6
  65. Chemistry

    10. For the titration of 20.00 mL 0.1000 M lactic acid with 0.1000 M NaOH, calculate the pH: a. before any titrant is added b. 10.00 mL prior to the equivalent point c. at the equivalent point d. 10.00 mL after the equivalence point. Plot the points obtained on a graph of pH ...
  66. Chemistry

    A 5.00 mL aliquot of vinegar (acetic acid, FW = 63 g/mol) was diluted and titrated with 0.1104 M NaOH requiring 32.88 mL. If the vinegar has a density of 1.055 g/mL, calculate its acidity as % acetic acid
  67. physics

    an electron is accelerated from rest through a potential difference V. If the electron reaches a speed of 9.11*x10^6 m/s, what is the potential difference?
  68. psychology

    Much research is being conducted on repairing faulty sensory organs through devices such as personal guidance systems and eyeglasses, among others. Do you think that researchers should attempt to improve normal sensory capabilities beyond their “natural” range (for ...
  69. Math

    how many glasses of water is 2/5th
  70. Math

    A basket of goods and services representative of the CPI cost $2750 when the CPI stood at 118.3. What did the basket of goods cost 10 years earlier, when the CPI was at 93.1? What was the overall percent inflation experienced by consumers for the entire 10-year period?
  71. math

    1)5 [19+ (5^2-16) ^2] ^2 2)(7m^3-m-6m^2+10)-(5m^3-9+3m-2m^2) 3) 3 (a-2)(4a+1)-5(2a+3)(a-7) 4)6a^2b/-2ab^2 5) 120(1+i) ^2+180(1+i) ^3 /360(1+i)
  72. Physics

    A space probe has two engines. Each generates the same amount of force when fired, and the directions of these forces can be independently adjusted. When the engines are fired simultaneously and each applies its force in the same direction, the probe, starting from rest, takes...
  73. math

    what is th value of 4!
  74. Physics Help..

    The cable of an elevator of mass M = 1900 kg snaps when the elevator is at rest at one of the floors of a skyscraper. At this point the elevator is a distance d = 10.6 m above a cushioning spring whose spring constant is k = 8500 N/m. A safety device clamps the elevator ...
  75. math

    the slope of a mountain if 10, 560 feet lenghth and 5,280 feet widthe
  76. Logic

    Having trouble with these two 1. 1 ~J 2 (B ⊃ M) ⊃ (~J ⊃ B) 3 ~J ⊃ (B ⊃ M) / B 2. 1 ~L 2 V v (A v L) 3 (V v A) ⊃ ~V / A
  77. physics

    A ball is thrown 107 m upward and then falls back to earth. Neglecting air resistance, how long will it be in the air? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of s
  78. algebra

    can i get help with this question please solve by completeing the square 1/2x^2 -7x=16
  79. algebra

    can someone please help me solve this solve by completeting the square 1/2 ¡¼X ¡½^2 -7x=16
  80. philosophy logic - math

    Natural Deduction Proof 1. 1 ~Y ⇒ ~L 2 W v ~Y 3 W ⇒ ~B / ~B v ~L 2. 1 ~U • (G = ~T) 2 (~U v D) ⇒ (W • ~R) / W • ~U 3. 1 (M ⇒ P) ⇒ ~P 2 H ⇒ P 3 M ⇒ H / ~H 4. 1 ~Z 2 S 3 Zv(S ⇒ H) / H
  81. philosophy logic

    Natural Deduction Proof Help? Having trouble with these two 1. 1 ~Y ⊃ ~L 2 W v ~Y 3 W ⊃ ~B / ~B v ~L 2. 1 ~U • (G = ~T) 2 (~U v D) ⊃ (W • ~R) / W • ~U
  82. polynomials help me please

    Im sorry here is the problem rewritten X^3 -2x^3 + 3x-1 : X^2-x+4 I have to get the sum diff and product and it kicking my tail i think i keep doing it wrong can someone please help me
  83. polynomials

    can someone please help me with this problem I have to get the sum diff and product I keep trying to work it out but i really think im blowing it. x^3- ¡¼2x¡½^2 + 3x-1 ¡Ã x^2- x+4
  84. polynomials

    Can someone check my answer please i don't know if I am doing this right x^ (2):x= sum (x^2 )+ (x)=x^2+x diff (x^2 )-(x)= (x^2-x) Product (¡¼x)¡½^2 (x)=x^2^x
  85. polynomials

    can someone help me with this crazy problem please I have to do the sum diff and product for class x^3- ¡¼2x¡½^2 + 3x-1 ¡Ã x^2- x+4
  86. algebra

    how do i solve this v= 4/3 πx^3
  87. algebra

    can someone help me with this please 2/3 ãx =8
  88. algebra

    how do i solve ã(x+4) =y+2 solve for x.
  89. math

    The average temperature for the month of April is 65 degrees. The temperatures ranged from 12 degrees warmer or colder. Write and solve an absolute value equation to represent this information. Write you answer in a sentence format to explain your answer.
  90. multiplying

    15xy (x=y)
  91. Algebra

    A goldsmith has two gold alloys. The first alloy is 20% gold; the second alloy is 60% gold. How many grams of each should be mixed to produce 40 grams of an alloy that is 30% gold? amount of 20% gold_____g Amount of 60% gold_____g
  92. marketing

    The marketing manager at Massimino & McCarthy, a chain of retail stores that sells men's clothing, is reviewing marketing research data to try to determine if changes in marketing strategy are needed. Which of the following sources of data would be a secondary data source?
  93. Phoenix

    Projectile motions problems are some of the most important problems you will encounter in this course. Through this discussion, we will solve a projectile motion problem step by step Assume a projectile is launched from ground height over a flat plane, at an angle of 50 ...
  94. Math

    An individual has 25000 to invest. As their financial consultant, you recommend investing in Treasury Bills earning 7%, Corporate Bonds earning 9% and Junk Bonds earning 11%. Find all the investment alternatives that will earn $2000 per year.
  95. Math

    9 x 5 adults + 7 (8-5)= 66 45 + 7 (3)kids = 66 45 + 21 = 66 Now I found 5 adults by multiplying 9 x 5=45 just because that's the only way I know... Now I have no idea how to find x other than that. I am trying to help my 3rd grader with that. Please help.
  96. math-high school

    If the probability of an event happening is 2/5, then the probability of the event not happening is 3/5? This is False. The answer is 1/3. Explain why the answer is 1/3
  97. chemistry

    which metal react most vigorously? metals aluminum, copper, magnesium, lead, tin, zinc 1. which metal will react most quickly? 2. which will take the longest time to react? 3. which will react most vigorously and least vigorously? 4. list metals from order of least to most ...
  98. 6th Grade Math

  99. 6th Grade Math

    Need help to explain to my daughter: A horsepower is the power needed to lift 33,000 pounds 1 foot in 1 minute. It is equivalent to 746 watts. Express 525 watts as a portion of a horsepower both as a fraction and a decimal rounded to the nearest thousandth. Thanks for anyone&#...
  100. math

    1 can OJ is 15% 1 can is 10% how many liters of each should be mixed together to get 5 liters at 13%
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