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Which underlined verb in the sentence is a linking verb? I think that Clarissa will be the winner of a gold medal because she has been skating for a long time and practices every day.

what is welfare grants and subsidies

7^6 divided by 7^7

6 7 7 divided by 7

6 7 7 divided by 7

A soultion has a density of 1.05 g/mL. How many grams are needed to obtain 14 mL of sloution?

it's a number i'm sure of it. i caculated it and the answer is 34

OK so you multiply idjdjd u dndudj

Probability NEED HELP
what is the upper most probability of 3

Amer. Government
What are the differences between Federalists and Anti-Federalists? Please include the differences and concerns of each group and also some of the founding fathers of each group. Also include the role the Bill of Rights played in helping the Constitution to finally be ratified ...

Social Studies
He was just asking for your opinions.

American Government
I think she was just looking for some examples.

Explain how to use a number line to explain how 0.04 is not equivalent to 0.04

Words with c and s where one is a one and the other a verb,eg. license and licence