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Mrs. Healthy walked along a running track at 2400 m/h. She took 4 min more than Mrs Wise to walk the entire length of the track once. If the track is 800 m ling, Mrs Wise's average speed was ____ m/min.

ignore this then
ignore what I just said

algebra *answer
1-5(x-5)=6x+1 -Solve the left side first since the right side of the equal side can't be combined. 1-5(x-5) multiply 5 and x because 5 is right next to the parenthesis. ---> 5*x= 5x then multiply 5 and 5 because of the distributive rule: 5*5=25 After that, you should ...

What are the numbers for below the equation?

Math Help
Mr Timely drove 19 miles to his office in 1/2 hour. What was his average driving speed in miles per minutes? Express your answer as a common fraction.

Well, remember the pronouns first. *He: Shows that a woman is speaking. *"Nothing but a buzzard". "Nothing" shows that the narrator is speaking him as a low grade. *Bashful: Shy, relucant Just find some key words and differences between the viewpoints ...

Math help

Math help
a cube has a volume of 125cm ^3. What is the area in cm^2 of one face of the cube? (^ = Exponent)

math help
Steve plants ten trees every three minutes. If he continues planting at the same rate, how long will it take him to plant 2500 trees? Express answer as a decimal in terms of hours.

Nevermind, I found out. Answer is Alleles.

The letters that represent the different forms of a gene are called...? Phenotypes Traits Alleles Dominants. I think Dominant is out of the answer. I'm guessing the answer is Alleles.

Yes. Their plant origin completes a set of 300-1000 sugar units. So yes.

Steve plants ten trees every three minutes. If he continues planting at the same rate, how long will it take him to plant 2500 trees? Express your answer as a decimal in terms of hours.

At the water park, Beth and Amy decided to race each other down a waterslide. Amy won by .25 seconds. If Beth's time was exactly 7.8 seconds, how long did it take for Amy to down the slide?

Math HELP!
Yes. 7.7 is rounded to 8. B is correct.

Help please
Plug in some random numbers. A = 2 b= 3 c = 4 2(3*4) = (2 * 3) * (2 * 4) Think. It's kind of tricky.

Use the formula for centripetal acceleration. a = v²/r Friction exerts the force or power.

Elementary manth
Jose is not right. So you got it right!

Elementary math
Yep. It does if you mark it on a graph line. Use it on the Coordinate Graph I II III IV (Coord. Graph)

Can you explain your question into more detail?

I'm pretty sure you're right.

8 * 3^3 (3 * 4) = 12 8 * 3^3= X Solve for X :)

-36 + 68 = 32 doesn't it? ._.

Sorry, I kinda got confused by the Math problem structure. The answer was 68.

-68. But I got it wrong. Sorry, but may you check the question again?

Two numbers have a sum of 32. If one of the numbers is - 36, what is the other number?

Chemistry, Check 1 easy question!!!
You're right. Good job :)

Equation ratio
If 5x = 4.5y, what is y:x in simplified form then?

.4(6) = as a simplified fraction? is it possible? if so, can you tell me how?

A bus traveled at a steady speed of 17 miles per hour for 7 hours. How many miles did the bus travel?

7th grade
What is 7540 over 94710 in simplist form?? Please Help! I am terrible at math!

oratorical piece
you can find it in google

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