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  1. English

    Music education helps with intelligence with the brain function.
  2. English

    If someone can help me with this English paper I would appreciate it very much!! It's about music and the topic is: Should there be music education in all high schools?(Why or why not?) Please help, it has to be a paragraph not a sentence.. also in third person point of ...
  3. chemistry

    describe two reasons why an alpha particle is less penetrating than a beta or gamma particle
  4. chemistry

    what happens in the artificial transmutation of an element?. Give an example. Please help asap and thanks!
  5. Math

    is it B??
  6. Math

    Please help asap!! what is the order of the numbers from least to greatest A=6.2x10-5 b =12.3x10-7 c=5.2x10^3 d=3.7x10-5 the answer choices is a d<c<a<b b B<D<A<C C D<C<A<B D B<A<C<D
  7. Math

    It's 720
  8. Math

    Is it C??
  9. Math

    Please help just real quick!! suppose that the amount of algae in a pond doubles every 4 hours.if the pond initially contains 90 pounds of algae ,how much algae will be in the pond after 12 hours?  the answer choices is:  A) 720 pounds  B)  360 pounds ...
  10. English

    Write down quotations and/or describe events from the play that will support your thesis. My thesis was Nature is important to Thoreau because of its infinite variety. and why the importance of nature was what Thoreau believe it. Please help stuck!!
  11. statistics

    a) What is an appropriate sample space for this experiment?b) Describe the event “fewer than 5 people were in the minivan.”
  12. statistics

    A hotel operates a shuttle bus between the hotel and the airport. The maximum capacity of the hotel’s minivan is 10 passengers. On each trip from the airport, the manager of the hotel conducts the experiment of noting the number of people in the minivan.a) What is an ...
  13. Spanish

  14. Spanish

    Please help!! Cual idioma posiblemente se habla en España y en Francia? A) El castellano B) El espanol C) El gallego D)El euskera <----- my choice, Am I right???
  15. Math

    what is the equation of the circle with center (-6,7) that passes through the point (4,-2) ? Answer choices: (x+6)^2 + (y-2)^2=9 (x-3)^2 + (y+2)^2=9 (x-3)^2+(y+2)^2=3 (x=3)^2=(y-2)^2=3
  16. History ASAP

    ASAP please and thank you! Explain the difference between capitalism and communism. what role does the government play in each type of economic system?
  17. Calculus

    The divergence test applied to the series ?n=1 to ? 3n/(8n+9) tells us that the series converges or diverges? I got that it was divergent because it was undefined at infinity, is my answer right?

    Assuming P?0, suppose that a population develops according to the logistic equation dP/dt=0.03P?0.00015P^2 where tt is measured in weeks. Answer the following questions. 1. What is the carrying capacity? I tried solving the differential equation and got 600 but it says it'...
  19. Arts

    Never mind I already got it thanks!
  20. Arts

    Can't you just tell me..
  21. Arts

    How the artist used lines in the artwork, and the effect of that usage on the artwork. The artwork is The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da vinci. Please help!!
  22. Calculus

    That answer is wrong.
  23. Calculus

    Assuming that Switzerland's population is growing exponentially at a continuous rate of 0.21 percent a year and that the 1988 population was 6.8 million, write an expression for the population as a function of time in years. (Let t=0t=0 in 1988.) I got 6.8 e^[0.021(t - ...
  24. Calculus

    My work so far: dy/dx = 50yx^14 ln(y) = 10yx^15+C y(0)=6 y=10(6)x^15+C Help?
  25. Calculus

    Find an equation of the curve that satisfies dy/dx=150yx^14 and whose y-intercept is 6.
  26. Spanish Help please! ASAP

    Yea, thanks.
  27. Spanish Help please! ASAP

    No me gusta comer pavo horneado porque es muy seco.
  28. Spanish Help please! ASAP

    Choose two food items that you know in Spanish. Use the words dulce, grasoso, mojado, picante and seco to write a true sentence to describe each item.
  29. Spanish anyone please help!!

    Thanks Ms.Sue!
  30. Spanish anyone please help!!

    How would you say the following sentence in Spanish using impersonal se? "One eats very well in Mexico".
  31. Business studies

    A machine was purchased with money borrowed from the bank at a cost of k50000.00 which is expected to last for 6 years and depreciated at 12.5% per 6,the depreciated value and the accumulated interest for year two (2)year (6) .The first calculation has been done for you. Year ...
  32. Mink high school MatheMatics

    Peter deposit k180600 with bsp which offers 6 1/4%per annum interest. Calculate the interest earned After 6years if it is compounded:
  33. Maths

    Peter deposit k180600 with bsp which offers 6 1/4% per annum interest. Calculate the interest earned after 6 years if it is compounded:
  34. Maths

  35. Maths

    Peter deposit k180,600.00 with BSP which offers 6 1/4% per annum interest. Calculate the interest earned after 6 years if it is compounded:
  36. True or False

    Cladograms and phylogentic trees can give you information about relatedness of species and evolutionary history. True or False?
  37. Biology

    Cladograms and phylogentic trees can give you information about relatedness of species and evolutionary history True or False
  38. English, If anyone did this please help

    What do they say to ea h other and why??... Well because they're having a conversation what do you mean why about what do they say to each other..
  39. English, If anyone did this please help

    The Play don't make sense and these questions i don't know how to answer them..., the play is called The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde..
  40. English, If anyone did this please help

    20. Briefly explain two ways the play is either reflective of the Victorian culture or shows the influence of Restoration comedy. Respond in complete sentences.Include SPECIFIC examples and details from the play in your responses for support! 21. Identify and explain how ...
  41. algebra

    What do you think..
  42. English

    hmm ok. I think i get it..
  43. English

    She's um angry?
  44. English

    Like, Red booth. Red pillar-box. Red double-tiered?
  45. English

    Um i guess..
  46. English

    I don't know what the poem means or is about really.., it don't make sense.. and it wants me to summarize what happening in the poem but i don't understand it..
  47. English

    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE.. I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.. THANKS TONS!! "The Telephone Conversation" poem: The price seemed reasonable, location Indifferent. The landlady swore she lived Off premises. Nothing remained But self-confession. "Madam" , I warned...
  48. Geometry

    justify the last two steps of the proof. Given: ABCD is a parallelogram. Prove: triangleABC = triangleCDA 1. ABDC is a parallelogram 1. given 2. AB = DC and BC =DC 2. opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent 3. AC = CA 3. ? 4. triangleABC = triangleCDA 4.? last two are...
  49. Can someone please help

    Thank you
  50. Can someone please help

    Can someone help me please?! If you know Spanish II Explain how the imperfect is used to talk about the past.
  51. Math

    A^2 + B^2 = C^2
  52. Math

    Pythagorean Theorem is easy
  53. geometry

    ray pb bisects < rpt so that < rpb = x+2 and < tpb = 2x-6. What is < rpt =
  54. Science

    Sperm and eggs are found in different parts of plant. Explain why it is important for these cells to unite and describe some factors in a environment that help unite them?
  55. Geometry

    Given that line f is parallel to line g, find the value of x. The diagram is not to scale. 3x 5x + 36 please help!!
  56. math

    Raj is deciding between two cell phone plans, A and B, which are both linear functions. The monthly charge for plan A according to the number of minutes used is shown in the table. Monthly Charge for Plan A Minutes used, x Monthly charge ($), y 0 14.45 3 14.84 6 15.23 9 15.62 ...
  57. science

    write a formula for this compound potassium nitrate
  58. Math

    The owners of the clinic invested $400,000. What is the return on investment? Is it adequate
  59. algebra

    helping grandson with homework looking for answer for 3x-4y=10
  60. Algebra

    solve using substitution method: 4x+5y=21 x=48-6y
  61. ENN103f

    explain excatly what the author means and discuss two of his reasons for saying the scene is neither bucolic nor unchanging
  62. Psyc

    Hypothesis (H): Two semesters of the Florida Curricular Program/FCP will raise the IQ of 400 male and female experimental children as measured by the Scott Intelligence Test (SIT). 1. Design a Punnett square and identify all participants by 4 cell variables. 2. Change the ...
  63. Conference

    Your assignment is to review the case study starting on page 150, “Closer Look: The Stanford Prison Study.” Write a paper answering the following questions: • Considering the effects this experiment had on its subjects, do you have any ethical concerns about ...
  64. chemistry

    Methanol burns in oxygen to produce carbon (iv) oxide and water if 9 grams of methanol are used in the combustion process what mass of water is produced
  65. statistics

    Suppose an experiment consists of rolling a fair, six-sided number cube. What is the expected value of evens?
  66. 6TH GRADE

    They are all correct
  67. Math

    1. A gardener has 140 feet of fencing to fence in a rectangular vegetable garden. Find the dimensions of the largest area he can fence. Find the possible rectangular area he can enclose. 2. Suppose a farmer has a large piece of land and he wants to make a rectangular fence for...
  68. Algebra

    Algebra Word Problems: 1. The length of the floor of a one-storey building is 14 feet longer than its width. The building has 1,632 square feet of floor space. Write a quadratic equation for the area of the floor in terms of w. Find the length and width of the floor. 2. A ...
  69. Math

    Ship A heads north at a speed of 22.2 km/h while ship B heads east Twenty two hours later they are 863 km apart
  70. intro to computers

    Is it c
  71. to ms. sue

    Many a years ago... Ms. Kobe , she taught me some discipline
  72. Professionalism and Communication in a Healthcare Setting

    10.3 A laboratory has $4.2 million in revenues and $3.85 million in costs. What is its operating margin?
  73. to ms. sue

    I'd like to correct you Ms. Sue, please refrain from over using past tense in your answer. I believe this fits better While walking to class, a cloudburst drenched Chauncey
  74. public speaker

    are you open to hearing speakers discuss emotional topic? this would make an
  75. Statistics

    The value of P(B/A) = 0 P(B/A) = 0 P(A/B) = .40/.20 = 0.2
  76. physics

    You are riding in a boat whose speed relative to the water is 4.5 m/s. The boat points at an angle of 25.1¡ã upstream on a river flowing at 12.8 m/s. Find the time it takes for the boat to reach the opposite shore if the river is 26.2 m wide.
  77. macroeconomic

    You have to break up the numbers individually. Total death = 379,000+ 165,000+ 36,900+21,400 = 602,300 minus the children - 165,000 = 437,300 then times 110,000 = 48.1 billion
  78. math

    Express (15x^2+5x+2)/(2-x)(1+2x^2) in partial fractions.
  79. math

    Express (15x^2+5x+2)/(2-x)(1+2x^2) in partial fractions.
  80. math

    Express (15x^2+5x+2)/(2-x)(1+2x^2) in partial fractions.
  81. math

    Express (15x^2+5x+2)/(2-x)(1+2x^2) in partial fractions.
  82. math

    Express (15x^2+5x+2)/(2-x)(1+2x^2) in partial fractions.
  83. math

    Express (15x^2+5x+2)/(2-x)(1+2x^2) in partial fractions.
  84. China And India culture

    compare and contrast the legacies of cultural syncretism in china and India and the Americas with the resistance to cultural change westerners encounter
  85. algebra2

    A farmer has 600 yards of fence. He will use some of the fence to enclose a rectangular area. He will use the rest divide the area into two congruent rectangles. What is the value of x that results in largest area? What is the largest area that the farmer can enclose? What are...
  86. math

    How do you write a learning assessment system assignment
  87. math

    consider the minimum payment you just calculated determine the amount of interest and the amount that was applied to reduce the principal?
  88. math

    most credit cards require that you pay a minimum monthly payment of 2% of the balance. Based upon a balance of $5,270.00 what would the minimum payment be?
  89. Math

    how many ways can you line up 11 people for a picture?
  90. math

    sean takes 8 hours to stain a deck then michelle. together it takes them 4.2 hour to complete the work. how long would it take sean to stain the deck by himself
  91. Math

    The total resistance of two circuits in parallel is 15 ohms and one circuit has five times the resistance of the other, find the resistance of each circuit. Use 1/R=1/R1+1/R2. R1 and R2 are two individual resistances. a)Find the smaller resistance b)Find the larger resistance
  92. Math

    Sheet is 28 inches by 22 inches I have to make 100 equal squares how big should the inches be to fit on this sheet?
  93. Math

    Sheet is 28 inches by 22 inches I have to make 100 equal squares how big should the inches be?
  94. Square inches

    How big should the 100 squares measure to fit equally on a this sheet?
  95. Square inches

    Cardboard measures by 28 inches by 22 inches made into 100 equal squares
  96. Social studies

    How was it possible for the Aryan's to spread their influence over the Indus and Ganges river valley so successfully
  97. Social studies

    How did the geography influence the building of mohenjo daro
  98. Applied Behavioral

    About what percentage wo women experience hot flashes during menopause 1. 5% 2. 50% 3. 90% 4. 99% My answer is 50%
  99. math

    how do you convert miles to feet in the U.S. customary system?
  100. Applied Behavioral

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