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Social studies
1 - NO 2 - yes

The conclusion of any essay must be a summary or brief restatement of the points made in the body of the essay. The introduction tells the reader what you are about to tell them, in brief, broad terms. The conclusion tells you what you have told them, clearly stating your ...


Social Studies
That is certainly one way that African women participate in society and the economy. Read lots here (and search some more if you don't find what you need):

Roman History (PLEASE CHECK)
I think there is a better answer to the first question. I agree with the others.

Social Studies

History 9
Yes, C is correct. Cornwallis could not retreat except by sea, and the British fleet wasn't handy to take him and his troops away.

History 9
13 - no. The others are correct.

I'm certain your text materials have all the information you need. If not, learn about The Green Mountain Boys here:

And it's also NOT B! They fought in New England. Where is Trenton?

No, not E! Think about it. They fought in New England. What's north of New England? Don't post this again. You've had two guesses.

Two of your answers are correct. Did the Green Mountain Boys ever fight in New Jersey? Check your text, or read it for the first time.

Thank you! :)

U.S history
The French and Indian War and the Revolutiion are not the same, SomeBody. Read your textbook (materials) for information about the battles and generals of note. There is much information here, too:

Social Studies
Reading your text materials would be of great help. You aren't expected to know things without studying them. For additional information:

6 - yes 7 - two of your answers are correct. Did the Green Mountain Boys fight in New Jersey? 8 - I agree 9 - yes 10- yes

social studies
Your answer is correct. As for other questions, we discourage telling people what the answers are!! If you are unsure about YOUR answers, we'll be glad to check the ones you are unsure of.

Core World History
Your text materials undoubtedly discuss this topic. You can learn more here, if you read about it:

Social studies
I like a and c for #2. B is correct for #3.

Social studies
2 - one of your answers is correct. 3 - no

American government
D is correct. :)

This should get you started:


Literature review
First, you need to understand subsidized housing. Your text materials are a good place to start. You may use your web browser to look up the key terms in the assignment, such as "section 8 housing", etc. Once you understand these programs, who qualifies, how they are...

1 and 3 seem fine. No comma is needed in 2. 4 is unclear; is the answer to have more than ten sentences, or is the reading text to have more than ten. And REMEMBER that any number under eleven is SPELLED, not written in digits. Ten is ten, not 10.

American government. Please help!
1 is A. 2 - yes 3 - no 4 - yes 5 - no (the question about Locke - your questions are not numbered) 6 - no 7 - no 8 - I agree - yes 9 - no 10- B or C could be correct, depending on how the author of the question interprets it.

There are mountainous, coastal, and desert areas in many, many countries. Mexico, China, the United States, and many, many others have all three, as does Australia. Look at a map, choose a country that has at least one of these characteristics, and do some research about that ...

information technology
And your answers are? We'll be glad to critique them. You can use information technology to "google" each of these terms and tasks, or read your text materials.

What does the sweetened coffee flatten? The word is not the correct word.

Principals of Management
You have three topics here. To research them on line, type each one separately into your browser (Google, Bing, Yahoo, whatever you use), and "enter". You'll find several articles on each.

I fail to see the connection between artistic expression and the law, unless laws seek to censor such expression.

miami dade
Good for him or her! Do you have a question? And is Miami dade your school subject?

Principles of management
See related questions below.

Social Studies
I agree with both of your answers. Question 13 has three acceptable choices, though. It did allow Americans to legally settle west of the Mississippi. It also protected the U.S. from France in that the Mississippi River, and the port of New Orleans, were vital to American ...

Social Studies!

Social studies
D is correct, but what does "in time of view" mean?

Evironmental Science
Except what? You list only three options and are to choose three. Are these your choices? What are the other options?

1 - yes 2 - yes 3 - I think there's a better answer 4 - no 5 - I agree 6 - I agree 7 - I agree 8 - I don't know 9 - I think there's a better answer 10- I don't know

college, history
Have you read Bartlett? I advise that you do so to discover what he says.

social studies
I agree with 1, 2, and 3, not 4.

I agree that the sentence (and the other one you posted) are proper or at least acceptable. There is some dispute among grammarians, however. A better way to write the sentence would be "Filing rules must be learned to keep your files in order."

social studies
There are many ways! We invaded Iraq and overthrew a government there (and have done so in other countries in the past, either openly or clandestinely). Trade influences other nations (as when we import cheap goods from low-wage countries, invest abroad, etc.). There are many...

I'm sorry! You did use parentheses to indicate your answers. I missed that. Glad Ms. Sue caught it!

Ms. Sue will tell you the same thing I do: When you have answers, we'll be glad to check them. In the meantime, your text materials have the answers, just waiting for you to find them!

Social Studies
I think there's a better answer.

principles of management
You may find something useful here:

principles of management
You must consult your text materials and class notes. We are not in Zimbabwe, so cannot comment.

Social Studies
Between three of you, you have one right answer. So confused, read your textbook to find the right answer. Hint: your "brither" is wrong.

Apparently none of the tutors here have read these books, so can't help. Sorry.

World history
I agree with all your answers except #2.

Maths lit., Geography, tourism and CAT
What career interests you? Find out what is required for entry into whatever you want to pursue.

Texas History
No. Re-read your text materials or read this:

What does your text say? We'll be glad to check your answer.

Drivers ED
I agree with your answer. When there is no driveway to turn around in, the 3-point is the only option, aside from going around the block (which would be preferable). You're correct on the second question. I think you should turn the wheels to the left if you're on a ...

HCC is the class you are taking? I never heard of a school subject called HCC. If you want a tutor in your subject area, please specify.

Without the name of the author, I can't look up the poem. I also won't "give" you an answer anyway. This is your assignment, not mine. What is it about the stanza that you don't understand? If you can be specific, we might be able to help you.

The Human Resource Environment
I'd check these, but can't spend all afternoon scrolling up and down, up and down, to match answers to questions. When you have more than five or six questions, please put the answers WITH the questions. Please, only post the questions you are unsure of, not the whole ...

You're welcome! :)

Yes, three lines can be a stanza. The word "stanza" is usually used to refer to lines in a song (more than poetry), but does apply. A stanza is a group of lines that establish a pattern that is repeated throughout the song or poem (rhyme scheme, etc.).

I agree with your answer about Myra and Jimmy. I have not read the Atwood story, so don't know.

Business Law Help!!!

On the second question, certainly the building of pyramids is correct. I do recall the Olmec had a number system, etc. I'm not sure about shells.

US History
Looks good to me!

American government
Secure the nation against what?

Have you never done something you regretted later? Perhaps something that seemed like fun at the time, and later you realized was really a dumb thing to have done? That's what the assignment is asking you to tell about.

US goverment

history (check my work)
1 - not B 2 - I agree with your answer. 3 - I'm not sure I understand the question. How would the "necessary and proper" clause restrict amending the Constitution? What does your text say? Certainly the Congress cannot amend the Constitution on its own; it ...

"Jim Crow" laws were most common in the South. Discrimination in practice was not. Just for example, in Las Vegas, The Sands hotel and casino was a popular entertainment venue and hired famous stars to entertain there. When Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis...

The biggest barrier was what we now call "white supremacy", the belief that former slaves and descendants of former slaves were inferior to white people of European ancestry. This was enforced, both in law and in practice, not just in the South but all over the ...

Lexi, we don't know what unit Connections is teaching. We are not part of Connections. Did they give you a list of books they recommend for you to choose from? Are you supposed to go to the library and find something on your own? You asked for a summary of a book someone ...

Did your class give you a list of books to choose from? We have no way of knowing what "unit" you are being taught, what school you attend, or what on-line school you are using. There are thousands and thousands of books you could read.

The author? What author? I have no idea what you are supposed to have read. I suggest you read it for yourself to find out when his/her symptoms are.

ENC 1102
Do you have a question?

Personal narrative
See my response below. All I can recommend, if you have not learned basic English grammar, is that you turn in your narrative as it stands and see what your teacher thinks of it.

So, the story is about the mother's control over her daughters, what some might consider an evil control. The daughters, except Jane, have no say in the matter because their mother manipulates them. It's not a conflict between two people as in what to cook for dinner ...

Where in the story are the narrator's wishes made known? The old lady does have complete control, yes, but are the daughters happy with it? Jane does go to Europe and is so happy she never goes home again, so the old lady says her daughter is dead. Becky wants to go to ...

Personal narrative
Why is the word "blissfully" capitalized? Is it a proper noun? Is it a noun at all? "cloud 9" - numerals are spelled out if under eleven or 12. "When suddenly out of nowhere..." "when" is a transitional conjunction, not the beginning of ...

Again, try reading the play, as you were assigned to do. The answer is there!

"Can someone give me a summary " doesn't ask for someone to give you a summary?

If it was me, I'd read one of the books, not rely on someone else doing your work/assignment.

I advise you to read Act 2, Scene 4 to find out what Jessica's letter said, etc.

You are correct!

writing skills
One memory ARE? One memory is plural, more than ONE?

You'll find the answer here:

english literature
What are you reading? The odan tree is a mythical tree. Its meaning may vary from culture to culture, story to story.

If your text materials are not available, learn about it here:

US goverment
I disagree that C is right for the first question. On the second question, A is a plausible answer. I think there is a better one. When state laws conflict with federal law, and/or with each other, the supremacy clause comes into effect. The federal government does not have ...


thus is not archaic. ought is not archaic. dreamt is not archaic. "I stubbed my toe, thus I'm in pain." "I ought to go visit my grandma, but I don't want to." "I dreamt I was a fairy princess." (alternative spelling of "dreamed"...

PsyDAG and I are not students taking the test. We are tutors. And I have not read this story, so can't help.

home economic
If your text materials don't address this, read lots here:

I think you are correct, yes.

methods of research
And your answer is? Your text undoubtedly explains these terms. If not, use your search engine by typing in keywords such as "independent variable in research", click "enter" and read about the topic. Do that as often as necessary to understand these concepts.

I can't point out all the mistakes, but there are lots of them. One is the fact that "To start off, it all started when..." is redundant. In the paragraph beginning, "Moreover..." you have made one long sentence into three, none of which is a complete ...

United States History
You're welcome. :)

United States History
You may well be right about people's fears that immigrants, lots of them from Ireland, would overrun the country. Look up when the potato famine was, though. The map may be from the early 1900s, but, if so, not about the potato famine in Ireland.

Read lots!

Research Methods
What study? Who conducted it? Why? Who paid for it? This statement means nothing.

interior decoration
I don't know what your text says, but that will be the "correct" answer. Here are some other sources:

Literature, like any art form, means what it means to the individual reader/viewer. I can't tell you what the story means to you, only what it might mean to me. Why do YOU think he did what he did? What was Carver seemingly saying? That modern American life is not like the...

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