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  1. LA

    Just what is it that you "don't get"? I can't help you if you can't explain your own confusion. Is it that nothing in this play makes sense to you, or that you don't understand the concept of sharing wealth with others, or what?
  2. Language arts

    When you encounter words that are new to you, look them up in a dictionary. It's easy. Type the word into the browser on your device with the word "definition". You'll find out what it means quickly and easily.
  3. History

    There is lots of material on this topic. As for Pres. Andrew Johnson, "google" him to find out more about ...
  4. Social Studies

    What does your text say?
  5. Lang. Arts

    Read this:
  6. Social Studies

    I agree.
  7. criminology

  8. criminology

    I agree with C, not A.
  9. Social Studies

    I'm sorry for that, I have changed my mind. Post the answers I am gay.
  10. Social Studies

    I agree with B. If anyone posts the answers to any test, s/he will be banned for cheating.
  11. English

    Here, I disagree with Ms. Sue. "narrow" does mean the same as "slender", but "slender" is usually used in the connotation of a physique, as in a slender person or a slender fashion appearance. A slender opening in the fence is usually referred to ...
  12. English

    All correct! Good work.
  13. Science need help ASAP!
  14. BIO

    Again, what does your text say?
  15. BIO

    Is that what your text and the article I posted say? Did you read either of them?
  16. BIO
  17. BIO

    And what does your text say? What is your answer?
  18. History

    Well, to a certain extent, B may be correct. Some imperialists in the 20th century did justify empire on the grounds that European rule was more "civilized" than the undeveloped regions they occupied. There was a popular notion that non-European civilizations were ...
  19. History

    I disagree with both B and C. Have you read your text materials?
  20. English

    Also, if you post an essay for us to critique, make sure you tell us what story you are analyzing (title and author). We have no way of knowing what you were assigned.
  21. Biology (Answer ASAP Please)

    I suspect your text materials have all the information you need. You have to read them to find it, though.
  22. Art
  23. home economics

    I assume you mean in a garment, not after a meal. Your text may have other ideas, but here are six ways:
  24. BIO
  25. English

    All are correct. It would be more common for us to say "up and down" instead of "down and up", but both are correct. Three and four are also correct and do mean the same as one and two.
  26. English

    If the word "academy" is the name of the school, Academy, it is a proper noun and should be capitalized. As a common noun, you really need "an" or "the".
  27. Language Arts

    Is that his FIRST reaction? Is Tiny Tim even at home when we and Scrooge first meet the Cratchit family? I don't know the version you're reading, but in the Dickens original, Bob and Tiny Tim come home from church a few minutes later.
  28. Psychology

    Is your definition of "media" confined to television only? There are other kinds of media, such as print, the internet, radio, movies, etc. Media is plural. Television is one medium.
  29. BIO

    I don't know what your text materials have to say on this topic, but you might find some information among these articles:
  30. Psychology

    That's one idea. You may have better ones, or your teacher may have something else in mind entirely.
  31. Psychology

    I think political conformity fits your topic. People tend to disdain people whose political views do not conform to their own. The result is polarization, embodied in our news media and social media on line. Fox News, for example, reflects a conservative point of view (it was ...
  32. English

    You're right, Ms. Sue. My bad. ( Sorry, Marylyn
  33. English

    I disagree with #2. "profits" is plural.
  34. social studies

    I think you have to read it for yourself, then give the question some thought. Even if we had read this work, we could not and would not do your work for you.
  35. Please answer ss
  36. more ss

    What does your text say?
  37. Language Arts

    Because Scrooge has not learned yet that the business of man is NOT money, but those other, more caring pursuits.
  38. Language Arts

    By "business", Scrooge means the managing and accumulation of money. Marley has learned, in death, that the real business of mankind is not MONEY, it's those other things, like charity and mercy.
  39. criminology
  40. world history

    In this piece of writing, there is no real person named "Judge Lynch". The "judge" is the mob that lynched African-Americans.
  41. world history

    Okay, but what I’m getting from the passage is that people don’t like African Americans because it says they are more sinned against than sinning. At the end it also says African Americans are not a cruel race. I’m probably wrong so can you please clear it up a ...
  42. world history

    Nope. Neither. What does the word "lynch" mean?
  43. Social Studies

    What does the table show? Who won that election? If the Republican voters had not split their votes between Taft and Roosevelt, would the outcome have been different?
  44. AP English

    Yes. So, is the answer A or D?
  45. AP English

    Are economic differences the same as cultural differences? A speaks of cultural differences, D speaks of economic differences. What has Burgess been writing about?
  46. AP English

    I think the key phrase is "man and wife". What do you think?
  47. AP English

    Please don't post your questions twice!
  48. AP English

    I have no idea. I haven't read the excerpt, and don't know what larger essay it came from. Have your read it? What do YOU think?
  49. world history -geography

    If the map shows that Manaus is closer to the Negro, then that might just be the correct answer.
  50. English

    I believe the accepted phrase is "root verb".
  51. History

    Well, she is advocating in public and in writings for education for women and girls, the opposite of what the Taliban wants. Is that cooperating with them, appeasing them, accommodating them, or competing with them?
  52. History

    Is she collaborating/working with the Taliban to accomplish their goal of denying girls and women education? Is she accommodating them, letting them do what they want? Look up those words in a dictionary if you aren't sure what they mean.
  53. English/writing

  54. English/writing

    You could make it clearer by writing that they continued to collect pledges FOR three weeks after the event. As it is, did they wait three weeks to collect the pledges?
  55. ELA

    I agree.
  56. Reflective Checklist

    I think blocks and dolls can be played with alone. What would promote the children to play together, with each other?
  57. Communication

    I think you'll find several sources here:
  58. Government

  59. Government

    We can't see your graph, so can't comment on it. If A was the "correct" answer to your first question, whoever wrote the question was taking Madison's sentence out of context. Madison's Federalist paper was an argument for a federal-style government ...
  60. Government

    Mr. Madison's sentence, taken out of context (as presented here) is really rather meaningless. Do read the article Writeacher posted for you. I would hope your text materials provide context, but the article certainly does.
  61. History

    I don't know what your text materials say about it. This might help:
  62. US History

    I agree. Better transportation systems (and greater industrialization in general).
  63. social studies

    Stay on the farm, become a soldier? What does your text say?
  64. Art

    Since we can't see either painting, we can't comment. What do YOU think? Even if we could see the paintings, your teacher does not want to know the opinion of a Jiskha tutor, s/he wants yours.
  65. English

    Yes, one is best. Two is not bad. Three doesn't seem right in America. We don't refer to karaoke as an entity unto itself. We might say we sang together in a karaoke BAR or NIGHTCLUB. "A karaoke" doesn't make sense to us.
  66. History

    What does your text say? I have no idea what the context for "pride" is, as your text authors define it. Perhaps there's a hint here:
  67. History

    I don't like any of the choices, but C is the best answer.
  68. English

    Yes, all are grammatical. Yes, they all mean, whatever he is doing, he is in front of or near the computer.
  69. History

    I agree.
  70. bio

    Your text probably has the information you need. You can find it here, too:
  71. criminology

    It's a matter of word usage. A coroner will list the manner of death (heart attack, suicide by hanging, strangulation, etc.) as the cause of death. All will result in lack of oxygen to the brain, which (in these cases) will be the actual cause of death.
  72. politics

    I'm sure your text explains the various models of power. If not, read this:
  73. criminology

    I don't know what your text says. That's your best source. You can read more, lots more, here:
  74. Science

    Do you know what the word "interdependent" means? If so, look it up. All life forms are dependent to one degree or another on other life forms and natural resources such as water. The word "ecosystem" inherently implies interdependence in that it is a ...
  75. world civilizations
  76. Social Studies

    When the Roman Empire controlled the homeland of the Jews, the Jews rebelled, more than once. When the Romans cracked down, the Hebrew people were forced to leave.
  77. English (Comprehension)

    I disagree with your choice of B. Think about it. What does that last sentence say? That the government cannot do MORE than to restrict the expansion of slavery? Think about it.
  78. politics

  79. politics

    Yes, A.
  80. politics

  81. politics

    I don't know how the "staffers" are counted. They could include staff in district offices or just those who work on Capitol Hill. In the 115th Congress, there are 9.490 staffers. What does your text say?
  82. politics

    I agree.
  83. History

    Yes, it is either B or D, but which? What does your text say?
  84. psychology

    That makes sense to me. A could also be correct. Your text, undoubtedly, makes the distinction between A and C. I haven't read your text, so I don't know what it is. You have. If C seems to be the best answer, based on your text materials, go with it.
  85. psychology

    Your teacher wants to know what you think, not what I think. If you can propose an answer, someone here might be able to check it.
  86. Social Studies Crossword puzzle

    I'll bet that your text materials have the answers. You have to read them, though.
  87. social studies

    I think the motivation may vary from person to person and group to group. Read lots.
  88. Stress managment

    I'm sure your assigned reading contains this information, Maybe you can find it here too
  89. criminology

    Yes, true.
  90. geography

    Canberra is the national capital.
  91. history

    All your answers are correct EXCEPT #7.
  92. English

    1 is fine 2 is fine 3 - no. If there is only one academy, we need to say "the academy". If there are more than one, we need to say "an academy." Only if the academy's proper name is Academy may we omit the article. 4 - no. Do you (singular) go to ...
  93. English

    All are acceptable. I think number four would be less likely to be used, but is okay. When I read it, I want to know how it finished. "The concert finished with Copeland's 'Fanfare for the Common Man'." :)
  94. English

    The italicized words are what the speaker is thinking or saying to himself. We would not italicize them. I would put them in quotation marks. Italics are for emphasis. To use the italics is acceptable, but the quotation marks should also be there.
  95. English

    One is preferable. One-one is not. Two is acceptable, but not what we would say in the U.S. It seems awkward. Three and 5 are acceptable. Four and six are awkward. They all mean the same, yes, but three or five are the ways we would say it.
  96. English

    All are acceptable.
  97. Government

    Read lots. It's still controversial, 50 years later, because some of the programs are still in existence.
  98. English

    They are all fine. "studio" or "center" are both acceptable. If the studio calls itself a studio, then it's a studio. The same, if it calls itself a center...whatever.
  99. English

    Any of the three would be okay.
  100. History
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