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  1. art

    None of the tutors here are expert in art. We know a little, but not a lot. I'm sorry I can't help on this question.
  2. English

    The wording in #1 indicates a statement, not a question. Tone of voice might indicate a question, but the wording does not. I'd give no points.
  3. Renaissance and Protestant Reformation

    Your text materials (assigned reading) are your best source. Failing that, you'll find lots here:
  4. US History

    Your first five answers are correct. Please post only those questions you re most usure of or confused about, not a whole quiz.
  5. Leadership
  6. rfvv

    "is doing" is incorrectl No points.
  7. English

    If the club is a musical group, as in a band or chamber ensemble, etc., we might say they will play, as in playing their instruments. Perform is preferred, though. No points if it's the drama club.
  8. English

    Push-up is a noun, not a verb.
  9. Science

    What is S and why is it ending?
  10. geography
  11. geography
  12. English
  13. English
  14. English

    You have now used the word replete correctly. Good! But we need to look at more. "He PULLED the car UP..." Pulled is the verb. Up is an adverb telling where he "pulled" the car. The same with "drove off". Drove is the verb, off is an adverb, not ...
  15. English, Film

    You should not just list techniques. You are to describe them, in some detail, as well as what effect these techniques have on the audience's emotional experience.
  16. HR

    What does your text say>
  17. HR

    I don't know. I have not read your text materials. You have,
  18. HR

    I agree.
  19. HR

    I don't think so. I can't find the term in use, but your text materials may have a definition of perceptual justice. See what you can find there. I think there is a better answer.
  20. English

    The verb phrases are all correct.
  21. Globalization

    How can we help you? Please ask us a question, or ask us to critique your work. If there is something about this assignment that you do not understand, please be specific.
  22. Globalization

    What priorities? What do you think? Your teacher doesn't want to know what I think.
  23. ELA

    1 - yes 2 - no 3 - no 4 - yes 5 - yes, C
  24. English

    I agree.
  25. fine art

    I agree. The second question seems to be a restatement of the first. I don't know what to advise except to restate your first answer, perhaps expand on it a little.
  26. Business St, Consumer st, Maths Lit, Tourism

    A post-secondary school will have a core curriculum for freshmen. Do as advised by your counselors. If you choose a trade or vocational training school/program, choose one that interests you and you think you can do well in.
  27. English 10

    From what I can tell, your answers seem to be correct, but I can't scroll through the repeats of the story again and again and again to find the questions and answers. I also do not understand why you have posted questions with no choices or answers. There is no need to ...
  28. English

    One and four are correct.
  29. English

    Both are not okay. The word "stewardess" is rather out of fashion. Flight attendants are not just females any more. We would ask how to call the flight attendant without reference to his or her gender. Your grammar is okay in both.
  30. English

    We might say either 1 or 2, but 2 is more common. All are correct. 3 is clumsy. 4 is most commonly said. 5 is less correct and would not be used.
  31. English

    1-1 and 3-1: It is assumed that he threw away whatever shoes, clothes, and books he thought were old and of no further use to him. He probably means all that he considers old and of no further use to him. The implication is all of them. 2-1: The implication is that whatever ...
  32. Civic education

    What does your text say? Any answer that will be considered "correct" will be based on your assigned reading. You can find ideas in these articles, too:
  33. English

    Q1 - yes, "your clothes, shoes, or books" means all of them, not just a few or some of them. Q2 - "things" means material goods generally, nothing specific (not some, but all). Q3 - yes, one and three mean the same. Repeating "your" before each ...
  34. career

    I can't emphacize enough how important a knowledge of history is for a good politician, too.
  35. Mico Econ

    C is the best answer.
  36. Mirco Econ

    Effeminacy? The nation will become more lady-like? No. And it's not A, either. You've had two guesses. You're on your own now.
  37. English

    All are g grammatical. Number two is, as PsyDAG said, not clear. We would not say it that way. Number one is much better. Five and six are both fine as they are and clearly mean the same thing.
  38. English

    He does not replete with food. It's not a verb.
  39. english

    "Some say" and "they say" are weak phrases. Who says? Be more specific. If your thesis is that better guidelines must govern police actions, you need to make that your lead sentence.
  40. English

    chicken is right. Did you read the definition of the world "for' that I posted for you? What do you not understand?
  41. English

    "For" is the wrong preposition. It makes no sense. Five and six are correct.

    The value may be "family values", appreciation of nature, or whatever is depicted positively in the ad to be associated with the product. A Coca-Cola ad that depicts a family picnic is appealing to love of family. An ad for an SUV pictured in a beautiful natural ...
  43. History
  44. English

    Read this. You have the right idea, but this will help.
  45. civic
  46. History

  47. English

    Also, remember never to begin a sentence with a number expressed in numerals. "One hundred push-ups is the most I can do at one time." "I can do 100 push-ups." "My annual salary is $25,000." "Twenty-five thousand dollars is my annual salary.&...
  48. English

    IYou can jump for one meter, NOT 1 meter. You can jump two meters, not 2 meters. Spell out all numbers less 13. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Otherwise, all are correct.
  49. Social Studies

    Your answer embodies a good thought. Does it answer the question, though? Does it address your thoughts about the Three Gorges Dam? Does it respond to at least two of your classmates' ideas?
  50. English

    Is this an essay question/prompt? Is it a multiple-choice question? How would you like us to help you?
  51. stress managment

    How can we help you with these eight questions? What does your text say?
  52. English

    We can't read these works for you and tell you what they say. You have to read them for yourself.
  53. HR

    I think A is a better answer, but make sure your text agrees.
  54. HR

    I disagree. A project is often accomplished in steps. The tasks may vary as each step is accomplished.
  55. HR

    What does your text say?
  56. English

    In this context, if Emily is making one batch of soap for use in other products, it would be singular, "soap". Number three is correct if she is making the soap for use in several products (more than one soap product as well as shampoos and toothpaste, the plural is ...
  57. English

    All are proper grammar. We would use #1 and #4, but "the bus" does not have to be capitalized, It's not a proper name. (In my city, the Number One bus passes my house. It's called the Number One California bus [it runs on California Street]. The designation &...
  58. English

    One is commonly used. We might also as for directions to the train station. Wally is a common male nickname, short for Walter, in America. The store is named "Wally's" because he owns it (or founded it).
  59. world history

    Read this and see if any of the statements in this exercise are true.
  60. History

    Answers two and four are so similar that it's hard to know which would be considered correct. Both are true.
  61. History

    The question is confusing. Does it refer to the Cuban missile crisis of 1963 or the Bay of Pigs debacle of 1961? Certainly 2 and 4 apply in both, but there may be another answer, depending on which intervention is the subject of the question.
  62. History

    No, not 4. Reread your text materials.
  63. English

    PsyDAG is right, in part. If you make the left turn, you will find the destination on the left side of the street (after the turn) is fine, if that's what you mean. If the left turn and the destination are the same, as in turning left into a driveway, these directions ...
  64. English

    One and two: yes, we say both. Three and four: You need the colon, not a comma in this sentence construction. No, "Chicago Library" is not an appositive. An appositive immediately follows the noun it defines. "There is a special place, Chicago Library, for ...
  65. US Government

    1 -yes 2 -no 3 -yes 4 -no
  66. science

    I'll bet you that your text materials explain these functions. The trouble is, you have to read them. Failing that, read lots and see what you can discover:,+pancreas+and+stomach&ie=&oe=
  67. Ethics

    Your prof doesn't want to know what I think. What do YOU think? Does Kant have any advice, or does he merely explain the dilemma? If we are never to lie, is it a lie simply not to tell the whole truth to the friend? Should the whole truth be revealed regardless of ...
  68. Ethics

    This may help, but make sure you don't copy and paste to turn in an answer. Think the problem through for yourself and formulate your own response.
  69. English

    "I was able to up to 100..." makes no sense. The second sense does: "I was able to do..." "it" refers to the park, not the distance.
  70. english

    What sentence?
  71. English
  72. English

    It means the first definition, the person in charge of the editorial pages of the newspaper or magazine, or the editor of the publication.
  73. Ethics There are some arguments here.
  74. English

    Have you read Singer's argument?
  75. English

    One through four are all fine. Using "from" is preferable, but it is implied in three and four, so is often omitted. The same is true with five and six. "on" is implied in number six, but number five is better.
  76. English

    He finished the project after five days? In six days, in ten days, a year later? That means something far different than #1 and #2, which mean, essentially, the same. One is more precise, meaning five days, no more, no less. Number two means less than five days (maybe four and...
  77. history

    What does your text say? Have you read it? Failing that, try a few of these articles.
  78. Ethics

    Since I haven't seen the argument against abortion, I have no idea. In any case, your teacher wants your analysis, not mine. What do YOU think?
  79. History

    Read lots and see what you think.
  80. History

    Did it ever end?
  81. computer

    This is an example of centered type:
  82. computer

    I haven't used Paint in many years, so I don't know. In Word, if you want to center each line, why would you justify the type? That's to make both margins even, as in a newspaper column.
  83. English

    #1 is best. Don't use the others.
  84. English

    They all mean the same. The colon should be used in all of them, with or without "viz." (viz.: pizza...). "I have three favorite foods, viz.: pizza,..." viz. is not necessary, though.
  85. History

    Do you mean which of the three statements is inaccurate or which are accurate? I don't know what you mean by "critique".
  86. History

    Which what?
  87. English

    #1 is best. We would not say "every four Saturdays". And, remember, numbers under eleven are always spelled out. "4 Saturdays" and "4th Saturday" are incorrect. "every fourth Saturday" is correct.
  88. english

    Study this and let us know what you decide.
  89. computer

    Yes, A.
  90. History

    No, not A at all, and not C.
  91. Philosophy

    Perhaps this will help:
  92. Ethics
  93. history

    "Mr. Sue" is rude. That said, I disagree with your answer to #1, but agree with your answer to #2.
  94. English

    Family is singular. It's one family unit. Use the singular verb form is. Are is for a plural subject as in family members (more than one member).
  95. history

    What do you think. Europe was divided between East and West, communist and "free". The Marshall plan was to rebuild Western Europe, the Truman Doctrine was to "contain" communism, and the airlift was to supply West Berlin when the Soviets blockaded it. What...
  96. History

    Your post doesn't always make sense. The questions are not numbered consistently, for one thing. You often misspell or use the wrong word so that the question makes no sense. From what I can tell, though, your answers seem to be okay.
  97. 8th grade history (US)
  98. American Government Please Check

    1, 3, and 4 are wrong. I agree with all the others.
  99. English

    I think all of these sentences are correct. We would say a "chat room" instead of "chatting room", but calling it a chatting room is grammatically correct, if not common usage. You may use "at" or "in" in these situations. #8 is not ...
  100. Math

    Be patient. A math tutor will come on line sooner or later and may be able to help you. Ms. Sue and I can't.
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