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What do you think? Have your read the ODYSSEY? Was Odysseus always clever and wise? When, among these examples, did he make a mistake?

Browsing through a list of links, choosing one or two, and reading is difficult.

social studies
The preamble is an introduction and sets forth the purpose of the document.

Modern World Studies
No. Tomatoes are native to the Americas. Try reading your text materials instead of guessing.

World History
I don't want to give you a "bum steer" here. There is truth in D and in B. I can't know which your teacher or algorithm that corrects your answers will consider correct. C is completely wrong. A seems far-fetched, but rumors of anti-Turk propaganda may have ...

World History
Nope. You've had two guesses. You're on your own now. Read your text. It might just have the answer.

Of these choices? Maybe. Think about it.

Read about both and see what you think: https://www...

New quick Q.
Yes, they are legally yours. You need some kind of proof, such as your signature and date on the design (or whatever you created). One way to prove it is to mail a copy of it to yourself. The postmark will prove the date (if you don't open it and throw away the envelope).

1 - 6, I agree. I disagree with #7. #8 may be your choice or it could be another; think about it. I disagree with your answers for 10 and 11, agree with 12.

On the Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits CD, my favorite song is "The Sound of Silence".

Another example would be: In "The Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld, Elaine has a really funny line.

All titles of entire works (books, movies, television shows, etc.) are italicized or underlined. Chapter titles, magazine or newspaper articles contained within the larger publication, song titles, etc., are in quotation marks. An article in Time, "President Trump's ...

Underling is also acceptable. Free Food for Millionaires.

Yes, I think so. One can rebel against a rule s/he doesn't like while conforming to something else. Your teacher may give you a homework assignment, but you rebel by not doing it because all your friends are going to see a movie and you want to conform to what they are ...

Yes, A is correct. D is not.


Since we can't see the table, we can't interpret what it shows. You can see it. What does it demonstrate?

One of those is correct, the other is not. READ the link Ms. Sue gave you and/or your text. Stop guessing.

And your answers are? (Two are correct.) I'll check your answers after you've read your text materials and think you know.

Ariel, your posts come well after midnight. Most of the tutors are doing other things at this time of night in the U.S. and Canada where we are. Don't expect a fast response. I agree with your first answers. For #6, an outline comes AFTER you have researched your questions...

How can we help? Is there something you don't understand about this assignment?

What does a college pursue? Which of these? The answer should be obvious. Let us know what you decide.

MLA English
I've never used MLA, so I don't know the answer to #1. Your answer for #2 is wrong. I agree with your answers to #3 and #4. For a guide to MLA format:

Help? Your sister fell into the lake and is drowning? Your house is on fire? What is your School Subject? It looks like biology to me. To find information on any topic, use your search engine (all devices connected to the internet have access to a search engine like Bing or ...

Are they in the same subject area? Do the new materials ADD to what you already know? Do they help explain something you've studied or learned about elsewhere? You may already know a tulip from a daffodil, but does knowing how to plant bulbs relate to how to grow them, or ...

language arts
If I had a clue what "in just-" is... But you won't tell me, so, I can't help. Is it a poem, a story, a novel? Who wrote it? I'd have to know the context to know what it might mean.

english On this site, you'll see where to type in any word you want to check the others.

Social Studies
When taking or making notes, use "keywords" or words that highlight the main points you want to remember. What you copied and pasted above deals with two topics. One is the border between Canada and the USA, and how it is crossed frequently because the two nations ...

I can't find it, either. Garcia is contemporary, so it's a poem that was written in (approximately) the last 20 or so years. He has published five books of poetry, and his poems have appeared in periodical publications. When this one first appeared is not revealed by a...

You just said it very succinctly! Exactly. No one would be able to understand anyone else. The rules of grammar help make our words understandable to others.

Writeacher has a good point. Language (including the rules of grammar) does change over time. Such changes come about by common usage though, and in response to new ideas, ne developments in science, philosophy, etc., but by COMMON usage and need. Just the other day I read a ...

My own thought is that language is of no use unless it can be understood by the other people we come in contact with or wish to communicate with. Spelling, rules of grammar, word usage (commonly understood meanings of words) are essential to that process. If each person, or ...

Check - History.
Your first sentence is redundant. Ethnic groups are characterized by the fact the members are of similar ethnicity. It also makes no sense because ethnic groups are characterized by being (in some ways) dissimilar from each other. And I think you misinterpret the phrase "...

Social Studies | Check My Answers
I agree with your answers to 6 and 7. Your answer to #8 (Plessy) is wrong. Ms. Sue has checked 1-5 for you.

Art History


BTW, my money is on the wolf.

I have no idea. Your language is poor, though. Three animals fighting ARE fighting. One is fighting (singular), more than one ARE doing whatever they do (plural).

Oh, okay! Yes, it's D.

And which do you think is the correct answer? What does your assigned reading tell you? We'll check your answer, if you like. Hint: what does "self-determination" mean?

Social Studies
You may also want to read your assigned text materials. That sometimes helps, or so I am told. It's rare that you are asked to complete an assignment (or a quiz or test) that is not covered in your assigned reading.

You're welcome. :)

I agree. You're right.

AP history
What does your text say? Use your search engine to look up the Age of Exploration. Then look up Imperialism and/or Colonialism in the 19th century. Read lots.

I hope you have not strayed so far from home that you can't get back in time for supper.

Looking again, I agree with Writeacher that your choice for #3 is wrong, too. I still think there's a better answer for #5, but your teacher may disagree with all of us. :)

I agree with 1, 2, 3, and 6. 4 and 5 are wrong.

Social Studies
Since you have not told us what confuses you about this assignment, the only advice I can give is to read your assigned text materials carefully. If there is something in the text you don't understand, "google" it and find something that explains it. If you have ...

Intrpersonal comunication
I'm sorry. I don't know why I was listed as "Anonymous". I'm one of the tutors here. :) Yes, c is the correct answer.

Neither do I. What is the book about? What points does the author make to support his idea that something went wrong? Those are the places you'll find "significant" quotations.

History Essay
Oh, my. I see some of these are related in some ways. The Scientific "revolution", the development of the world-wide web, and the development of atomic weapons all involve science and technology (some for good, others not so much). Others may involve the ideal of the...

Social Studies

Social Studies
Have you read your assigned reading? What does it say? What is your answer?

Social Studies Helppp
Read your text materials to find out what the answer is. We'll be glad to check it.

History Test Answer Check
These are too many to check all at once. You're correct on the first two. I can't see the illustration, so do not know the third. One of your answers to the question about the price of a Ford is correct. There were no labor unions at Ford when mass production ...

Texas State History
sorry the others were off because of the short answer 1 - no 2 - yes 3 - no 4 - yes 5 - no 6 - there is a better answer 7 - yes 8 - no 9 - no

Texas State History
1 - yes 2 - no 3 - yes 4 - yes 5 - no 6 - yes 7 - there is a better answer 8 - yes 9 - yes

Language Arts Help!!!
When you encounter a word you don't know, like "flue", look it up. It's easy.

Think of it this way: Does might make right, or does right make might? In most old legends, physical power overwhelms the enemy. In the Arthurian legends, being "right" and virtuous is mightier than the sword, even when physical power becomes necessary to defend what...

World History
What does your text say? Both Christians and Muslims were out to murder each other because their theologies didn't agree on everything. What does Buddhism teach?

1 - adverb phrase. "for all of us" tells how much to make. It modifies, defines the verb 2 - adverb phrase. "for ten people" modifies the adverb "enough", which modifies the verb "boil". 3 - adverb phrase. "for me" modifies the...

You might try studying, and reading the quiz/test questions carefully, and answering carefully. Concentrate on your school work when that is what is before you. Life is full of distractions. Deal with them separately and don't let them interfere. That's some broad, ...

Ah! I see. Harrumph!

This person impersonated a tutor? On another post?

What do you think, based on what you have studied? We'll be glad to check your answer.

We're not being rude. We are giving you the best advice we can give. If I were your teacher, I'd run out of red ink just to point out the misspellings and incorrect word usage, much less the fact you don't support your conclusion. That's not rude, it's the ...

As bobpursley and I both told you, you need facts and not just a conclusion. Did you dream this conclusion, did aliens from another planet tell you this? Your cat told you? Where did you get your information? AND your grammar and spelling is very bad. If I was your teacher, I ...

When you correct your grammar so that what you have makes sense, then you can go on. I can barely read this with the spelling and grammatical errors. What you need to do is support your argument with sources for your information. Who says there was a fire in the engine room? ...

English 2 A
Gee, I can't see the choices or which one you think is best. My ability to see your screen from my house isn't working today. Sorry we can't help.

Your text materials don't discuss this topic?

And, I hope, until he realizes that if he can type posts in English, he can also read it.

I agree with both answers, too. Really. )

I've known Ms. Sue for A LOT longer than you young people have been alive. Believe me when I tell you she knows what she's doing.

If you have tried to cheat here by just giving others the answers so they can answer their questions without studying or reading anything, you apparently just haven't been caught yet. The object of education is to learn about the world we live in and how things work (or ...

social studies

Social Studies
Ashley, you have not been given ANY text assignments to read? I don't believe that. This will give you the information you need, but you will have to read it.

No, it's not B! Think about it. What is the purpose of going to school? Just to give kids some place to stay all day? For civil rights? To prevent crime? To educate? What is it?

Nope. Have your read your text materials at all? You may want to read this if there are no text materials assigned for you to read:

Trying to give and get answers here is frowned upon. The object is to help students learn, not just give away answers so that nobody has to study and learn anything. Giving away answers can get a person banned from Jiskha, temporarily or permanently.


lisa, I'm sure your text materials have this information. You should read them, then you'll find out. You may also read this:

The way these answers are typed, none of them apply at all. When you understand the question and the answer choices, and can suggest an answer, we'll be glad to check it for you. In the meantime, read your text materials carefully, and read this:

Nope. Have you read your text?

American Government
You're welcome. Write well. :)

American Government
Here's a good article on the subject of border control And another one From the information contained here, you ...

All are correct.

Your text materials are the best source. These may help you answer the question.

Language arts
I still like it. I'd make "Love, you thief...crook" all one line. Your rhyme scheme works with "crook" and "overlooked". It's really quite good. I hope your teacher agrees. :) I can't know his/her expectations.

Study these sites:

If you can't or don't want to read your text materials, this explains it:

What does your text say? The heart and lungs? The nervous system? What? Where does food go when you swallow it? We'll be glad to check your answer.

What is a cowboy's job? There's a better answer.

interpersonal comunication
The term makes sense. The non-verbal clues do indicate the speaker's intentions. A wink and a smile give a good clue, so does an angry expression, as to the speaker's intentions.

Social studies
"The Missouri come first"? What on Earth does that mean? When you have a question that makes sense, and can venture an answer, we'll be glad to check it for you. If, by chance, you mean the Missouri Compromise of 1820, this may help.

Language arts
I like it! Now, write it in poetic form and let's see how the lines come out. As it is, it's more of a prose poem than a traditional poem - which is okay, if that's what you want to create. A traditional poem needs a meter of some sort, indicated by the line breaks.

And, Udal, I'm sure many native-born Americans don't know how Federal judges are selected, either. You're not unique as a recent immigrant! :)

Welcome, Udal, to the United States. I'm sure you will find many things confusing at first. Google is a very good way to find out about things you don't know yet, if you follow Writeteacher's advice. Feel free to post your questions here too. We can try to help, ...

I don't understand this question. Trader Joe's is a VERY successful grocery store chain, whatever model they use for the layout of their stores. I think they have succeeded, in part, because they are not a traditional supermarket with lots of fresh ingredients to be ...

Really, 4, 5, and 6 mean much the same thing. I would interpret 6 to mean to look at the boy when I, too, am in the shop.

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