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  1. writing

    You are provided with the really helpful material. All you need to be careful about is the plagiarism. It is way better to be sure about the quality of your essay and it is possible with the proficient writers at Primewritings. Check it for more details!
  2. Language arts

    You meet Tock and Hambug in Act I of The Phantom Tollbooth. In Act II, you see them in action and hear more of what they have to say. How are the two characters alike? How are the two characters different? What do they do to help Milo? tell two ways for each. Please help me ...
  3. AP Chemistry

    I’m perfectly aware of the AP exam requirements, thus the reason I would like to help him with this unit. This isn’t his first AP class...not even close. This will also be my last post to you, Ms. Sue. I’ve already lodged a lengthy complaint about you and the ...
  4. AP Chemistry

    Well, he’s not the one posting and he’s not cheating. I’m trying to get answers so when he does the problems I can help him if he makes a wrong step. I can not afford private tutoring, I never took AP Chem and he doesn’t have tutoring resources at his ...
  5. AP Chemistry

    That’s not an option at this point in the year. He’s had a B all year until this unit and he just doesn’t get it. I must be mistaken, then, that this is a site you go to for help. Are you the administrator? I’m curious what gives you the right to delete ...
  6. AP Chemistry

    I don’t know how to do any of these problems, that’s why I’m asking. I’m trying to help my child who is seriously struggling in the class and would like to be able to help him. I was told by a friend that this site was helpful with any questions for all ...
  7. AP Chemistry

    A 0.3500 MHCl solution was used to titrate a 21.60 mL sodium acetate solution. The endpoint was reached after 25.75 mL of titrant were added. Find the molar concentration of sodium acetate in the original solution.
  8. AP Chemistry

    A 0.2500 M NaOH solution was used to titrate a 16.85 mL hydrofluoric acid solution. The endpoint was reached after 31.20mL of titrant were added. Find the molar concentration of hydrofluoric acid in the original solution.
  9. AP Chemistry

    A 2.685 g sample of KHC8H4O4 was dissolved in water and uses to standardize a NaOH solution. The endpoint was reached after 38.25mL of titrant were delivered. Find the molar concentration of the NaOH solution.
  10. AP Chemistry

    A 0.500 M HNO3 solution was used to titrate a 21.15 mL KOH solution. The endpoint was reached after 22.30 mL of titrant were delivered. Find the molar concentration of KOH in the original solution.
  11. AP Chemistry

    A 0.250 M NaOH solution was used to titrate a 19.75 mL HI solution. The endpoint was reached after 32.95 mL of titrant were delivered. Find the molar concentration of HI in the original solution.
  12. AP Chemistry

    Ok, I’ll let him know! I’m just thrilled he was able to complete it! Thank you, thank you for your help!
  13. AP Chemistry

    Realized I didn’t write the question correctly! My son pointed that out. Corrected question: A 30.75 mL sample of 0.450 M KOH was titrated with an unknown concentration of HCl. The endpoint was reached when 22.60 mL of HCl were delivered. Find the concentration of the ...
  14. AP Chemistry

    I showed the explanation to my son that you provided, Arora. He says that makes more sense and feels he can do it now. Eureka!! Let’s hope it sticks!! I was told to tell you “thank you” from him.
  15. AP Chemistry

    Thank you, I’m a parent trying to help her son who’s struggling with this unit. The questions are from a worksheet that is homework. He’s asking me questions I can’t answer and I wanted to get the answers so I could check his work and redirect him if he ...
  16. AP Chemistry

    A 30.75 mL sample of 0.450 MKOH was titration with an unknown concentration of HCl. The endpoint was reached when 29.35 mL of NaOH were delivered. Find the concentration of the titrant
  17. History

    Which of the following statements most accurately analyzes how the Philadelphia Convention shaped the new national government?
  18. History

    How did the legal opinion of John Marshall shape the US government?
  19. procurement and supply

    why is purchasing an external resource management?
  20. Algebra help??!!

    I'm really confused with sets, could someone please check my answer?? I just really don't want to get it wrong... You have two boxes of colored pens, The first box contains a red pen, a blue pen, and a green pen, The second box contains a yellow pen, a red pen, and a ...
  21. math

    help!!!!!!!! with finding of the zeros of this function f(x)= -x^3-2x^2+9x+18.
  22. chemistry

    a )what use of carbon , properties of carbon? b) is their any organic compound that synthsies like urea in lab?
  23. Chemistry

    Hello.Need your help guys.Burning 2g of vitamin c yields 3g and 0.82g of CO and water respectively.What is the empirical formula of vitamin c and molecular mass if the molar mass is 264g/mol?
  24. Physics

    Help with this please. No idea. Except for a 22.00 min. rest stop, Emily drives with a constant velocity of 89.5 km/hr north. How long does the trip take if Emily's average velocity is 77.8 km/hr north?
  25. Chemistry

    When you label distillation apparatus, is the condenser the same as the water jacket? Thanks
  26. Chemistry

    [Cu(H2O)6]2+ (aq) + 2OH- --> Cu(OH)2 (s) + 6 H2O (l) What would the full equation be for this, rather than the ionic one? I understand that OH- becomes NaOH but where does the Na go on the right hand side? Thanks
  27. Maths

    Does squaring a function affect the asymptotes? For example, if you square the function 1 over x + 3 does it change the asymptotes that were y = 0 and x = -3? Thank you!
  28. math test help

    Help the person out this who site is just to cheat and get free answers so help the kid out!!!!
  29. Chemistry

    Would glacial ethanoic acid have (l) or (aq) state symbol? I'm thinking liquid as it doesn't contain any water but would just like to confirm as struggling to find any equations involving it online? Thank you :)
  30. Chemistry

    Thank you :)
  31. Chemistry

    How many lone pairs does Cl- have? I can draw it using a cross and dot diagram but not sure if it would have 4, or 3 as one of the electrons has been added from somewhere to make it an ion? Thank you!

    Lyla is correct for me atleast
  33. algebra

    Problem Page The volume V of a fixed amount of a gas varies directly as the temperature T and inversely as the pressure P. Suppose that V=42 cm to the 3,when T=84 kelvin and P= 8kg over cm squared. Find the temperature when V=74 cm cubed and P= 10 kg over cm squared.
  34. physics

    A solid sphere of radius 35 cm is positioned at the top of an incline that makes 20 ? angle with the horizontal. This initial position of the sphere is a vertical distance 3.4 m above its position when at the bottom of the incline. The sphere is released and moves down the ...
  35. Chemistry

    Consider equation 3A+B=C+D. You react 4 moles of A with 2 moles of B. Which of the following is true? 1) Limiting reactant (L.R.) is one with higher molar mass 2) A is L.R. because you need 6 moles of A and have only 4 moles 3) B is L.R. because you have fewer moles of B than ...
  36. 8th grade math

    Thx for the cheating help i got 100% 5/5
  37. Social Studies

    Who's job is it to line up the votes of the members of the party that holds the most seats in a chamber? A) president pro tempore B) Speaker of the house C) Minority whip D) majority whip **** The president of the Senate also serves as the _____? A) Head of the ...
  38. Math (6th grade)

    Find a way to add parentheses. Use P. E. M. D. A. S. (Please excuse my dear Sind Sally) which happens to also be your name so your lucky. Remember multiply divide add subtract. Good luck.
  39. Physics

    Your 2000 kg car is going 40 m/s on the highway when you see a police car up ahead. You apply the maximum 10000 N of brake force to slow your car down to the speed limit of 30 m/s. How many seconds will it take you to get down to the speed limit?
  40. Mathematics

    Tom deposits $800 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 2? per year. How much interest will he be paid in the first 2 years
  41. Chemistry

    If you try to carry out a double displacement reaction by mixing together equal volumes of a solution that contains dissolved NaF and a solution that contains dissolved NaCl. Would you expect a reaction? Why or why not?
  42. Math

    The admission to a local fair is $10 for an adult and $6 for a child. Each ride costs $1.50 for and adult and $1 for a child. Write an expression that represents how much more an adult will spend.
  43. Calculus I

    (Six pigpen problem). A 2 × 3 array of six congruent rectangular pigpens (that all look the same from above) will be in the overall shape of a rectangle R. We may use 100 feet of fencing to form the boundaries of the pigpens. Find the dimensions for a single pigpen that ...
  44. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2O are required to react with excess CaC2 to produce 23.0 g of C2H2 according to the following equation? CaC2 + 2H2O -> Ca(OH)2 + C2H2 a.4.5 b.15.9 c.31.8 d.1.766 I think this equation works out by multiplying 2 moles by the molar mass of H2O. Please ...
  45. Chemistry

    If 3.60 moles of SiO2 and 3.60 moles of C react to form SiC accodring to the equation SiO2 + 3 C -> SiC + 2 CO how many moles of CO will be produced? a. 1.20 b.2.40 c.3.60 d.7.20 -Do I have to use SiC in any part of the equation, I am very confused and I think I just need ...
  46. carson high school

    solve by elimination 5r-3s=19 2r-6s=-2
  47. Science

    Can someone please explain how to do dot and cross diagrams. Thanks
  48. Math

    Melissa collected 3 kinds of autumn leaves when she was walking today- Elm,maple, and oak. She has 2 times as many maple leaves as elm leaves. Altogether, she has 32 leaves. How many of each kind does she have?
  49. Algebra

    At a concession stand, three hot dogs and four hamburgers cost $12.00; four hot dogs and three hamburgers cost $10.75. Find the cost of one hot dog and the cost of one hamburger.
  50. Physics

    A hollow sphere starts from rest and rolls down a hill without sliding. At the bottom of the hill, it has a linear velocity of 5 m/s. What was the height of the hill the sphere rolled down (in meters)?
  51. conclusions - check answer

    Is it correct now?
  52. conclusions - check answer

    C. Make sure you have developed a clear point.
  53. conclusions - check answer

    Which of the following is a true statement about writing introductions of rough drafts? A. Do not worry about the central point of your essay; it will happen later on as you revise your paper. (MY ANSWER) B. Pay close attention to the correct spelling of your words. C. Make ...
  54. conclusions

    What function do conclusions serve in essays? A. Conclusions provide the supporting details of an essay. B. Conclusions develop the main idea of an essay. C. Conclusions sum up the main idea of an essay. (MY ANSWER) D. Conclusions introduce new ideas important to the main idea...
  55. English Check answers

    Who: More than 600 transportation employees When: at midnight last night Where: WESTRIDGE, Ohio Why: after the Westridge City Council rejected their demand for a 10% pay increase.
  56. English Check answers

    I know that what I said too.
  57. English Check answers

    Transportation Strike Disrupts Westridge Thousands unable to get to work or school WESTRIDGE, Ohio—More than 600 transportation employees went on strike at midnight last night after the Westridge City Council rejected their demand for a 10% pay increase. The strike ...
  58. English

    Is this paragraph’s main idea stated or implied? The greatest gift the Sumerians gave the world was the invention of writing. The Sumerians were a wealthy people. They needed some way to keep track of what they owned. They began drawing pictures. They used a reed as a pen...
  59. History

  60. History

  61. History Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue
  62. History

    This is what my book says. Nationalism, then, was a threat to the existing political order. A united Germany, for example, would upset the balance of power set up at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. At the same time, an independent Hungarian state would mean the breakup of the ...
  63. History

    nineteenth century
  64. History

    How did nationalism threaten the existing political order of the nineteenth century?
  65. Algebra 2

    Thank you so much!
  66. Algebra 2

    I believe the answer is D but I'm not really sure
  67. Algebra 2

    What is the solution set to the following system? x + y = 5 and x^2 + y^2 = 25 A) (0,-5) (-5,0) B) (0,5) (-5,0) C) (0,-5) (5,0) D) (0,5) (5,0)
  68. math

    A credit card company charges 7% simple interest. What is the total interest on a $1,900 loan at the end of two years?
  69. math

    If the first term in an arithmetic sequence is 15 and the tenth term is 69. What is the fourth term in the sequence?
  70. Language arts

    1. B 2. C 3. A 4. D Is 100% correct
  71. math

    A ball is dropped from a height of 256 ft. With each bounce, the ball reaches a height that is half the height of the previous bounce. After which bounce will the ball rebound to a maximum height of 1 ft?
  72. United States History

  73. Language Arts, can anyone check?

    Connections Academy: A B A D 100%
  74. #3 Fitness (Check answers)

    Please Check my answers.
  75. #3 Fitness (Check answers)

    1) The first step in the decision-making process is to brainstorm all possibilities (my answer) evaluate the result act realize there is a problem 2) Evidence that you have accomplished a goal is an example of which step in the SMART goal method? specific measurable achievable...
  76. Fitness (Check answers)

    Please check my answers
  77. Fitness (Check answers)

    6) Gang member often have weapons and are involved in violence. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is TRUE) 7) Being disruptive in class and getting angry easily could be sign of abuse. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is FALSE) 8) People with high self-esteem are prone to depression. TRUE ...
  78. Fitness (Check answers)

    ok, I post it already (TOP^^^^)
  79. Fitness (Check answers)

    6) Gang member often have weapons and are involved in violence. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is TRUE) 7) Being disruptive in class and getting angry easily could be sign of abuse. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is FALSE) 8) People with high self-esteem are prone to depression. TRUE ...
  80. Fitness (Check answers)

    I got a few more to check answers is that OK?
  81. Fitness (Check answers)

    so the #5 is TRUE
  82. Fitness (Check answers)

    1) Sitting in class wearing ear buds during a lecture is effective listening. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is FALSE) 2) Defense mechanisms should be used as often as possible to deal with uncomfortable emotions. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is FALSE) 3) Daily decision are often ...
  83. Maths!

    Suppose you draw 4 gumballs from the jar without replacement. Is it more likely that you will draw exactly 1 marble of each colour or is it more likely that you will not draw exactly 1 of each colour?
  84. math

    Esme is going on a holiday with 13 friends. The total cost of the holiday is £5999.00 How much does Esme have to pay?
  85. math

    175 centimeters and 12 centimeters
  86. math

    Robert is going to cut seedling support stakes from a piece of wood measuring 175 centimeters. Each support stake will be 12 centimeters in length. How many support stakes can Robert cut?
  87. Essay Help

    Generally, introductions begin with some brief background or contextual information that provides a focus for your paper. Well, I would recommend you to contact Supreme essay service. Those guys are real professionals in what they do.
  88. Maths

    Thanks Although that method works for this question, is there another method that I could use if the method you have used above takes too long if n is a bigger number?
  89. Maths

    Find the sum of the following series: 1024 - 512 + 256 - 128 +...+ 1 So a = 1024, r = -0.5, but I need to know what n is in order to use the formula. So I tried ar^(n-1) which is: 1024(-0.5)^n-1 = 1 but I don't know how to find n from there. Thanks in advance for any help :)
  90. maths lit,accounting,business,economics

    I want to do fanancial acounting
  91. prealgebra or algebra1

    Click: Desmos Graphing Calculator
  92. prealgebra or algebra1

    desmos This place will help you. Good Luck!
  93. 4th grade math

    please help!! I have no idea how to do these I am trying to help my son.. Find two mixed numbers so that the sum is 21 1/6 and the difference is 4 3/6?
  94. math

    a liscense plate that has 3 numbers from 0-9 and 2 letters where each number and a letter may be used more than once. Find the Fundamental Counting Principle to find the number of outcomes in the situation
  95. magh

    a liscense plate that has 3 numbers from 0-9 and 2 letters where each number and a letter may be used more than once. Find the Fundamental Counting Principle to find the number of outcomes in the situation
  96. Chemistry Dimensional analysis

    7.32 Hours
  97. Social Studies

    Wow! Thank you so much!
  98. Social Studies

    In his book The Social Contract, Rousseau comes up with his theories on government. He believed in what he called “a state of nature” in which people are purely instinctual and harmful, so he says people made a contract with the government to give up some of their ...
  99. Social Studies

    Charles de Montesquieu: Expanding on the ideas of Locke in his book The Spirit of Laws, Montesquieu added the judiciary branch to Locke’s Executive and Legislative branch. ?
  100. Social Studies

    the people who grant that right
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