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Kinematics algebra question - Physics 11
I don't know how to even approach this... It's suppose to be on my physics test. A huntsman fires a gun pointing at a monkey hanging on the branch of a tree. The huntsman and the base of the tree are on a flat horizontal. At the moment the huntsman fires the gun, the ...

Physics 11
What is the force of gravity on the moon?

Physics 11
Dont need help thanks though

Physics 11
Show that the minimum force required to pull a wheel if Radius R and mass M over a step of height h, given R> h when the force is applied at the top of the wheel is F = Mg sqrt(h/2R-h) Thank you so much

Tim and Judy mix two kinds of feed for pedigreed dogs. They wish to make 29 pounds of feed worth $0.47 per pound by mixing one kind worth $0.44 per pound with another worth $0.55 per pound. How many pounds of the cheaper kind should they use in the mix? -please help! so confused!