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1.5mL of a 0.05M solution of calcium chloride (CaCl2) was diluted with water to a volume of 10L. What was the concentration of Cl- ions in the diluted solution in ppm.

Math 10
Factor, if possible. 36xy - 12x^2y

Science 10
Oh wait my decomposition is wrong I guess so I need it for that as well

Science 10
Need examples of food for Chemistry Reactions 1. Synthesis 2. Decomposition 3.Single Replacement 3. Double Replacement So for synthesis ( A + B --> AB ) I did, Macaroni + Cheese --> Mac n Cheese For Decomposition ( AB --> A + B ) I did, Dough --> Wheat + Water ...

Science 10
Thanks so much I agree:)

Science 10
The results are there for each trial Trial 1 = Hydrochloric Acid is dilute. Marble is finely ground and the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius Trial 2 = Hydrochloric acid is dilute. Marble is lump and the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. Trial 3 = Hydrochloric acid is ...

Science 10
Here are the results of the 3 trials of dissolving equal masses of marble in hydrochloric acid listed from fastest to the slowest. List concentration, surface area, and temperature in decreasing order of their important in increasing the rate of this reaction. Trial 1 = Dilute...

Company 1 = 9.95+0.10x = y Company 2 = 12.95+0.08x = y Not sure of the second question

The best girl at sports in the class is my best friend. Last year, she won two medals for swimming. It was when the had a huge swimming gala at the Bath in Town. Everyone and their parents were there in the lower school. The noise was so loud that our teacher went nearly deaf...

A spherical ball is being filled with air. When the radius r=7cm, the radius is increasing at a rate 2 cm/s. How fast is the volume changing at this time (leave your answer approximate)?

Physics C. Mechanics
A small paint bucket of mas 5.0 kg is attached to a larger bucket of mas 15.0 kg by a light rope of 25 m long. The small bucket is at rest on the ground, and the rope goes up and over a small frictionless pulley and is attached to the larger bucket, which is on a window sill, ...

ap chem
nvm, i get it.

ap chem
NH3 + H20 <---> NH4+ + OH- this is aqueous solution. In 0.0180 M nH3, THE [OH-] is 5.60 X 10^-4 M. it is assumed that the volumes are additive. Determine the value of the base ionization constant, kb, for NH3. i am not sure how to approach this problem. i don't ...

So in this reaction: Ag(s) + Fe(+3) --> Ag(+) + Fe(+2) we are given 20 grams of Ag(s) to start off with. How do we find how many electrons are transfered in the reaction. And how many grams of Fe(+2) is formed. *for the latter, i think that we can calculate it through ...

yes, that is exactly what i get(i got 5.87, but that's probably just a simple rounding error). i used the wrong equation, and didn't include the hydrogen ion from HCl in the equation, and just used the acetic ion as the only source of the hydroxide ion. But your ...

Calculate [H30+] in a solution that is 0.0525M HCl and 0.768M NaC2H3O2. Ka(HC2H3O2)= 1.8 x10^-5. the way i did it is that i used the given molar of HCl to find the moles of Hydronium in the acid, and then i used that to find the moles of OH- in it, using kw. then through the ...

this is just simple dimensional analysis and conversion... (.0 X10^23 molecules)(1 mol/6.02 X10^23 molecules)([molar mass ethanol=g/1 mol)(upside down density=mL/g)(1L/1000mL) through this conversion process, u'll get the answer.

thank you....i understand the concept clearly now.

Explain why a mixture formed by mixing 100 mL of 0.100M CH3COOH and 50 mL of 0.100M NaOH will act as a buffer? in adittion to this, how do you identify if a an aqueous solution is a buffer solution, such as a solution with an acid and a base, but no common ion? is it possible ...

What must be the molarity of an aqueous solution of NH3 if it is 4.2% ionized?

Sorbic acid, HC6H702 (pKa=4.77), is widely used in the food industry as a preservative. For example, its potassium salt (potassium sorbate) is added to cheese to inhibit the formation of mold. What is the pH of 0.37M KC6H702(aq)?

vector and mass
A particle of mass m kg is acted on by two forces F1 and F2 with magnitudes 3root5 newtons and root5 newtons ad drections parallel to the vectors i+2j and i-2j respectively The particle is initially at a position given by vector 2i+j iv calculated the cartesian components of ...

ship problem
A [B]ship P [/B] is travelling due [B]East at 30 km/h[/B] and a [B]Ship Q[/B] is travelling due [B]South at 40 km/h. [/B] Both ships keep constant speed and course. [B]At t=0 they are each 10 km [/B] from the point of intersection of their courses and moving towards the point...

particle of mass m kilograms is acted on by two forces F[1] and F[2] with magnitudes 3*sqr-root 5 newtons and sqr-root 5 newtons and directions parallel to the vectors i+2j and i-2j respectively. The particle is initially at a position given by the vector 2i+j i was told to ...