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  1. 5th Grade Math

    Thanks as well.
  2. 5th Grade Math

    Yes! Got it right.
  3. 5th Grade Math

    For their first 60 games the Robins had a record of 28 wins and 32 losses. How many of their next 90 games must they win if their total record is to show twice as many wins as losses?
  4. Please help me! This is urgent

    I'm really gonna need help :(
  5. Math HELP

    Sorry, I don't understand it.
  6. Math HELP

    The number of apples in an apple tree after subtracting by 6, multiplying by 6, dividing by 6, in that calculating order, equals 6. How many apples are on the tree? _________________________________________ Please help me with another :( There is a box of books. Alex takes one...
  7. geometric

    Eh, sorry custom. It could be yards though, but in "English Unit Choices" it would be feet or meters. Sorry ezekiel.
  8. geometric

    This is not the correct answer. Check your work :)