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College Psychology
Life rally starts at conception. In prenatal development, the fetus is growing and developing rapidly. The fetus receives food from the mother and releases waste to mom and it is released when mom has a bm.The fetus is a living being even though it is not viable unless it ...

they were questions from diff people on the same device..

Given: 2d-f/3 = f-3d/5, solve for f

if bar of soap is 40 mm x 25 mm x 2 mm and one cubic millimeter of gold weighs about 0.0005 ounce. Find the volume in cubic millimeters and the weight in ounces of this bar of soap

The density is 8.28e22

College Algebra
An arrow is launched upward with a velocity of 54 feet per second from the top of a 75 foot building. What is the maximum height attained by the arrow in feet?

...but i did it a different way. i looked at an example in the textbook, but still don't really understand what i did. for P, i calculated 0.993 atm for n, i calculated 0.040 mol CO2 for T, i calculated 299.5 K then, i calculated 0.040 mol CO2 x 44.01g/1 mol CO2 = 1.76 g ...

the answer i came up w/ is 1.76g/L. is this correct?

if i'm using PV=nRT, and manipulate that formula to V=nRT/P to find the volume, do i use 44.01g as my molar mass of CO2 and convert that to moles to find 'n'? i'm really confused how to do this b/c it's not at STP.

what is the density of carbon dioxide at 26.5 degrees C and 755 mm Hg?

pysical science
an inline roler skate company is testing to see how quickly their new brakes will allow the skater to come to a stop. a skater starting at 8m/s puts on his brakes to come to a stop. it takes the skater 4 seconds to stop. what is the deceleration of the skater?

A glove and ball are the requred equitment. correct?

Peter invests $12500 for 5 years at 12 percent per annum,compounded monthly foe the first two years, and 14 percent per annum compounded simiannually for the next three years. How much will Peter receive after five years?

Mary B deposits $8500 into a savings account, compounded monthly at a nominal interest rate of 9 percent, as part of a savings plan that she would like to undertake in 5 years. 1) What is the effective interest rate per annum? 2) How much money would she have saved after 5 ...

A 10 ft. ladder is leaning against a building and makes an angle of 65 degrees with the ground. How high above the ground is the top of the ladder?

Anatomy and Physiology
Describe the processes of transcription and translation and correctly identify the anticodon for the following DNA template strand-ACG TGG GCA TGA ACG TGG. Which amino acids do these anticodon represent?

Medical Terminology
Devise memory aids for any five terms relating to the musculoskeletal system?

A driving machine was employed to hit a sample of 41 each of two different brands of golf balls using the same force each time. The research team measured the distance between the point of impact and where the ball eventually came to rest on the ground. Results are show below...


5th grade
fifteen divided by five is three. To complete the analogy, divide nine by three. (Your answer is three)

Global History
Think about all the machines that were able to run because of coal -- trains!

Math for teaching.
What is 17 minus 12?? That is what 'x' equals!

Hey guys - this problem is pretty tough for me...any help? Don't know what to do.... In seawater, a life preserver with a volume of 4.00×10^−2 m^3 will support a 76.0 kg person (average density 980 kg/m^3), with 20.0 % of the person's volume above water ...

I believe he pressure on the surface is the controlled gauge pressure in the tank in relation to the outside.

What does dq stand for and dt? sorry for all the questions

Where do you get the original amount and the quantity from? I am confused since the problem doesnt have anymore numbers than 18

Suppose a quantity is halvd every 18 years. use the approximate half-life formula to estimate its decay rate. is the half life equation y= 1/2^t1/2 2^1/2t= 1/y t 1/2= log2 (1/y) Where do I put 18 at?

So would your doublexdoublexdoublexdouble=16 be 2 x 2 x 2 x 2= 16??? I am a liitle confused on why you used double?

If the doubling time of a state's population is 42 years, how long does it take for the population to increase by a factor of 16?

Is it bilateral symmetry

When an object can be shifted, say to the left or right, and still remains the same; this is an example of what time of symmetry

one more elgebra problem...
which equation represents a line parallel to the line given by y-3x=6? A. y= -3x+4 B. y= 3x-2 C. y= 1/3x+6 D. y= -1/3x+4

rs+k perhaps?

the perimeter of the square is 204 ft. what is the value of x if 1 side of the square is 5x+6 ft

quantitative comparison
compare the two quantities and determine whether the first one is the greatest, the second is the greatest, the two are equal, or the relationship cannot be determined from the information given... 1st: the slope of the line that contains A(2,4) and B(-1,3) 2nd: the slope of ...

Social studies
the battles of lexington and concord, i believe

What are the slope and the y-intercept of the graph of the equation 4x-2y=5?

more algebra
what is the x-intercept of the graph of 4x+3y=12?

nfs. sparknotes. com/romeojuliet/page_136.html

Algebra - equation
What equation represents a line parallel to the line given by y-3x=6?

"A dendritic spine (or spine) is a small membranous protrusion from a neuron's dendrite that typically receives input from a single synapse of an axon. Dendritic spines serve as a storage site for synaptic strength and help transmit electrical signals to the neuron&#...

social studies
check wikipedia for an article about her, maybe you can read over it and gather some facts out of that. :) i cant pots the URL but just go to wikipedia and type in her name and a lot of information will show up for you

Algebra I
What is the range of f(x)=2x-3 when the domain is {3, 4, 5}?

kitchen chemistry
what is the effect of heat on fruit ex. making a fruit roll up what is the chemical reaction

socal studies
what are the magical figures placed in between layers of a mummys wrapping.

What is the answer to: 8x^2y-4xy-4x

Comparative Essay HELP!
Hello all... I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I have my English (4U) ISP due on Tuesday - a 1000 word comparative essay on the novels "Angela's Ashes" and "The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" ....and I'm a little lost. What to compare? The ...

English Comparative Essay Writing
Hello all... I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I have my English (4U) ISP due on Tuesday - a 1000 word comparative essay on the novels "Angela's Ashes" and "The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" ....and I'm a little lost. What to compare? The ...

packing: A-B-A holes : octahedral #atoms/1 unit cell : 2 coordination #: 8

Wind energy
How does wind energy get to you? Like I know you would have to have a mill in your yard but how does it get to the house?

1.) Increase absorbance & decrease % transmittance all the other answer above are correct


social studies