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the age of the father is square of the age of his daughter . five years hence the fathers is three times as old as daughter .write the quadratic equation

resistance of 8 and 12ohm are joined in parallel calculate the total resistance?

I need help labeling the parts of South Asia on the map Know where is Himalayas and mountains evesert is located

A car initially moves along a straight road at 50 km/hr, and then turns around to travel at 80 km/hr in the opposite direction. What is the car’s change of velocity?

It is a conversation between two friends about their journey to London. John asked Lee whether he had talked with the travel agent for Visa regarding their journey to London. Then, Lee replied him that the travel agent informed him that it would take at least one week time ...

Thank you so much teacher

In indirect speech, is it correct to write Joe asked Nelson when did Gabriel reach home or when Gabriel had reached home. Please explain

Ma'am please explain whether still follows any verb?

The officer asked his subordinates to put their files away after completing in good shape. John asked his son angrily, why he didn't put his books away after reading it. John asked his friend Joe not to put his books away as he would still to read it. Please make ...

Thank you ma'am

Linda got in home in London, after taking leave from training. Any mistakes in this sentence.

a car travel with a uni form velocity of 25m/s for 5& the brak over then applied and the car coms the rest wirh a uniform retar in fyrther 10s draw ut grph and use it to find 1 distance covered 2 the reatardation

Physics Urgent please help
First calculate C_2 = (mg / (v^2 * r^2) where r is unknown, then calculate F = C_2 * r^2 * v^2 I presume this question is from Walter Lewin's Physics course

math - word problem
i think 18 more oranges if 2/3 is orange then 1/3 is apple + other fruits ,in 1/3 there are 6 other fruits which are equals to green apples becz ratio is 2/2..>1/1 so 1/3part of fruits=12 then 2/3 is 24 wihch are oranges..hence 18 more oranges than green apples..

I want Maximum and minimum values of acosx+bsinx+c proof

math 12 grade
find two positive number X and Y such that their sum is 35 and the product X2 Y5 is maximum?

Let |ϕ⟩=a|0⟩+b|1⟩ where a and b are nonnegative real numbers. We know that if we measure |ϕ⟩ in the standard basis, the probability of getting a 0 is 925. What is |ϕ⟩?

Find parametric equations of the line that is tangent to the parabola y = x^2 at the point (−2, 4).

A and B can complete a piece of work in 8 and 10 days respectively However they work alternately one day each with beginning the work In how much time will the work be completed?

find the partial derivatives du/dx, du/dy and du/dt. u= root (r^2+s^2, r = y + x cos(t), s = x + y sin(t);when x = 0, y = 2, t = 2


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write five sentences about birthday celebration

Demand Equation Q= 612000- 500P