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Find the area of parallelogram if side AB = 10 cm,BC=15 cm,Diagonal =20 cm.

When are the electric field lines are parallel to each other

What is difference between cohessive and adhessive force

A bullet is fired with an initial velocity 300m s at an angle 30 degree with horizontal . At what distance from the gun will the bullet strike the ground ?

2x+2(x-4)= 64=> 2x + 2x - 8 = 64 => 4x = 72 => x = 72/4 = 18

To proceed with the problem we need the formula: E = hc/? where E is the energy emitted by the photon (required), h is the Planck's constant (6.626 × 10-34 joule seconds), c is speed of light (2.998 × 108 m/s), and ? is the wave length (1.08 m). Plugging in the...

find the equation of a straight line on which the perpendicular from the origin makes an angle of 30 degree with the x-axis and which forms a triangle of are 50/root3 with the axes

6.] Replace the integral in exercise 5 (int. (1/ 1 – t) dt a = 0, b = 1/2with ?1/(1+t) dt with a = 0, b = 1, and repeat the four steps. a. integrate using a graphing utility b. integrate exactly c. integrate by replacing the integrand with a Taylor series and integrate ...

Suppose f(x,y) = XY(1-10X-5Y). f(x,y) has 4 critical points. List them in increasing lexographic order. By that we mean that (x, y) comes before (z, w) if x<z or if x=z and y<w. Also, describe the type of critical point by typing MA if it is a local maximum, MI if it is ...

At a price of $10 the local pizza sells 800 pizzas. At a price of $8 the pizza place sells 1000 pizzas. When the quantity equals 100 pizzas, total costs equaled $1300. When quantity equaled 200 pizzas, total costs equaled $ 2200. When quantity equaled 300 total costs equal $...