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What is a five-digit number,which when rounded off to the nearest ten thousands,nearest thousands, nearest hundreds,and nearest tens still has the same answer.

Julia has 8 red barrettes 2/4 of her barrettes are red how many barrettes does Julia have?

thanks a lot.

importance of education now a days??. any recommendation plz.,, ,. thank you and Godbless.

Sorry, I need more help! I am reallly struggling with Euler's method, and here's a problem I need help on: y'=2y + sin(x), y(0)=0, dx=0.1, the interval is 0 to 1, and f(x)= [e^(2x)-2sin(x)-cos(x)]/5

Can someone explain the molecular orbital theory and how to find the bond strength, bond length, and bond order? I'm also confused about the geometry of molecules & ions, like how to find the angles? (Like NH3 is 107 degrees, and H20 is 104.5 degrees, how do I find this ...