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What is the balanced molecular,total ionic, and net ionic equations illustrating the reaction of magnesium hydroxide and HCl

All of the following reasons cause a variance in divorce rates among segments of the population in the United States, except: (Points : 3) 1. Age at first marriage 2. Education 3. Race and ethnicity 4. Social class <-------- Please check my answer.

Electrons involved in a _____ bond are shared unevenly. metallic double polar nonpolar

The maximum number of electrons in the second energy level of an atom is ____. two four eight ten The number of _____ is equal to the atomic number. protons neutrons electrons both a and c

In an atom, electrons ____. are located in the nucleus are paired with neutrons are located in the electron cloud are always in the same place

How did you type the exponents? And the triangle?

Language Arts
I'll ask my teacher because I know there is often many gliches with the system. Thank you though.

Language Arts
Which of the sentences below using direct address is punctuated correctly? (1 point) Please come with me, Sarah, and Tom, to pick Mom’s birthday present. Please come with me, Sarah and Tom to pick Mom’s birthday present. Please come with me, Sarah, and Tom to pick ...

Language Arts
nvm got it

Language Arts
going downstairs to get it.. uno momento

Language Arts
When the speaker refers to pausing to “enjoy the view / of the trees and the flowers below,” he really is talking about (1 point) looking down at the view from the mountain. giving up the struggle to just focus on his past successes. being inspired by the beauty of ...

D baby D! She wants the D! But no seriously it's d

Was it C?

Algebra 2/Trig
I've done every other single question besides this one. (There was 12). I'm stumped and would really appreciate some help! I have to simplify this: 5/3sqrt(3-4) I am not sure if you have to conjugate the denominator and multiply it with the top and bottom, then ...


4th grade
2x_+2 x width = perimeter