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Calculate the concentration of all the ions and species in a solution (there are 6) made by dissolving 1.49 g of sodium resorcinate (Na2 C6H4O2) in 100.0 ml of distilled water.

If you have a solution containing 0.10 M Fe+3 and 0.10 M Ca+2 and you want to titrate the Fe+3 with EDTA, how much error is there due to the reaction of Ca+2 with the EDTA at the Fe+3 equivalence point if you titrate at the following pHs. 3.0 6.0 10.0 At what pH would you ...

a 3.250 g sample of petroleum fraction was ignites in a Parr bomb under a 20 atm pressure of O2. all the sulfur was converted into SO3 and upon addition of water H2SO4 was formed. The SO4 was completely precipitated by addition of BaCl2, abnd precipitate of SaSO4 wt 253 mg. ...

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a mixture containing CaCO3 and CaO only. When 0.3500 g of mixture was ignited and cooled, the wt of mixture was 0.3400 g. Calculate %CaO in original mixture.