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Sodium metal is insoluble in ether - No change but technically you can call the sodium in ether an insoluble mixture and therefore a physical change. Sodium metal dissolves in water to produce a gas - You get a chemical change happening here because the sodium reacts with the ...

The questions is telling you that there are three possible rectangles whose perimeter is 12 units and whose sides are whole numbers in length. The perimeter of a rectangle is given by 2(L+B). So, this means that L+B = 6. What whole numbers add up to 6? 1+5 = 6 2+4 = 6 3+3 = 6 ...

A line that is parallel to y = 2 has a slope of 0. A line perpendicular to y = 2 has a slope of infinity (or undefined). A line parallel to x = -4 has a slope of infinity (or undefined). A line perpendicular to x = -4 has a slope of 0. By slope intercept form I assume you mean...

2NaOH + CuSO4 -> Cu(OH)2 + Na2SO4 Half a mole of copper (II) hydroxide are produced per mole of sodium hydroxide.

Precalcus Urgent HELP PLEASE
g(x) = 3-x/3+x g(a-3) = 3-(a-3)/3+(a+3) g(a-3) = 3-a+3/3+a+3 g(a-3) = 6-a/6+a

Prependicular to x = 4 means that the line will have a gradient of 0. Passing through the point, (7,2) is handy, but all we need is the y co-ordinate. The line is y = 2. It satisfies the requirements.

Grade 10 Science
Iron can exist as either a divalent or trivalent cation. There's the Fe2+ and Fe3+ cations. The (II) refers to the valency of the Iron cation. Since it's the 2+ cation, then it's called Iron (II) Sulphide. If it was the Iron 3+ cation, for example in Iron oxide (...

This is pretty simple. Let Linda's age be x. So we have: x + (x+6) = 36 2x + 6 = 36 2x = 36 - 6 2x = 30 x = 30/2 x = 15 Double checking, if Linda is 15, Lynn will be 21. 15 + 21 = 36 So x is definitely 15.

h(x) = (2 - 2x^2)/-2 h(-2) = (2 - 2[2^2])/-2 h(-2) = (2 - 2[4])/-2 h(-2) = (2 - 8)/-2 h(-2) = -6/-2 h(-2) = 3 This is what I get from what the original function was as typed and plugging -2 into it.

A nucleic acid would also contain a phosphate of some sort. Technically speaking though, it can't be a fat because fats (that I'm familiar with, at least) would not contain nitrogen. If you're saying that this particular compound ONLY contains those elements then I...

I agree. Problem is we don't have the issue we're supposed to be analysing. And things that require references...I'd only point you in the right direction at best. Not doing all your work for you.

Survey of the Sciences
Without going into too much detail about cellular respiration and all that drama, the main effect of glycolysis, the tri-carboxycilic acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation is that for one glucose molecule, 38 molecules of ATP are produced. It's simple to just divide 10,...