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5--4 x B can have no carryover to 4 x 2 so B must be 1 as A is already 2. why can't B be 0 at step 5? At this point, B can be 0,1,2, and you can eliminate 2 per your reason, but you can't eliminate 0 yet--which makes the rest of your steps invalid.

what is garbologist. What they do. A garbologist is a scientist who studies garbage to learn about societies and cultures. Check this site for more information.

what is a reproductive cell?

What is the molarity of a phosphoric acid solution if 32.3 mL of the phosphoric acid solution is titrated to the final equivalence point with 20.6 mL of 0.581 M sodium hydroxide acid solution? H3PO4 + 3NaOH ==> Na3PO4 + 3H2O mols NaOH = 0.0206L*0.581 M= ?? mols H3PO4 = 1/3...

What structures make up the fibers of the mitotic spindle? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "mitotic spindle fiber structure" to get these possible sources: http://...

Social Studies
Discuss the validity of the following quotation: "The British imperial economic system, including mercantilism, exploited the American colonists and offered them few benefits. As such it represented a valid reason for revolution."

During reaction mechanism... A. catalyst does not change the reaction mechanism. B. catalyst changes the reaction mechanism. C. catalyst always makes a reaction mechanim more complicated. Catalysts lower the activation energy and provide alternative pathways to increase the ...

During rate of reverse step... A. A catalyst decreases the reverse rate of reaction. B. A catalyst does not change the reverse rate of reaction. C. A catalyst increases the reverse rate of reaction. A catalyst hastens the time for equilibrium to be attained. A A

During activation energy... A. A catalyst lowers the activation energy by changing the reaction mechanism. B. A catalyst does not change the activation energy. C. A catalyst lowers the activation energy by changing the rate. D. A catalyst raises the activation energy by ...

why does proline stain yellow in ninhydrin?

How many types of amino acids are there in milk? I believe there are either 8 or 9, all of which are essential to humans because humans cannot create these proteins.

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