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  1. Algebra

    Square root of 31 to the nearest hundredth
  2. Math

    It's suppose to be a rug is shaped like a rectangle who's perimeter is192 ft. The length is five times as long as the width. Find the length and width
  3. English

    Write an article for publication in a national newspaper discussing at least two reasons why students should cultivate the habit of reading.
  4. English

    there are never enough discipline on the playground;someone always is getting hurt
  5. math

    A bottle of juice concentrate gives the mixing ratio of concentrate to water as 1:5. How much water should be mixed with 2 cups of concentrate?
  6. Maths

    let the width and the length be real numbers. the perimeter remains a constant 24cm. draw the graph
  7. Algebra

    On Saturday barkers bake sale sold 8 cakes and 12 pies, making a total of $164. On Sunday they sold 10 cakes and 4 pies, earning $128. What is the price of cake? What is the price of pie?
  8. chemistry

    illustrate how to prepare a 1:3 solution of 0.5 hydrochloric acid
  9. Math

    The outdoor temperature yesterday reached a low of -4.5 •f between what two integers was the temperature
  10. Science

    What is the ph scale used for?
  11. Math

    Guest at a party drank 1.5 gallons of fruit punch if one serving was 8 ounces how many servings of fruit punch did the guest drink in all
  12. life orientation

    identify your 3 human rights violations or discriminations and explain in an introductory paragraph why you choose the specefic human rights violation or discrimination
  13. Math

    How many more yellow and red lollipops than blue and green lollipops were pulled out of the bag?
  14. Maths

    Mr A filled his car with fuel every fourteenth day. Mr B fills his car every eighth day. They both filled their car today. How many days will it be until they next fill their tanks again?
  15. life orientation

    I think its a good thing to confront the person cause then you will know how they really feel about you
  16. Math 3rd Grade

    3 ways
  17. probability

    An employer wishes to hire three people from a group of 15 applicants 8 men and 7 women, all of which are equally qualified to fill the position . if the three are selected at a random. what is the probability, a) All will be men? b) at least one will be a women?
  18. Can someone check this

    a.e=200s+4/100 b.e=200s=4 c.e=4s=200 d.e=4/10s+200
  19. Can someone check this

    A salesperson earns $200 a week plus a 4% commission on her sales. Which equation models the relationship between her sales in a given week, s, and her weekly earnings, e? Is it e=200s+4?
  20. please check my answers

    To make sure its correct before I turn it in Q.If f(x) is a linear function, which statement must be true? A.f(x) has no x2-term. Q2.The graph of a function must be linear if it has what characteristic? A2.It has a constant slope. Q3.If f(x) is a linear function, what is the ...
  21. I need help again

    you are a beautiful person!!
  22. I need help again

    A car enters a turnpike 22 miles north of a town. The car travels north at an average speed of 64 miles per hour. How far is the car from the town after 4 hours? How do you solve the linear function then solve the problem? If you could help me understand this it would be ...

    I fixed it so its correct now

    I put that in and I got it wrong the numbers where in the wrong position

    Thank you so much :)

    Get–Around Cab Company charges $2.50 upon entry and $2 per mile. Write the function that represents the cost C of a ride of m miles.
  27. Algebra 2

    Get–Around Cab Company charges $2.50 upon entry and $2 per mile. Write the function that represents the cost C of a ride of m miles. I don't know what the formula is?
  28. probability

    an employer wishes to hire three people from a group of 15 applicants. 8 men and 7 women, all qualified to fill the position. if he selects the three at random. what is the probability. a) all will be men? b) one will be a women?
  29. health

    I suppose the quirk answer is C I hope I helped

    hello Ms. sue this is Priscilla's mom and this is the 2 time you have not helped her and said I have no idea are you sure your a teacher?

    but I need it for a test

    2. Which of the following describes the genotype and phenotype of parents whose child will definitely have a recessive trait? A. Both parents have a homozygous for the recessive allele and have that trait** B. Both parents have a homozygous for the recessive allele but do not ...
  33. Science

    2. Which of the following describes the genotype and phenotype of parents whose child will definitely have a recessive trait? A. Both parents have a homozygous for the recessive allele and have that trait** B. Both parents have a homozygous for the recessive allele but do not ...
  34. Marh

    what is the nearest square mile for 59,424.02?
  35. Language Arts

    of an essay
  36. Language Arts

    what kind of essay is the selection? A. Persuasive ***** B. Reflective C. Expository D. Descriptive
  37. Science

    victoria discovered a new way to keep her hands warm on a cold day. what scientific attitude is this an example A. Creativity ********* B. skepticism C. Honesty D. Good ethics Please help thanks :)
  38. Math

    A manufacturing company is thinking of launching a new product. The company expects to sell $950,000 of the new product in the first year and $1,500,000 each year thereafter. Direct costs including labor and materials will be 45% of sales. Indirect incremental costs are ...
  39. Chemistry

    Ethanol is the active ingredient of alcoholic beverages. It is also s a possible replacement for gasoline. The complete combustion of ethanol forms carbon dioxide and water. CH3CH2OH + O2 => CO2 + H2O Balance the equation. What mass of carbon dioxide is formed by the ...
  40. MATH PLEASE HELP THIS IS A TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay sorry write teacher okay this is what I thought 1. A 2. B 3.B 4.D 5. A 6.C
  41. MATH PLEASE HELP THIS IS A TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which events are NOT independent? Landing on heads after tossing a coin and rolling a 3 on a 6- sided number cube Choosing a marble from a jar and landing on tails after tossing a coin Choosing a 5 from a deck of cards replacing it and then choosing an ace as the second card ...

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number other than 6? A. 1 B. 1÷3 C. 5÷6 D. 1÷6 A standard number cube with the numbers 1 through 6 is rolled. Find the probability of rolling a number less than 4 A. 1 ÷ ...
  43. Vacation

    okay thanks Ms. Sue :-)
  44. Vacation

    what should I pack to the grand canyon? why is the grand canyon a trip? please answer these are an essay to complete & if I don't pass I cant go to 7th grade thanks
  45. Math

    whats the answer is it 1?
  46. Math

    so I don't get it
  47. Math

    but I need someone to check my answers
  48. Math

    the first one b the second one c
  49. Math

    You and a friend go to the movies and split the cost of the movie tickets and snacks. You pay the bill. You tell your friend he owes only $9 because you owed him $4 from the last time you went to the movies. How much was the total bill? Let b represent the total bill. Identify...
  50. MATH

    1.) solve the equation 2 x - 3 = 15 A. x=6 B. x=9 C. x=24 D. x = 36 2.) Solve the equation r - 4 = 11 --- 3 r = 45 r = 35 r= 33 r = 28 3.) solve the equation 7+ 3 m = 28 m = 18 m = 11 2 divide by 3 m = 9 m = 7 PLEASE HELP MS. SUE

    No Problem :-) anytime

    here are the correct answers.... 1.) geography 2.)Colombia 3.) B
  53. Geography

    I have one question what's money sense Ms. Sue please help me
  54. Math

    thanks Ms. Sue :-)
  55. Math

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Math

    The cost of a student ticket to the school play is $7. Write an equation that correctly relates the cost, c, for a particular number of student tickets, s, purchased. Identify the independent and dependent variables.
  57. Chemistry

    I got to agree that it is 0.0072
  58. english

    Whats the answers????
  59. Math

    My answers are 1. A 2. c 3. A
  60. Math

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. -9 > -4 B. | -10 | > |2| C. | -3| < |1| D. 6< - 12 Compare using <,>, or = -2 ----- -4 A. < B.> C. = Compare using <,>, or = -| 2-5| ----- (8 – 11) A. < B. > C = PLEASE HELP!!!
  61. Science

    thank you enjoy your weekend Ms. Sue bye :-)
  62. Science

    "Earth's energy sources include both renewable and nonrenewable resources. Name at least three sources of energy that could be used in your house. Then describe the ideal source of energy for generating most of your home's electricity, and explain why you chose ...
  63. Science

    I cant put the pic because it wont let me :-(
  64. Science

    Every individual, including young people, can make decisions to use resources wisely. Use the terms reduce, reuse, and recycle to explain how the students in the image can help minimize solid waste. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  65. Science

    okay have a great T.G.I.F Ms. Sue bye :-)
  66. Science

    thanks but is it a?
  67. Science

    why is it important biodiversity? A. preservation of biodiversity prevents the extinction of species B. preservation of biodiversity increases the amount of fossil fuels formed in a shorter period of time. c. preservation of biodiversity disturbs the balance in ecosystems D. ...
  68. Science

    thank you again Ms. Sue have a wonderful day :-)
  69. Science

    I need help with these question please. 1. how can you renewable heating & cooling? 2. how can you renewable hot water? 3. how can you renewable electricity?
  70. Science

    then how can you renewable heating or cooling?
  71. Science

    well im learning about sources of energy & how you can reuse it.
  72. Science

    Problem How could renewable energy sources be used in a house? Devise a Plan 1. Consider what you learned about renewable energy sources. Use what you learned to design a house that operates entirely on renewable energy sources. Focus on three major needs: (1) heating and ...
  73. History

    can someone help??????
  74. History

    I need help. :-(
  75. History

    oh I have the map & I goggle them but nothing came up.
  76. History

    okay I hope someone does. so how's your day?
  77. History

    Which city was located in the Persian Empire? A. Baghdad B. Jerusalem C. Alexandria D. Makkah Which of the following was located northeast of the Arabian Peninsula? A. Persian Empire B. Byzantine Empire C. Roman Empire D. Sahara What does Islam mean? A. Surrender to the will ...
  78. History

    thank you so much I like jiskha homework help more than open study because they erased my profile. but thank you and have a wonderful day Write teacher.
  79. History

    Muslims must A. pray eight times a day B. save all their money C. fulfill the five pillars of Islam D. live in Makah PLEASE HELP........
  80. chemistry

    what are the favored geometrical arrangements for ABn molecules for which the A atom has 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pairs of electrons in in its valence shell?'
  81. science

    -A is correct not Ms. SUE
  82. math

    The Least Common Multiple of two numbers is 60, and one of the numbers is 7 less than the other number. What are the numbers? Justify your answer.
  83. Math

    You have a wireless phone plan that costs $25 per month. You must also pay $.10 per minute for each minute over 500 min. you phone bill was more than $30 last month. Write an inequality to represent the number of minutes m you spent on the phone last month. Suppose you use 525...
  84. Math

    The Cupcake Cafe makes 4 1/2 times as much revenue on doughnuts as muffins. If the total sales was $44,000 for May, what dollar amount of each was sold?
  85. microeconomics

    The basis of the argument favoring government intervention to correct informational and rationality problems is that:
  86. trig

    A barge is pulled by two tugboats. The first tugboat is traveling at a speed of 12 knots with heading 140°, and the second tugboat is traveling at a speed of 17 knots with heading 200°. Find the resulting speed and direction of the barge. (Round your answers to the ...
  87. Chemistry

    4.7 grams per 100g of H2O
  88. hastings

    In a heating curve, when is the temperature constant?
  89. Physics

    If the gas in a container absorbs 203 J of heat, has 100 J of work done on it, then does 59 J of work, what is the increase in the internal energy of the gas? Answer in units of J
  90. science

    Tiffany you posted this question a while back ago and it was for a job. I'm doing the same thing and I was just wondering if it was a scam BANK RECONCILIATION ============================================== On Aug 14th, One of our Partner's ( Compuville ) cash book ...
  91. Physics

    A rock dropped into a pond produces a wave that takes 14.6 s to reach the opposite shore,21.1 m away. The distance between consecutive crests of the wave is 5.3 m. What is the frequency of the wave?
  92. Math

    so its 1/3??????
  93. Math

    your answer is 9/10 :) enjoy
  94. Physics

    Consider a force F = 815 N pulling 3 blocks of masses m1 = 7.94 kg, m2 = 15.3 kg, and m3 = 32.4 kg along a frictionless horizontal surface. Find the acceleration a of the blocks. Answer in units of m/s2.
  95. Geometry

    Find the value of each variable and ST if S is between R and T. Draw a picture and solve each. RS=12, ST=2x, RT=34
  96. Physics

    A pelican flying along a horizontal path drops a fish from a height of 4.2 m. The fish travels 9.1 m horizontally before it hits the water below. What was the pelican’s initial speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2.
  97. Literacy

    Which of the following ways of incorporating an idea from a journal article into your research paper is considered best for expressing that entire idea in your own words? A. quote B. Paraphrase C. Copy and paste D. Summarize
  98. English

    Write a debate on the topic "Boys should not help in the kitchen.
  99. Reimbursement Methodologies Final Exam

    Can anyone please help me with Part A with the 1st question: You're the new director of a hospital health information management department. The chief financial officer has hired you for your experties in health care reimbursement and needs to know how your department can ...
  100. English

    A more creative or straightforward expressions for The tried and true methods quite often can't be beat.
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