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problem solving
susan is 4 years older than her sister rita. Seven years ago, Susan was twice as old as Rita. How old are they now?

A block of mass 2.30kg is accelerated across a rough surface by a rope passing over a pulley. a) The tension in the rope is 12.4N, and the pulley is 11.2cm above the top of the block. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.415. Determine the acceleration of the block when x...

life orientation
explain clearly how intrapersonal conflict ca be addressed through engaging in physical exercises


Area of the living room is 450 x 330 = 148500 cm^2. Area of square = a x a 148500 = a^2 a = sq rt (148500) = 385.36 cm the dimensions of the largest sq tile is 385.36 x 385.36 cm

Intro to chemistry
D = m/V D is given in g/mL. Convert volume to mL first. V = 425 mL D = m/V 1.15 g/mL = m/425 mL m = 1.15 x 425 = 488.75 g =0.489 kg

$3,800 principal earning 2%, compounded quarterly, after 7 years

Evaluate 1/2^-2 x^-3 y^5 for x = 2 and y = –4

Eth 125

Algebra :\
Elimination using addition and subtraction: 1. x - y = 1 x + y = 3 2. -x + y = 1 x + y = 11 3. x + 4y = 11 x - 6y = 11 4. -x + 3y = 6 x + 3y = 18 PLEASE HELP!!!! I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!

Algebra :\
thnx i got the answers to that one but now im stuck on elimination using addition and subtraction.

Algebra :\
these questions are: ELIMINATION USING MULTIPLICATION: 1. 2. 2x + 5y = 3 2x + y = 3 -x + 3y =-7 5x + 3y = 2 I NEED HELP ASAP!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!

Sosial Studies
and i have to give to examples

Sosial Studies
ok. so im suposed to explain the preamble and im stuck. how would i explain this.... provide for the common defense...... but then i got to explain this.... promote the general welfare...... HELP ME PLEASE..

i agree with amber.

ok, Thanks for the help on that last one but can you help me with these: solving equations with the variable on each side. 1.) 6+2(3j-2)=4(1+j) 2.) 9(4b-1)=2(9b+3) please help

I need help solving equations with the variable on both sides: 3(d-8)-5=9(d+2)+1 please help

umm... no i haven't sorry but my advice is to keep reading it over and over. maybe it is to hard and you could wait and read it in afew years maybe even next year!