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A single fair die is tossed. Find the probability of rolling a number greater than 5?

the sum of two angles of a quadrilateral is 150 and the other two angles are in ratio 2:3. Find the measure of each angles?

A train travel 20km at a uniform speed 60km/1hr and the next 20km at a uniform speed of 80km/1hr calculate its average speed

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social studies
im looking for imporatn event about martin luther and i cant find any so far i found he want again the church and belived in predeterminsih, he was put on trail, he escaped that it i need 3 more like its bout what he did agaisnt the church and what made him reformation thanks :)

A particle A of mass 2kg lies on the edge of a table of height 1m. It is connected by a light inelastic string of length 0.7m to a second particle B of mass 3 kg which is lying on table 0.25m from the edge. If A is pushed gently so that it starts falling from table then, find ...