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1.915 is the answer buddy buddy tama ako dyan buddy may tanong ka paba too easy kasi eh salamat

Use the specific heat of metal formula for each metal to compute for the Tmix. Then, sum all the Tmix to get the Total Tmix.

buddy your question is like alskvjnasoieruvnqpoerisnnlf;kjsdnfowa

algebra 101
di ko maintindihan iyan buddy buddy pakilinaw mo nga ang nakuha ko kasi buddy ay 25 and 65 degrees buddy pacheck buddy salamat buddy

pre algebra 6th grade

at fiestadenoche buddy, you equation is right but the answer is wrong that should be 50 (180-x)-10 should be 180-x-10 thanks buddy buddy what is the the supplement of the angle if its angle is greater than 3 times its compliment whose difference is 12 degree. which this angle ...