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fd=1/2mv^2: 390d=0.5*68*27^2 d=68.6 68.6=27^2-0/2a a=5.31m/s^2

d=1/2*10s*20m/s+1/2*20s*20m/s=100m+200m=300m avg velocity=total distance/total time=300/30=10m/s

laws of motion
since the force applied gives the body kinetic energy from rest:fd=1/2mv^2 d=1/2at^2 250=1/2a(5)(5) a=20m/s^2 since body start from rest u=0:a=v/t 20=v/5 v=100m/s from the equation:f(250)=1/2*0.9*100^2 250F=4500 F=18N

for balance:clockwise moment=anticlockwise moment:using one edge of knife as reference: L*10=38*24 L=91.2N (2)R1+R2=38+25+5=68N using one support:clockwise movement=48R1+5*10 anticlockwise moment=(25+38)*24 clockwise moment equals anticlockwise moment:48R1+50=1512 R1=33.6N R2=...

The weight of an object on Earth is 350 newtons. On Mars, the same object would weigh 134 newtons. What is the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Mars, given that it is 9.8 meters/second2 on Earth?

What is the main theme and plot of the book "Cockroach" by Rawi Hage? Any good rhetorical devices that are in the book?

12th Grade Math
How do you graph f(x)= ((x+5)(x-4)^(2))/((x-2)(x^(4))

Grade 12 Chemistry
How does the rate of corrosion of iron on the moon compare to that on earth? I need enough info to write a whole paragraph on it...plz help