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why is it advised not to store pickles in coppes or brass vessels?

let x and y be two complementry angles. form an equation and draw its graph. find graphically measures of the other angle. if one of the angle is

Write a c proram to find rhme words ? So, how to do it and i need a database dictionary to read from..

Data structure
Q1. Write a menu driven program for checkout lines in a supermarket, Using Queue data structure and Queue Simulation concepts. Create varied lines of servers depending on the user input initially. Display the queue of each server along with the customers in the queue. You can ...

Ok, another solution for this problem: 20% of $80=16 so, the selling price=80+16=$96 Let, by the mark price of 20% profit=x so, x-(20% of x)=96 or, x-x/5=96 or, x= (96*5)/4 or, x=$120 (Ans)

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