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if the velocity of wave is 0.15m/s and the frequency is 20Hz, what is the wavelength?

Two parallel chords of lenght 24cm and 10cm which lie on opposite sides of the circle are 17cm apart.calculate the radius of the circle to the nearest whole number.

75.0 g of H2O at 23.0 oC is added to 100.0 g of H2O at 67.5 oC. What is the temperature of the resulting mixture?

Consider the following chemical reaction: 2H2O2(L) ¨ 2H2O(L) + O2(g) ƒ¢Hrxn = -196.1 kJ How much heat is released if 2 moles of O2 are produced?

Consider the following problem: Target: 2NOCl (g) ¡æ N2 (g) + O2 (g) + Cl2 (g) ¥ÄHrxn= ? Steps: 1. ¨ö N2(g) + ¨ö O2(g) ¡æ NO(g) ¥ÄH= 90.3 kJ 2. NO(g) + ¨ö Cl2(g) ¡æ NOCl(g) ¥Ä H= -38.6 kJ...

Which of the following pairs are both exothermic processes? Question options: a. Evaporation/melting b. Evaporation/freezing c. Condensation/melting d. Condensation/freezing

Calculate the DHof for the following reaction under standard state conditions: 2 Ag2S(s) + 2 H2O(l) ---> 4 Ag(s) + 2 H2S(g) + O2(g) Given the following information: Ag2S(s) ÄHof = -32.6 kJ/mol H2O(l) Ä Hof = -285.83 kJ/mol H2S(g) ÄHof = -20.6 kJ/mol

In a neuron, the myelin sheath serves to insulte

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