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(3x^(8))-2+(3+6)=17 (3x^(8))-2+(9)=17 3x^(8)-2+9=17 3x^(8)+7=17 3x^(8)=-7+17 3x^(8)=10 (3x^(8))/(3)=(10)/(3) x^(8)=(10)/(3) x=\~8:((10)/(3)) x=\(~8:(10))/(~8:(3)) x=\(~8:(10))/(~8:(3))*(~8:((3)^(7)))/(~8:((3)^(7))) x=\(~8:(21870))/(3) x=(~8:(21870))/(3) x=-(~8:(21870))/(3) x...

Why would I use a gateway over a router?

You have worked as a network engineer for a few years, but your job at Con-nectSpree is the first opportunity you've had to work for an ISP. You'll be working on the part of ConnectSpree's network that provides customer con-nections to the Internet. This network ...

AstroTech Components, a company that manufactures parts for the aeronautics industry, is having trouble with a network segment in one of its depart-ments. Its IT director has asked you for help. The network consists of 300 workstations using a mix of client OSs and connecting ...

You have been asked to help upgrade the LAN at a very successful CPA firm with five departments in one building and a total of 560 employees. Although the firm's employees understand accounting, they haven't spent much time improving their network. Currently, it runs ...