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A 100-kg object rests on a level surface with a coefficient of friction (both kinetic and static) of 0.40. If the initial velocity is 15m/s and the object comes to rest, (a) how much friction is acting on the object? (b) What is the objects 's acceleration due to friction...

Given: Y = 0 = H Y_0 = 10.0 = H_0 (a) y = y_0 + v_0*t - 1/2 *gt^2 0 = 10.0 + (0)t - 1/2 *9.8t^2 t = rt(10.0/4.9) t = 1.43 s (b) d = vt D = (20.0)(1.43) D = 28.6 m (c) Vy = gt Vy = (9.8)(1.43) Vy = 14.0 m/s (d) Vx = V cos(theta) Vx = (20.0) cos(0) Vx = 20.0 m/s (e) V = rt(V^2x...

Social Studies
mhm 100%

social studies

A comparison and contrast essay uses which of the
yep ac a d

whats 17 and 18.

7th American History
wow im learning this in 8th grade.

its A B D A C B A A D C C A B C A D

hes not right? then what are the answers!!!!

SS Checj My ANSWERS Please
cdcabcc*B,C* b

Social studies
she literaly said "no" shes just saying yes bc she doesnt care

mahirap di ko kaya..tanong nyo kay einstein

The gas-phase reaction, A2 + B2 --> 2AB, proceeds by bimolecular collisions between A2 and B2 molecules. If the concentrations of both A2 and B2 are doubled, the reaction rate will change by a factor of.....? Will you please explain instead of just giving me an answer. thanks

its b, b, a, true just took it 100%.

Language Arts
nvm i get it

Language Arts
why is there 2 fours


language arts
its b a d c i just got 75 percent but it said what the right answers r and its that.

Ed Tech
YAY thanks!!!

Language Arts
its CBD im in cca 100%


its b b a b b T F

i dont get why noone would post the answers...

ill post the answers when i finnish my test

physical science
define earth station

electronic basic
you observe a small plaque on an electrical appliance that reads, in part, "115 volts AC 60 Hz." this means that the appliance

pre algebra
kek, why don't you do your own homeworks?

why does he want there to be sea-police around Harwich Holland?

A stained glass window is composed of 20 triangular sections, each with sides 6, 8, and 7 in. Find the total area of the window (to the nearest square inch).

A plane flying a straight course observes a mountain at a bearing of 32.6° to the right of its course. At that time the plane is 6 km from the mountain. A short time later, the bearing to the mountain becomes 42.6°. How far is the plane from the mountain when the ...

A painter needs to cover a triangular region 62 meters by 66 meters by 71 meters. A can of paint covers 70 square meters. How many cans will be needed?

basic math
Thank you drawls very much for your help.. I will keep that in my notes

basic math
Is it always true, sometimes true, or never true that a regular quadrilateral has two or more obtuse exterior angles? Is it Sometimes true


actually, that would be "actuar"

Sapnish 2
estás/eres= you ARE (eres tonto) estamos/somos= we ARE (somos diferentes) están/son= they ARE(estan hablando) hay= there ARE (hay cuatro semanas en un mes)

I'm gonna go with what McGin said. Just put the verbs into the command form: Turn right, Walk 3 blocks, etc,... instead of "you will turn", "you have to turn", or "you have to walk." lol this kind of sounds a little over explanatory

Spanish Homework
if you meant to say "i don't care for..." when you said "no tengo gusto de...", the correct way would be, "no me importa..."

Spanish Homework Help
well "como es Ud?" would mean "What are you like?" and "tipico para ti?" is "Typical for you?" but the two sentences, to me and the knowledge of spanish i have, shouldn't go together, first of all because even though Usted and Ti ...

Dr. Seuss

not sure what you are asking but...try this. Pick any animal and an artical of clothing. ex. Monkey Gloves

Janet wins the lottery and receives $100 the first year. In the following years, she receives $50 more each year. (That is, Janet receives $150 the second year, $200 the third year, and so on.) How much will Janet receive, in total, after 10 years? 100 + 150 + 200 + 250 + 300...