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grammar prep.phrase
"Beneath the window was a garden of flowers" Is "of flowers" a prepositional phrase? flowers being the object of prep.? thanks, Pegg You're right on both counts! Congrats!! =) hhh

IN this sentence, I am trying to identify all the parts of speech. "As for me, I don't care for it." As for me- prep phrase I- pronoun subject don't care for it- verb/predicate phrase? or is "for it" something else? thanks, Pegg "As" is ...

In this sentence: "He tried to right the overturned canoe." I am trying to identify what function the word "to" has. What I know: He-pronoun(subject?), tried-verb, right-adverb(modifing tried?), the-demonstrative adjective(aka-definite article), overturned-...

grammar/ adverbs
I'm trying to locate all adverbs in these two sentences. 1. You spoke too hastily. 2. They have written it twice now. In 1. I know "hastily" is an adverb. Would "too" be an adverb modifying hastily? In 2. I know "now" is an adverb. Would "...

IN the following sentence what words are the adverbs? "Up went the curtain and down went our spirits." I would choose Up and Down, only I thought they were prepositions? Now I am confused. thanks Pegg You chose correctly. In this case up and down are adverbs because ...

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