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How much volume of co2gas is car obtained at NTP by heating 200gm calcium carbonate?

Find the equation of a parabola where the vertix is at origin and the parabola opens to the left and passes through (-1,2).

A car starts from the origin and is driven 1.3 km south and then 3.5 km in a direction 53° north of east. Relative to the origin, what is the car's final location? Express your answer in terms of a distance and an angle.

Make a project on frequency distribution table, histogramand polygon of preposition using newspaper cutting

can someone please tell me what are the causes of alienation? I cant find the answer in many sociology books !!Please help!

Statistics (random variable)
A contractor is interested in the total cost of a project on which he intends to bid. He estimates that materials will cost rs 25,000 and that his labour will be rs900 per day. If he the project takes X days to complete,the total cost of the project (in rupees) will be given ...

HUman resource managment
i just want to confirm my answers, before answering the question in exams on monday. What is the process of recruitment? Answer:1. determine the vacancies these includes,post to be filled, qualifications requires, duties to be performed. 2. consider sources. one should take ...

HUman resource managment
in fact am not sure..does it invloves about managing people. well i don't really have a detaille notes on it, i have been searching on the net but in vain.

HUman resource managment
Can someone explain to me about the developing and resource strategies in HRM, in the staffing??

can someone tell me how to calculate class width. suppose the number of classes and class widh being 5 and 12 respectively.form a grouped frequency distribution.. the maximum is 98 while the minimum is 12. Should i calculate it: maximum - minimum that is 98-12=76 to know how ...

how to find class widths??
can someone tell me how to calculate class width. suppose the number of classes and class widh being 5 and 12 respectively.form a grouped frequency distribution.. the maximum is 98 while the minimum is 12. Should i calculate it: maximum - minimum that is 98-12=76 to know how ...

65% of the employees in a firm are graduates and 35% did not receive any graduate trainig. Among the graduates, 40% have an experience of less than 10 years. Similarly, 18% of the non graduate emplyees have an experience of more than 10 years. The first question is construct ...

what are the inequalities that exists in family??pls help!!!

Give a brief account of the chief methods of collecting primary data? My answer: is personal Investigation Through investigation collection through questionnaire and through telephone, and of course i have explained each one of them, i just wanted whether what i have written ...

The production of batteries manufacturing department of a company is monitored weekly.100 such batteries have to be produced each week before being tested by putting them into toys and seeing how long they last.The results of 20 tests are shown below: 31 42 50 25 29 40 36 24 ...

well, i am not a student of Law..nut i have got a question to do..and i have searched it on the net..but i did not found the required answers..thats why am posting it here: What are the materials used for interpretation by Judge? Briefly can someone tell me the role of ...

can someone give me the formula of standard deviation?Please! Thanks!

Human resource
Can someone explain me this question: explain how and to what extent THE CONCEPT OF PEOPLE HAS CHANGED OVERTIME ,HENCE,HIGHLIGHTING THE EVOLUTION AND GIVING PRACTICAL EXAMPLES TO ILLUSTRATE YOUR ANSWER. am new to this module and can someone pls explain that question to me!

Hi need a help. Can Production orientation be explained as ths: for the producers, marketing forces on, which products to produce? how many products to produce? how to communicate their offers by which media? when n where to make them available to buyers?? and for PRODUCT ...

organization management
hi, well. i would like to know whether the steps of decision making process and the steps for Rational Making Process are the same thing?

what are the 5 strategies in overcoming communication barriers? 1) minimize physical distraction 2)overcome emotional distraction well My question is that can Audience approach be included as 1 of the strategy because in the sense that it makes effort to get the message across...

Explain how resources are allocated in a market economy. what should i talk bout,well i should i talk about the 3 types of economics system like fixed economy,free market,planned market and command market?

At Sra, i know its simpe, its for 10 marks, if i wrote only abt a paragrapgh i will have my marks reduce.

i would appreciate if someone can correct this for me. thanks

I have got an economics questions, and i did my personal revision by tying to work the question. here is the question: using demand and supply analysis, explain the influence of the imposition of a maximum price and a minimum price on a product on price and quantity (10 marks...

hi, In fact am new to this subject and i would like a have a help for my homeworks. i have got a question which is, National income figures are used to measure the standard of living in a country. What are the limitations of using national income figures for the purpose of ...

hi, i have just seen 4 new terms in sociology,chapter family..and i don't know what is it? the terms are, ideological state apparatus, domestic labourmatrifocal and matrilineal..i don't what is it.. i hve just seen these terms as exam question by cambridge?..these ...

hi i would like to know if longitudinal study and participant observation is more or less the same thing??concerning their adv. n disadvantages???

what is the domain of 6/(6-5x)

poem the road not taken

Can someone please explain to me the overview of the New rights?

Energy is directaly proportional to angular velocity,

Describe how the role of the family in society has changed traditional has changed? (b)Explain the link between the nuclear family and industrial society? (c)In what ways does the treatment of elderly people differ between moder society and traditional industrial society? ...

what problems do women face in trying to achieve equal relationship with men in the family? In what culture? In what era? You need a more specific question to come up with a decent answer. The first site will give you a large number of sites on US gender discrimination. The ...

why do women still continue to experience inequality in modern industrial societies? A large part of it is gender bias. However, many women take time out from their careers to raise families, thus giving them less seniority that men of the same age. I also believe that on the ...

How far has the emancipation of womaen brought positive or negativechanges in the family? The emancipation of women has made independent women role models for their children. Women who work outside the home usually bring much needed income to the family. A negative change is ...