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Heyylllooo x can anybody help me with my science homework ? You have to " Use detailed particle diagrams and the big idea of energy transfer to explain how the ear defenders work" Also, we have to draw a picture of the ear defenders and describe all the bits of it. ...

the big idea of energy
Hey Eelllliiiee x Were Chu Copyy It From ? x Ive Surfed The Whoooooole Tinterrnet Lukin For It ! x && Thankiies Bling (: x Paiigee'Ox

the big idea of energy
I Knooooo, I Can't Find Anythiing At All ! Myy Homework Has Gotaa Bee Intaamoroo && I Have Too 'Use Detailed Particle Diagrams Ad The Big Idea Of Energy Transfer To Explain How The Ear Defenders Work'..Zzzz.. Cann Anyyone Help Me ?? Itss Due In Tommoroww !! x ...