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Microsoft Excel
Its titties

Suppose that a fully charged lead-acidbattery contains 1.50 of 5.00 . What will be the concentration of in the battery after 3.90 of current is drawn from the battery for9.00 ? \

Find the length of the side of the largest square nut that can be milled from a piece of round stock that the diameter is 15mm. Use the 45-45-90 degree formula to solve.

Chemistry lab
In my lab class I am having to write a lab experiment and preform it tomorrow. It deals with specific heat of unknown metal and density. the first part you have boil water with the metal in it, and then put it in a cup and measure the temp change. I have completed to specific ...

the distance from the earth to the moon is 240000 miles. if the speed of light is 2.998 x 10^8 meters per second, how long does it take for light reflected from the moon to reach our planet?

IL state law please
If I may clarify Ms. Sue: This is about my own situation. I am twenty four years old, but I just really recently started working for a new employer. I have not been there for ninety days. I do not receive tips for this position. Which figure applies to me?

IL state law please
What is the hourly minimum wage in the state of Illinois please? Please refer me to the dollars and cents amount.

Math 5th Grade
none of those are true

sorry wrong answer

by drawing a circle

Ms. Sue, you have given some great starters. My gratitude to you, thanks. I'll let you know how it (my paper) turns out.

Changing Perspective Paper Describe a situation that might be viewed differently by two people. This event can be as small as an encounter on the street or as major as the birth of a child. · Summarize how it could be viewed differently. How might religious, cultural, ...

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