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  1. Algebra

    Based on The census state a has 15 fewer electoral votes for president Than b. if the total number of electoral votes for these two states is 87 find the number for each state X represents the number of electoral votes in state b. Then let X -15 represents the number of ...
  2. English (10th grade)

    Need help starting my essay---have done all the background work/analysis, but feel blocked on how to actually get it formed into an essay...
  3. Punctuation

    The patient was being seen for an injured left ankle he suffered during a motorcycle accident (On a dirt race track, l believe.) This patient had a longstanding history of depression and has expressed thoughts of suicidial ideation [which seemed to peak about a year ago after ...
  4. Math

    Sorry I did not understand the question probably.The answer is 1 because, 2(1 +1) = 1+ 3 and both equals 4. Thank you!
  5. Math

    For which value of x is the equation 2(1 + x) = x + 3 true? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 I think it is c.
  6. ELA

    Jacob is writing a report about the benefits of running. He is looking for sources to support his opinion that running has health benefits. Which choice would be LEAST LIKELY to provide him with information to support his opinion? A) a health magazine B) a website called ...
  7. Math and Hurry Please!

  8. 11th Grade Algebra 2

    Not asking for answers- just some explanations- can someone explain how to do (3x^5+12x^4+11x^3+2x^2-4x-2)/(3x^2-1)
  9. Math

    How do you divide a polynomial function by another polynomial function.
  10. Physics

    What is the net force required to accelarate a 2000kg car to 6m/sec us equation F=ma
  11. Math

    Sally saw three kinds of flowers---tulips, roses, daffodils. She saw 3 times as many tulips as roses and 4 times as many daffodils as roses. Altogether there were 72 flowers. How many of each flower did she see. How do I start finding the answer? Or do I figure the average of ...
  12. Fideon

    calculate the change in momentum of a car of mass 1500kg when its speed increase from 16km/h to 90km /h uniformly
  13. Algebra 2

    The Sum of the squares of two positive integers is 100. The difference of the squares is 28. What is the smaller of the two numbers?
  14. math

    show 3/8,3/4,1/4,2/4,and 5/8 from least to greatest
  15. lang art

    D B A A 100%
  16. math

    Five runners are entered in a race. Assuming there are no ties, in how many different ways can first and second places be awarded?
  17. math complicted question please help

    The last one is c D B D C
  18. Math

    Thanks for your help Reiny.
  19. Math

    Please help me. 1/3% of 480=
  20. Science

    B A B D C 100%
  21. Math

    Stacey made a necklace using 4 times as many blue beads as red beads. She used a total of 40 beads. How many blue beads did Stacey use?
  22. math

    area 432 square ft. width is 3/4 of length, what is length
  23. math

    are all right angles complementary
  24. banking

    Your bank statement has arrived and shows an ending balance of $972.25. After reconciling the checks and deposits that have cleared, you find you have check #1234 for $15.00, #1235 for $9.23, and #1236 for $22.50 and two deposits of $123.56 and $156.78 as outstanding. What ...
  25. catering

    B 3 to 8
  26. Physics

    my name is jeff
  27. chem 5

    Calculate the moles of {\rm Cu} in 2.5×1021 atoms of {\rm Cu}.
  28. HIT stat

    Present, in your own words, how information systems help support the risk management function of a healthcare organization
  29. math

    Help me write the step by step for the use of linear equation from the following: A vehicle that gets 30 MPG will cost you $903 less to fuel each year than one that gets 20 MPG (assuming 15,000 miles of driving annually and a fuel cost of $3.61). Over a period of 5 years, the ...
  30. statistics

    find p(9,4)
  31. Chemistry

    can you tell the formula chemgam please.
  32. Geometric series

    The sum of the first five terms of a geometric series is 186 and the sum of the first six terms is 378. if the fourth term is 48, determine a(first term),r(ratio), t10, S10.
  33. FUNCTION 11..HELP!

    The sun of the first five terms of a geometric series is 186 and the sum of the first six terms is 378. if the fourth term is 48, determine a,r, t10, S10
  34. chemistry

    what happens in a condensation polymerization reaction?
  35. math

    a dress is 442 dollars and is on sale for 40 percent off that price. what is the amount due?
  36. Business

    Thanks, Ms. Sue
  37. business

    Ms. Sue, Could you please give me a formula to determine budgetary variance model or give me a website to go to, in order understand this more clearly. Thanks PJ
  38. English II

    Another question was: aunt consuelo is consuelo melendez, doctor of dental surgery. I had to choose which words were supposed to be capitalized. (a) Aunt Consuelo, Melendez, Dental Surgery (b) Aunt Consuelo, Consuelo Melendez (c) Aunt, Consuelo Melendez, Surgery (d) Aunt ...
  39. English II

    The question is: my neighbors across the street have a new car; it's a toyota. Answers: (a) My, Street, Toyota (b) My (c) My, Toyota (d) My Neighbors, Street, Car, Toyota Now I had to choose which words to capitalize and my answer was (c)... am I correct?
  40. physics

    An 11.4 kg block of metal is suspended from a scale and immersed in water, as in the figure below. The dimensions of the block are 12.0 cm multiplied by 11.1 cm multiplied by 11.1 cm. The 12.0 cm dimension is vertical, and the top of the block is 5.00 cm below the surface of ...
  41. risk management

    Which components of performance-management systems are most important and least important? Why
  42. healthcare quality management and outcomes

    why is risk management important in organizations? what benedits are gained by implementing a risk-management program
  43. Health care

    patients often equate the quality of the service with the quality of health care. How can you change this perception using surveys and research?
  44. Health care

    what is the relationship between levels of confidence and statistical significance?
  45. health care

    What is the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics? Provide example how you could apply both in your work environment
  46. Healthcare

    Thanks Ms. Sue
  47. Healthcare

    Why is survey research considered a weak research technique? How would you counteract that perception when asked?
  48. math

    e = Elizabeth's age 15e - 8 = Lynn's age these two combined = 24 e + 15e - 8 = 24 16e - 8 = 24 16e - 8 + 8 = 24 + 8 16e = 32 so e = 2 and 15(2)-8 = 22 so Elizabeth is 2 and Lynn is 22. Hope this makes sense.
  49. Math

    You will set this up as follows, with nickels being the "base" 1/3n = dimes n = nickels n+3 = quarters 1/3n + n + n + 3 = 17 (2 1/3n) + 3 = 17 (2 1/3n) = 14 7/3n = 14 3/7 * 7/3n = 14 * 3/7 n = 6 6 nickels (n) 2 dimes (1/3n) 9 quarters (n+3)
  50. Healthcare

    I have two question to ask. 1. Why is it important to use the research methodologies in the research process? Provide one exxample of using the research porcess in your workplace or personal life. 2. Explain the different types of research methodologies used in the health ...
  51. Healthcare

    Explain the position on national health care spending in the United State.
  52. Healthcare

    why would it be difficult for a small community hospital or a practicing physician to survive in today's health care climate?
  53. accounting

    If you notice that your accounts receivable days outstanding has doubled in the first 6 months. Do you give someone a bonus or put hin or her on probation? Why?
  54. Financial ratio statement

    Where can find information on the patton fuller community hospital. what is their web address. Or maybe you can answer my question. Are the financial ratios for the hospital improving? Explain
  55. Maths C

    hahah same, in every aspect, however go on wolf man for the weddle's rule
  56. geometry

    The volumes of two similar figures are given. The surface area of the smaller figure is given. Find the surface area of the larger figure. V = 8ft^3 V = 125ft^3 S.A. = 4ft^2
  57. math

    what is the percent of 405,000 over 16,300,000
  58. Math

    Shortest is 6inches , first is 12inches, second is 8inches(which 2 inches longer)
  59. math

    x + -3 = 2
  60. English - Grammar

    trying to diagram sentence for Bible class - trying to determine what the modifying phrases are, etc. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth. I know the subject is the wrath of God...
  61. Physics

  62. international business

    integration of region.
  63. international business

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of integration
  64. Maths

    My teacher divided his class into groups of 8 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday and 4 on Wednesday. What is the least possible number of children in his class?

    A company purchased 1000 units of inventory on September 25 and the cost per unit was $8.50. Terms of the purchase were 2/10, n/30. The invoice was paid in full on October 4. (Assume a perpetual inventory system). Prepare the journal entries to fully reflect these merchandise...
  66. accounting

    A company that uses perpetual inventory system made the following cash purchases and sales: January 1 Purchased 100 units at $10 per unit. February 5: Purchased 60 units at $12 per unit. March 16: Sold 40 units for $16 per unit. Prepare general journal entries to reord the ...
  67. Math6

    Please help me with this. Using the numbers 3,5,6,2,54,and 5 in that order to write ane xpression that has a value of 100. (Numbers can be used as exponents).
  68. Astronomy

    I have another question. What would an observer on the Moon looking at the Earth see? a) always see a fully-illuminated Earth b) always see a half-illuminated Earth c0 see phases of Earth d) see continuous darkness These are the four answers, but I would think it would depend ...
  69. Astronomy

    I had a test question that I would love a comment on. Planets in a planetary system other than the solar system a) have never been detected b) have been detected c) are an impossibility d) are universally present I have read about "CoRoT-7b", and just wanted opinions...
  70. computer programs

    Thanks, Sra. They still didn't answer my questions. What did you do? I have a HP laptop.
  71. computer programs

    I'm having a problem with Microsoft Word, inserting pictures. I don't know where to go for help, so I thought I would try here. Anyone? Thanks
  72. modern literature

    Who are three authors that you consider to be in the literary canon today and evaluate whether you think these authors should be included in the canon.
  73. Math

    You can "reduce" before you multiply if you can find a factor of one numerator and the other denominator. 11/52 X 39/80 52 and 39 are both divisible by 13, making your problem 11/4 X 3/30 21/25 X 15/28 21 and 28 both divisible by 7; 15 and 25 are divisible by 5, ...
  74. math

    Both are divisible by 3.
  75. math

    Think about this in terms of the a^2+b^2=c^2. Could a or b possibly be the same length as c?
  76. math

    Longest C.60, and 1st 20, 2nd 40. 20+40+60=120
  77. grammar

    Which is the best way to combine these two sentences? Breathing all that dust was not good for people's health. Many people got sick. a. Breathing all that dust was not good for people's health, and many got sick or b. Breathing all that dust was not good for people&#...
  78. 4th grade

    Billowy clouds of dirt (was,were) everywhere. Which is the correct verb?
  79. science

    What determins how quickly or slowly of a moving object changes position
  80. Health Care

    How do the human resources laws or health care regulations impact performance appraisals? What are the legal implications a manager must consider when conducting performance appraisals?
  81. chemistry

    7. Write the balanced equation for the equation for the reaction of magnesium with HCl. What is the mole ratio between magnesium and magnesium chloride will be produced? If 2.5g of magnesium react, how many moles of magnesium chloride will be produced? How many grams of ...
  82. human resource

    Explain if the internet has helped or hindered the recruitment process? why or why not?
  83. human resources

    How has human resources changed in the last 10 years? Has it changed for the better or worst? Why?
  84. Heathcare

    How does accountability of managers relate to leadership , organizational structures, and the mission and vision of an organization?
  85. health

    1. Describe the interacions change, the global econmy , and modern medical practice on any emerging disease. 2. What is happening in the world toay that can cataclysmically affect public health?
  86. speech

    motivational speech
  87. health

    "Why is an integrated understanding of culture health, beliefs, and family neccessary to implement the utilization of health care.
  88. heath

    Compare and contrast the culture and health beliefs and value of the majority and minority populations.
  89. health

    How do culture and healthe beliefs affect the spread of emerging diseases?
  90. Communication

    Discuss the impact of communication on healthcare delivery in the future.Discuss relevant material how they impact the communication on healthcare in the future.
  91. Communicating

    Ms. Sue, This site did help me. Thanks
  92. Communicating

    1. Describe appropriate etiquette in communicating using technology? Give an example you might have encountered in the past. 2. Describe eficient and effective uses of technology for enhancing communications? Identify which you find most important and why?
  93. Communication

    Identify example of external communication challenges in the public sector. Describe any encounters you might nave with challenges.
  94. algebra 2

    Frist .18inches, 2nd .18+6=24inches,3rd. 24+6=30inches. To check. 18 +24+ 30=72
  95. Communication

    Explain the advangtages and disadvantages of vertical communication in an organization. Identify one advantage that you might encounter
  96. Communication in Healthcare

    Indentify a regulatory issue impacting communication in health care organizations today. Explain how this issue might affect the healthcare organization
  97. Communication

    Identify three roadblocks to successful communication and possible suggestions for over coming these roadblocks
  98. Communication

    What are the two elements that make indiidual communication successful? Demonstrates these elements please.
  99. Heath care

    Thanks Ms. Sue
  100. Heath care

    I think there is a clear need to increase social work knowledge, skill, and leardership to keep pace with and be prepared for the health care needs of anging adults.
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