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Six kids share 5 candy bars equally, what fraction will each kid get? Help

Six kids share 5 candy bars equally, what fraction will each kid get?

A 2 inch by 2 inch by 2 inch block of wood has 1 inch diameter hole drilled. Through the center. Find the total volume and surface area. Round to the nearest tenth.

life orientation
rape,crime and bulling

Malinda has a savings account set up so that her monthly interest -0.1% of the balance of her savings accounts is given to her as a check at the end of each month. If her savings account has a balance of $1,500 all year. What will be the total amount of all 12 interest checks ...

A 0.027 kg golf ball moving at 16.8 m/s crashes through the window of a house in 4.6 × 10−4 s. After the crash, the ball contin- ues in the same direction with a speed of 12.0 m/s. Assuming the force exerted on the ball by the window was constant, what was the mag...

A 244 g particle is released from rest at point A inside a smooth hemispherical bowl of ra- dius 21.7 cm, as shown in the figure The acceleration of gravity if 9.81 m/s2 .

Functions f.and.g F : x 9+x G : x 3x-2

pre calculus
sinB + cosB cotB = cscB

What is the area of a regular pentagon with a side length of 9.4 feet and an apothem length of 6.5 feet?

I am not sure how to start this off. I am pretty shaky on this.

Create a pitch to a potential green-product advertiser stating the benefits of advertising in Mother Earth News.

Dowry is most likely to be found in societies: (Points : 1) 1)where women contribute more to subsistence than do men. 2)that are complex, but not industrial. 3)with polygyny. 4)where couple’s live with the groom’s family.

Before colonialism, most colonized people lived in: (Points : 1) general peace and tranquility static and unchanging cultures a state of balance with nature constant warfare and violence

answer is -3.2*10^3 KJ/moles katie your an idiot....

world history
the declaration of the rights of man issued during the french revolution of 1789-


Deaths associated with lightning in South Africa are about four times higher than the global average. A typical thundercloud maybe at a potential of 1,2 times 10^8V and the thunder strike may result in a charge transfer of 20C. CALCULATE THE CURRENT GENERATED DURING THE ABOVE ...

Thanx drwls

what is diction in this poem

bisiness management
You work in the Human Resources department of your organization. You have been charged with recruiting a manager for a department within the Services division. The Vice-President of the Services division stresses to you that "This department hasn’t had a good manager...

11th grade
what exactly is chemistry?