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  1. geometry

    If two medians of a triangle are equal, prove that the triangle formed by a segment of each median and the third side is an isosceles triangle.
  2. physics

    A simple pendulum is made from a bob of mass 0.04 kg suspended on alight string of length 1.4m. Keeping the string taut, the pendulum is pulled to one side until it has gained a height of 0.1m. calculate: a. The total energy of the oscillation (b) the amplitude of the ...
  3. physics

    A piston in a car engine has a mass of 0.75 kg and moves with motion wich was approximately simple harmonic. If the amplitude of zis oscillation is 10 cm and z max. safe operating speed of z engine is 6000 rev. per min. Calculate: a. Max acceleration of z piston b. Max.speed ...
  4. physics

    W=Fs W=25N * 5m = 1255J
  5. physics

    The potential diffrence across a series combination of 4(micro)F and 12(micro)F capacitor is 240V. What is the potential diffrence across 4(micro)F capacitor?
  6. physics

    A particle carring a charge of 6*10^-5C is located half way b/n two charges 40cm apart. One carries a charge of 1*10^-4C and the other -1*10^-4 C. If the three charges lie on the same straight line, what is the magnitude and direction of force on the 6*10^-5 C charge?
  7. biology

    What is the difference betwen RNA virus and Retrovirus?
  8. biology

    What is the difference betwen RNA virus and Retrovirus?
  9. Physics

    Two point charges Q1 and Q2 are 4C. They are 10cm apart. At what distance betwen the charges the net electric field will be zero?