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I Think it's A. But I'm not sure.

Algebra 1
y=x+20 x+y=80

what will be the final temperature if a 5.00-g block of aluminum at 37.0 celsius gives off 25.0 J of heat to its surroundings?

red blood cells
when the blood doesnt clean out the carbon dioxide from the heart properly what is that defiecency called? or is it even a deficiency?

What happens to the circulatory system when the red blood cells malfunction?

also is it true that the nervous system needs the blood to circulate better so it could get to the skin and help the nerves work correctly.... Yes, the nervous system needs blood to make the nerve cells operate. See:

Ok i have a project Im doing on the red blood cells and I need to know how the blood cools down the body.... It depends. If it's colder than your body temp (say 70 degrees) then as the blood circulates close to the surface (near the skin) it looses heat to the environment...