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three times as many children as adults attended a concert on saturday. an adult ticket cost$7 and a child ticket cost$3 the theatre collected a total of $6,000. how many people bought tickets?

Math Grade 5
I am a parent,my son is in g-5. i do try to help in homework. i do no have a tuturor.the answer is right

Hi I also use the answers to check against my owe and they got me 100%. Thanks guys

you invested $8000, part of it in stock that paid 12% annual interest. however, the rest of the money suffered a 5% loss. if the total annual income from both investments was $620, how much was invested at each rate?

a banana peel weighs 1/8 the total weight of a banana. if an unpeeled banana balances a peeled banana of the same weight plus 7/8 of an ounce, how much does the banana weight with the peel?

Hey Guys, I just took the test and kesha, durp, and jane are correct. I just got an 100% on my poetry test. It good to have help. Thanks guys