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How can just 4 different nucleotides in DNA be responsible for the almost endless variety found in nature

Comm 100 college
I don't think it is forcing them to think differently, but more like trying to convince them to agree with your argument on a specific topic, that is the best way I can think to answer your question. I finished my COM classes a while ago. Good luck.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful because this website has really helped me a lot..The first time I posted a question, which was not even an assignment question but to make sure I had the correct understanding of the material I was learning I was told we do not do the ...

I was not asking for my homework to be done. I was simply asking if I had the correct understanding of mitosis and meiosis. I didn't even put the question into my post from my homework. I thought this was a website to help people with their homework, etc. I have read other...

This is my first time using Jishka. Well, registering and using the site. I have checked the site when researching class topics we are learning. I don’t think I really have a question but I am looking for clarity of something for class. I just want to make sure that I ...

At first I thought your question was a little confusing but I think it is just my eyes are getting heavy. I know it is probably a little late but I would have to disagree with answer “C,” let me explain why I say this. If the students are conducting an experiment and...

I know the book that this person is speaking about and it is a very complex book for this class. Ms. Sue you had said so yourself in another question posted by a different student. I have to agree about this site being unhelpful. I asked whether or not my understanding of ...

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