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A spaceship travels 1220 km with a constant uniform acceleration. How much time is required for the acceleration if the spaceship increases its speed from 11.1 km/s to 11.7 km/s ?

Suppose a hovercraft undergoes constant uniform acceleration, which causes the hovercraft to move from rest to a speed of 30.8 m/s. How long does the hovercraft accelerate if it travels a distance of 493 m?

A pilot begins a race at a speed of 755.0 km/h and accelerates at a constant uniform rate for 63.21 s. The pilot cross the finish line with a speed of 777.0 km/h. From this data, calculate the length of the course.

A speedboat uniformly increases its velocity from 25 m/s to the west to 35 m/s to the west. How long does it take the boat to travel 250 , west while undergoing the acceleration?

A golf ball at a mini golf course travels 4.2 m along a carpeted green. When the ball reaches the hole 3.0 s later, its speed is 1.3 m/s. Assuming the ball undergoes constant uniform acceleration, what is the ball's initial speed?

A tracks extends a distance of 478 km without a curve. Supposed a train with an initial speed of 72 km/h travels along the entire length of straight track with a uniform acceleration. the train reaches the end of the track in 5 h, 39 min. What is the trains final speed?

A child sleds down a snow covered hill with a uniform acceleration. The slope of the hill is 38.5 m long. If the child starts at rest and reaches the bottom of the hill in 5.5 s, what is the child's final speed?

suppose a polar bear running with an initial speed of 4.0 m/s accelerates uniformly for 18s. what is the bear's maximum speed if the bear travels 135m during the 18s of acceleration? Give the answer in both meters per second and kilometers per hour.

a handball is hit toward a wall with a velocity of 13.7 m/s in the forward direction. it returns with a velocity of 11.5 m/s in the backward direction. if the time interval during which the ball is accelerated is .021 s what is the handballs average acceleration?

the solid fuel rocket boosters used to launch the space shuttle are able to lift the shuttle 45 kilometers above earths surface. During the 2.00 min that the boosters operate, the shuttle accelerates from rest to a speed of nearly 7.50 x 10^2 m/s. What is the magnitude of the ...

If a tern travels 3.20 x 10^4 km south in 122 days, what is its average velocity in kilometers per day?

If a tern travels 3.20 x 10^4 km south in 122 days, what is its average velocity in kilometers per day?

The fastest helicopter, the Westland Lynx, can travel 3.33 km in the forward direction in just 30.0 sec. What is the average velocity of this helicopter in kilometers per hour?

One of the more unusual of world wonders is the plain of jars in laos. Several hundred huge stone jars, which do not seem to made from rock, are scattered across the plain. The largest of these jars has a mass of around 6.0 x 10^3 kg. Express this mass in A. milligrams B. mega...

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