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Define the photoelectric effect?

In Mary class 9 children own cats, 7 children own dogs and own birds.What is the ratio of bird owners and cat owners in Marry class?


the area of square is 4 times the area of rectangle .the length of the rectangle is 25cm and its breadth is cm less than one fifth of its length.what is the perimeter of square.

The base of a solid right prism is a triangle whose sides are 9cm,12cm and 15 cm.the total surface area of the prism.

A cube of side a is placed in a uniform field E=6.50 * 10^3 N/C with edges parallel to the field lines. a) whats the net flux through the cube? b) what is the flux through each of its six faces?

How close must two electrons be if the electric force between them is equal to the weight of either at the earth's surface?

A,B,C,D are four charges placed at each corner of a square, with A= -6.00 mC , B=6.00 mC, C=-6.00 mC and D=6.00 mC.ALso AB=BC=CD=DA=0.100 m.Determine the magnitude and direction of force on each charge.

whats the pH if 25.0 ml of 2.0 M NaOH is added to 1.00 L of pure water?

What is the lewis structure for HBrO4. Also show the VSEPR structure The following, if it turns out ok, is the BrO4- ion.         .. >        :O: >        ..   ..&nbp&...

Hey mr. Bobpursley, I didn't get ur answer clearly.Can u please explain me in proper steps.i tried to balance from ur hint but coudnt do that. HNO3 + KI ----> NO + I2 + H2O + KNO3 see the other post. I am not going to do all the steps for you. see the other post. I am ...

Can u help me in balancing the following eqn. through oxidation no. method or half reaction method. Also please show and explain the steps. HNO3(aq.) + KI(aq.) -----> NO(g) + I2(s)+ H2O(l) + KNO3(aq.) Hoping for a quicker response. I goes from -1 to 0 N goes from +5 to +2 ...

What is the probability of rolling a 10 with three dices. There are 6^3 = 216 possible permutations of throwing 3 dice. Of those possibilities, 27 add up to ten. They are: 1,3,6; 1,4,5; 1,5,4; 1,6,3; 2,2,6; 2,3,5; etc. up to ...6,2,2; 6,3,1 The probability of throwing 10 is ...

Can u please give me a balanced eqn. for the reaction of Malonic acid with KOH Malonic acid is HOOC-CH2-COOH Acid + base ==> salt + water. HOOCCH2COOH + 2KOH ==> KOOCCH2COOK + 2H2O

English 101
A question of faulty parallelism 1)) Activities on Wednesday afternoons include fishing trips, dance lessons, and computers. 2)) Hannah told her rock climbing partner that she bought a new harness and of her desire to climb Otter Cliffs. Did you read through the webpage at the...

English 101
My question is to correct the faulty parallelism.How can we do that. "The streets were not only too steep but also were too narrow for anything other than pedestrian traffic." The structure is parallel. Perhaps the second were isn't needed. Please check back here...

English 101
The streets were not only too steep but also were too narrow for anything other than pedestrian traffic. Niraj, I do not see anything wrong with that sentence. What is your question?