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Suppose most business executives expect a slowdown in the economy. How might this situation effect the economy? What would these expectations do to inventory ordering, hiring, and making loans, or investing in new machinery?

Algebra question
When you solve a system of equations by the substitution method, how do you determine whether the system of equations is dependent? If your variables disappear as you simplify, and you end up with 0=0 (or k=k) the system is dependent. (really just the same line, one equation ...

I have the problem halfway solved
-9/7x + 8 < -4x - 5 -9/7x + 4x + 8 , -4x + 4x - 5 -9/7x + 4x +8 < -5 The book then has 19/7x + 8 < - 5 I know how to solve this but I am lacking or trying to remeber how they got 19/7 - need a refresher Convert the "x" terms to common denominators 4 x - (9/7...

Algebra word problem
In 2004, the population of Mexico was 106.5 million. If Mexico's population continues to grow at an annual rate of 1.43%, then the population in 2015 will be 106.5 (1.0143)^11 million. a. find the predicted population in 2015 to the nearest tenth of a million people. b. ...

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Set acceleration to 0, since you want to keep the same speed.

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