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  1. English

    Hello, I am trying to write a research paper about women in law enforcement. I’m stuck on how to start to write this, I need helppp!
  2. Algebra 2

    How do you solve In (x - 4) < 6?
  3. Algebra

    Slove each system graphically. X+y=8 and x-y=4
  4. Physics

    Things around you are emitting infrared radiation that includes the wavelength 1.13 10-5 m. What is the energy of the photons?
  5. Pre Algebra

    i got the answers omg . 1. c 2. d 3. c 4. d 5. d 6.d 7. a 8.d 9. c 10. d 11. a 12. a 13. c 14. c 15.d 16. a 17.b 18. a 19.b 20. b 21. b
  6. math

    346 mi on 22 gal find each unit rate round to the nearest hundred if necessary
  7. Algebra

    There are 25 quarts of 20% anti freeze solution in the radiator of a car. How many quarts of anti freeze must be added to make a 50% anti freeze solution
  8. math

    what is the experimental probability of rolling a 3
  9. English

    Yep! B, B, C is 100% correct. I promise!!!
  10. algebra 1

    please help I have no clue how to do this b-9+6b =30
  11. Geometry

    Find the volume of a right circular cylinder with a radius of 14in and a height of 21in
  12. math

    what is the largest 4 digit number that can be written with a 3 in the hundreds place and no digit used more than once
  13. Chemistry

    The Ksp value for FeS is 6 x 10^-18 M. FeS(s) --> Fe^(2+)(aq) + S^(2-)(aq) What is DG at 25 degrees C for the reaction?
  14. economics

    (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by K12 Inc.)
  15. nutrition

    Choose three nutritional labels off of food packaging. Explain the ingredients and how to read each label in terms of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and percentage of daily recommended dietary value. Respond in a short essay format of 200 words of at least three well ...
  16. Physics

    A wooden block with mass 0.26{\rm kg} rests on a horizontal table, connected to a string that hangs vertically over a friction-less pulley on the table's edge. From the other end of the string hangs a 0.20{\rm kg} mass. What minimum coefficient of static friction \mu _{{\...
  17. assessment

    5. Suppose the standard error of measurement (SEM) for the CM scale was 1.70. Would the scores of the youth who scored 21 be considered different from one another? Why or Why not?
  18. Geography

    name 11 state capitals east of the 80 degrees line of longitude in america
  19. math

  20. aP Chemistry

    The net ionic equation for ALL aqueous reac- tion of strong acids and strong soluble bases that form soluble salts is 1. the formation of the soluble salt. 2. the formation of water from the ele- ments. 3. the formation of H2O from H and OH . 4. the formation of water and the ...
  21. Math

  22. Math

    The mean of a set of normally distributed data is 550 and the standard deviation is 35. What percent of the data is between 515 and 585?
  23. math

    Classify the conic section as a circle, an ellipse, a hyperbola, or a parabola. 25x2=64+16y ellipse parabola circle hyperbola
  24. Statistics

    Negative and positive deviations occur with the _______ frequency
  25. stat

    The total area under the normal distribution curve is equal to a probability of____
  26. Statistics

    Normal distribution models what type of variable??
  27. English IV

    In "The Great Silkie of Shule Skerrie," the miaden is upset because:
  28. Stats

    A bag contains 13 marbles; 3 blue, 2 green and 8 red. Without replacement find the following probabilities. a) P(both have the same color) b) P(different colors) c) P(G2|R1) d) P(G2 or R2) e) P(no red marbles) f) P(G2 and B2)
  29. Math Statistics

    A bag contains 13 marbles; 3 blue, 2 green and 8 red. Without replacement find the following probabilities. a) P(both have the same color) b) P(different colors) c) P(G2|R1) d) P(G2 or R2) e) P(no red marbles) f) P(G2 and B2)
  30. math

    There are nine points on a piece of paper. No three of the points are collinear. How many different triangles can be formed by using three of the nine points as vertices?
  31. math

    Dionne can run around a circular track in 120 seconds. Basha, running in the opposite direction as Dionne, meets Dionne every 48 seconds. Sandra running in the same directions as Basha, passes Basha every 240 seconds. How often does Sandra meet Dionne?
  32. statistics

    Alice has grades of 98, 93, 82, and 89. If all of the grades count the same, what is the lowest grade she can make on the next test to have average of 92?
  33. history

    After about 1700, indentured servants were no longer employed as they had been in the past. What developments led to this change? Why?
  34. math

    perform the indicated operation reduce answer to lowest terms 3/17 + 6/170=
  35. MATH

    SIMPLIFY 3/25 ÷ 1/5 . 9/5 =
  36. MATH

    express the repeating decimal as a quotient of two integers 1.63
  37. govt

    I can't find this answer Explain how and why the Supreme Court's ruling in the case of Marbury v. Madison increased the Court's power
  38. Govt

    What is the name for the Court's power which affords it the right to call "the strikes and balls" is it judicial review? a impound b amicus curiae c writ of certiorari d judicial review
  39. math

    what is the percent increase from 72 people to 92 people
  40. math

    family phone bill decreased from $50 a month to about $46 a month. what was the percent decrease?
  41. math

    how much money should you invest now to have 5000 in 11 years if you invest the money at a rate of 9.4%. compounded semiannually
  42. math

    enrollment in a business seminar increased from 52 people to 71 people. what was the percent increase.
  43. math

    what would be a due date of a loan june 17 for 150 days the year is a leap year. is it june 17 or 18?
  44. math

    what is the amount of the investment 1300 at 4% compounded quarterly for 6 years
  45. exp of math

    sales of frozen pizza for a club fundraiser increased from 500 one year to 520 the next year. what is the percent increase
  46. exp of math

    if john has a balance of 2195. after 3 years what will be the amount of the interest at 8%. compounded semiannually
  47. math

    how much money should you invest now to have 6000 in 11 years if you invest the money at a rate of 11.1%. compounded semiannually.
  48. math

    All 32 of students attended class on monday on tuesday 20 % attended. what is the percentage decrease?
  49. math

    Lauren and mark obtained a 20 year 120,000 conventional mortgage at 10.5% on a house selling 150,000. their monthly mortgage payment including principal and interest is 1197.60. determine the total amount they will pay for their house. how much of the cost will be interest. ...
  50. math

    covert the number to decimal notation. 6 6.70 x 10
  51. math

    covert the number to scientific notation. 19,720 =
  52. math

    perform the indicated operation 6√45 - 8√125
  53. exp in math

    if a person earn 23,600 one year and get a 5% raise in salary what is the new salary?
  54. math

  55. math

    Perform the modular arithmetic operation 6.9 ( mod 5)
  56. math

    use the distributive property to multiply then if possible simplify the resulting expression √3 (√3- √21)
  57. math

    perform the indicated operation 4√45- 6√125=
  58. math

    multiply then simplify by factoring. if possible √2 √6 =
  59. intergrated math

    evaluate the expression [(-4(-8].[-7)(5)]
  60. math

    Multiply using duplication and multiplication 8x363
  61. Chemistry

    The temperature of a 2.0 g sample of aluminum increases from 25 to 30 degrees celcius. How many joules of heat energy were added? Specific heat of Aluminum is .9
  62. math

    Multiply using duplication and mediation 8 x 169
  63. grammar

    it's incorrect It states to try again without using were I have revised this twice and it's telling me it's incorrect
  64. grammar

    When the movie Star Wars premiered in 1977, it was both surprising and a revolution in its special effects. what is the correct parallel structure
  65. grammar

    Benjamin Franklin was both a statesman and an inventor. what is the correct way to parallel this sentence?
  66. grammar

    ok. I got it thanks!
  67. grammar

    So you are saying I should remove both and the correct way is I am a Quick worker and a careful worker?
  68. grammar

    I am both a quick worker, and I am careful." what is the correct parallel structure.
  69. math

    there are 20pages in jamal book he reads 1/5 of the book how many pages did he read?
  70. Physics

    A synchronous satellite is placed in a circular orbit above Earth, at an altitude of 36 400 km. Find the centripetal acceleration of the satellite. Use significant digits and units
  71. college;math

    what is 7x+7y=21 in its slope intercept form?
  72. 10th grade

    Lack of iron in the photic zone of the open ocean restricts the size of plankton populations. Iron is what kind of factor for marine plankton?
  73. 10th grade

    Lack of iron in the photic zone of the open ocean restricts the size of plankton populations. Iron is what kind of factor for marine plankton?
  74. chemistry

    An enzymatic hydrolysis of fructose was allowed to proceed to equilibrium at 25 degrees C. The original concentration of fructose-1-p was .2 M, but when the system had reached equlibrium the concentration of fructose 1-p was only 6.52 * 10 -5 M. Calculate the equilibrium ...
  75. chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for calcuim ion and ammonium oxalate?
  76. 9th grade

    how can a egg be a chemical change? How can an antacid tablet be a physical and a chemical change?
  77. Math

    How woud you factor the trinomial x(to the second power)-9x+20
  78. science

    how are fossil fuels formed???
  79. mat115

    jkjk lmao i just wanted 2 say sumthin srry :/
  80. mat115

    the answer is: 1,2,4,8
  81. science

    im stupid xD will sum1 plz help me i like seriously left my book in my locker becuz all of the teachers were rushing us and the halls were full and i totally 4got to grab it :/
  82. science

    how are fossil fuels a part of the carbon cycle?
  83. science

    i think it is evaporation :)
  84. social studies

    thanks :D
  85. social studies

    please help me fill these out i accidently left my s.s boo in my locker :/ by 1860 the united states had thousands of miles of telegraph lines, mostly controlled by the ______. in 1866 ______ managed to lay a telegraph cable across the _______, making it possible for messages ...
  86. 3rd grade

    yea wut she said lol :D
  87. 5th grade math

    yeah........ answer= 53611
  88. poetry

    yea i think it is good :)
  89. algebra

    I don't know
  90. Civics

    in______ systems of government, the chief executive is also a member of the legislative branch.
  91. Accounting

    Julie Molony opened Julie's Maids Cleaning Service on July 1, 2010. During July, the company completed the transactions. July 1 Invested $14,000 cash in the business 1 Purchased a used truck for $10,000 paying $3,000 cash and the balance on account. 3 Purchased cleaning ...
  92. 2nd grade

    maria has a slice of pizza that is 1/6 of the pizza.ben has a sice of pizza that is 1/3 of the pizza maria's slice is bigger. draw pizzas to show how this is possible.
  93. chemistry

    What is the balaced net ionic for this equation: PbNO3+CuSO4-->PbSO4+CuNO3
  94. math

    x^2-x-6 x+1 ------- * ----- 4x^3 x^2+5+6
  95. Medical Staff Service

    i need help on someone one showing me how to set up a proctorship form. for example i need to prepare a form showing how the proctorship process is completed for a surgeon who recently obtained staff privileges instead of doing the surgeon show me a example with the midwife ...
  96. 3rd grade

    yea wut that nicole said
  97. College Econ

    There are two types of people. Red's and Blue's. In a given week, Red's can make 5 pieces of clothing or kill 10 buffalo (and all linear combo in between) In a given week, Blue's can make 12 pieces of clothing or kill 4 buffalo (and all linear combo's in ...
  98. chemistry

    which stage of ionization usually produces more ions?
  99. chemistry

    How many liters of CO2 form at STP if 5.0g of CaCO3 are treated with excess hydrochloric acid? show all your work
  100. french

    i'm sorry about that.
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