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Find the slope and the y- interceft of each line whose equation is given - 4x +y = 7 write a point slope equation for the line with slope that contains the given point. m = - 5/4,x(-2,6)

determine if ( 5/6,-2) is a solution to -6x -7y - 9

a survey of 2000 people was giuven their mode of transportation to work each day, the pie chart below gives the results of people surveyed, how many traveled by bike to work?

find the coordinattes of points A,B,C, and D.

write an equation of line parallel to y axis and passing through (-2, 7)

please help me am having problems answering this problem. there are 5.7 million Americans who ride a bicycle at leaset occassionally. the following circle graph shows reasons people ride. in each of exercise 61-64, determine the number of Americans who ride a bicycle for the ...

Research Paper
in US, Women were allowed into the Marine Corps in 1943

Is this a good outline for now? for my book Down and Out in Paris and London I. Introduction A. Catch Sentence: Why did George Orwell have such a suffering experiences in his life? B. General Information: George Orwell’s pen name of Eric Blair was born in 1903. His family...

George Orwell was the Modernist mand that reveals how his life was in his works of Down and Out in Paris and London. Is this a good thesis for my paper? or please help me change it to be good I don't see how "modernist" describes Orwell's account of his ...