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In an experiment to estimate the diameter of an oil molecule,an oil drop of diameter 0.05cm spreads over a circular patch whose diameter is 20cm. ¡)determine the volume of the oil drop.

calculus.can you help me on these as well@sir collins
thanks you

calculus.can you help me on these as well@sir collins
integrate sin^7xdx

calculus thank you very much@sircollins
thank you very much sir collins

calculus very hard help
integrate:cos^10xdx even with the previous hint a tutor here gave me i still don,t know it

calculus help
integrate cos^10xdx.. .plz show working i really wanna learn these thanks anyway

maths plz help!!
A hose ejects water at 80cl/s through a hole 2mm in diameter.the water implinge a wall and drop off without rebounding.what is the force on the wall? working plz thanks

maths help!
find the mass of the earth assuming the radius is 6400km

A mixture of powdered carbon and an oxide of lead was heated producing lead metal and carbon dioxide.when 13.70g of the lead oxide was reduced to lead by carbon,960cm^3 of carbon dioxide measured at r.t.p was formed. Calculate the empirical formular of the lead oxide???

A student was asked to prepare a sample of copper(ii)sulphate crystals(CUSO4.5H2O) given 5g of of copper (ii)oxide (CUO) as the starting material.if 10g of dry crystals of CUSO4.5H2O were obtained,calculate the percentage yield???

First start by converting the angle in radians to degrees, hence will have Sin(90-x)=cos x =sin90cosx-cos90sinx, sin 90=1 and cos 90=0 =1(cos x)- 0(sin x) =cos x (proved)

the volume v of a sphere of radius r is given by v=4/3pie r^3 what is the fractional change in v for a fractional change in r

math place value
how many tens if there were no hundred dollars for eg:200=what?

how many tens if there were no hundred dollars?

Declare a string variable name myName

Java progamming 1
I want the program to ask for and get the price of a book from a user. The program will then multiply the price by 7% sales tax and display both the sales tax and final price of the book (price + sales tax) on the screen. using Netbeans

what is an e.m.f

2. On the inside of an airplane the air pressure is about 85% of the atmospheric pressure at sea-level while outside, when it is cruising, the pressure is about 25% of the sealevel atmospheric pressure. If a window is 0.46 m in diameter, what is the net outward force on the ...