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Chemistry-Thermochemistry (grade 12)
How did you know that the temperature dropped down to 100 degrees C? I have the same exact problem, except the heat is being added, not taken away. And the initial temperature is 73.5 degrees C.

a colection of stamps consist of 2 cent stamps, 8 cent stamps, and 14 cent stamps. The number of 2 cent stamps is five more then twice the number of 8 cent stamps.the number of 14 cent stamps is three times the number of 8 cent stamps. The total value of the stamps is $2.26. ...

enhancing children's self esteem
I need a little help.2.according to many social scientist,adolescence ends for most people. A.when the physical and intellectual changes of puberty have occurred the time the person reaches age 20. C.when they're most comfortable with and have a clear understanding of...