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  1. chemsitry

    buffer calculate the ph of the .1m propanoic acid Ka 1.35e-5
  2. Math

    Where is f(x)=(sqrt(16-4^4))/sinx continuous? Evaluate lim x-> pi/2 f(x)
  3. Math

    Simplify: f(x)=sqrt (16-x^4)/ sinx This is to evaluate a limit, but I don't know if I can simplify the above equation. Because I tried to get rid of the radical in the numerator but I ended up with a radical in the denominator. >< Help
  4. Maths

    Solve the given equation: ln(x + 4) + ln(x + 2) = 2 ps - we aren't allowed calculators My ans: I got as far as ln [(x+4)(x+2)] = 2 ln (x^2+6x+8) = 2 And then I am lost, whatever I do ends up with no answer. I also rewrote the above so that it is e^2 = x^2+6x+8 But of ...
  5. Chemistry

    Yes lol, z (together) and e (opposite), cis trans is limited to when there are many different substituted groups. But the problem I am have, is that I need to know which configuration is more stable from the e-z? As the more stable compound exists in a greater quantity
  6. Chemistry

    Which stereoisomer configuration would be more stable, the z configuration or the e configuration? I tried searching for this, but I only got answers for cis/trans instead of e/z. Can anyone help with it? ty
  7. Chemistry

    In the reaction of a diene, can a s-trans conformation diene and a s-trans conformation dienophile react? I am having some problems finding the answer to this on the net or in my textbook. I know that a s-trans diene cannot react with a s-cis dienophile. But I am not sure what...
  8. Chemistry

    What is the difference between regioselectivity and stereoselectivity? I was just reviewing and now I don't quite remember the difference, and I keep on thinking it's the same thing...and it's not
  9. Chemistry

  10. Chem

    What is the Oxidation state of each on the atoms in a methoxy group, and does it have an overall charge? I keep of thinking the overall charge is -3 but then again it combines with carbon so it should just have one more electron so -1.
  11. chemistry

    Lol are you thelma? It seems as if you are not trying to solve the questions at all, attempt them...see what you think. (Lol I just hope you are not trying to get someone else to do your homework) Anyways...the answer is a single covalent bond. Ionic bond involves the transfer...
  12. Chemistry

    c - Metal Those above are all the properties that distinguish a metal from a non-metal...they are all properties of a metal.
  13. Chemistry

    Activation The name gives the clue. Activate - make (something) active or operative. Also exothermic means heat releasing so endothermic means heat absorbing combustion is burning with oxygen
  14. chemistry

    No the answer is b - a saturated solution. A supersaturated solution is when you increase the concentration of the solution beyond its saturation point.