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Language Arts
Mrs.Sue ? A B A C

7th G-Math
Which two integers have a positive quotient and a negative sum? a. -9 and -3 b. -6 and 2 c. 5 and 1 d. 8 and -4

6th g-math
Diego has $10 to spend on school supplies. He wants to buy a calculator for $5.50 and several packs of mechanical pencil for $1.50 each. What inequality can be used to find the maximum number of packs of mechanical pencils Diego can buy? A. 1.5p + 5.5 _< 10 B. 5.5p + 1.5 _&...

6th grade history
You could always send me a link!!!!

6th grade history
Please help me!!!!

6th grade history
In a short responce, explain how life in the Roman Empire was affected by the empirial rule. Answer is backed up with evidence or proof. So please send me a link to the website that you got it from. Thank you for your coroporation.

Knowing that cosecant is the reciprocal for the sin function, sinć =-2/3 because that is the reciprocal of -3/2. Notice that it is also negative because reciprocal functions always share the same sign. For the other functions, you will need to make use of the ...

Emily, please don't post your question under somebody elses question. It may be confusing for those who are willing to answer.