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  1. Chemistry

    A solution was prepared by dissolving 72.0 g of glucose in 300.0 g of water. The ressulting solution was found to have a boiling point of 100.68C at 1 atm. Calculate the molar mass of glucose. For water Kb= 0.51 Ckg/mol. I know the molar mass of glucose if 180 g/mol because I ...
  2. Chemistry

    an 83.0 kg athlete running a "4-minute mile" (i.e. 4.00 min/mile) ________nm an electron (me = 9.10939 × 10–28 g) moving at 3.90 × 106 m/s in an electron microscope ______nm
  3. Chemistry

    Calcium chloride contains calcium and chloride ions. Write the ground-state electron configuration for the calcium ion.
  4. Chemistry

    1.If a solution absorbed violet light, what color would the solution appear to be? ________________ Calculate the concentration of a solution prepared by adding 15.00 mL of 2.00×10^?3 M KMnO4 from a buret into a 50.00 mL volumetric flask, which is then filled to the 50....
  5. Chemistry

    What is the total molar concentration of all the ions in 0.0200 M solutions of the following salts in water? 0.0200 M KCl 0.0200 M CuSO4 0.0200 M CaCl2
  6. Chemistry

    10. Write out the precipitation reaction formulas: NaOH(aq)+MgCl2(aq)> a. Complete ionic reaction: b. Net ionic reaction: c. Molecular reaction: *Please could some explain step by step why and how you solve this problem I do not understand at all . Thanks in advance!
  7. Chemistry

    Lactic acid, a chemical responsible for muscle fatigue, is a monoprotic acid. When 0.578 g of lactic acid is titrated with 0.206 M NaOH, a volume of 31.11 mL of NaOH is used. What is the molar mass of lactic acid? HA + NaOH > NaA + H2O (also does the A represent acid?)
  8. Chemistry

    7. 2Sr + O2 ? 2SrO a) Determine what is oxidized and what is reduced b) Identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent 8. 2Cs + Br2 ? 2CsBr a) Determine what is oxidized and what is reduced b) Identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent
  9. Chemistry

    14. Using the equation of q = nC?T determine the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 24g of water 80?C, with a heat capacity of 75.3 J/(mol*?C )
  10. chemistry

    The material Magnesium Sulfate What mass of dry material would be needed to make an aqueous solution with a molality of 4 moles/kg solution ? What mass of water is needed? 4 (24.305+ 32.065+ (4 x 15.999)) =481.5 ?Not sure where to go from here or if the problem is complete.
  11. Cultural Anthro

    Contemporary anthropologists: 1 study global conflict to better understand effective conflict resolution solutions. 2 never would work to promote effective peace-keeping solutions because of their aversion to social interference. 3 only study foraging and horticultural ...
  12. Math

    A rectangular pizza, 40 cm by 60 cm, is cut into 24 square pieces. Two round pizzas, each cut into 12 slices, also give 24 pieces. So that the pizzas are the same size, what must be the diameter of the round pizzas?
  13. Text study

    Who were slaves free
  14. science

    A uniform force of 30N acts on a mass 2.5kg initially at rest for 5seconds then it withdrawn and a retarding force F now acted on the mass in the direction of the motion to reduce its velocity to 12 m/s.( calculate the momentum of mass before the retarding force starts to cut ...
  15. Math

    A basketball has a surface area of 1810 in^2 and a baseball has a surface area of 6 in^2. What is the diameter of a baseball if the diameter of a basketball is 9.5 in^2.
  16. History

    B and D
  17. Math

    So is the answer 187/8?
  18. Math

  19. Math

    Given that I take a piece of paper and cut it in half and then in half again. If the paper originally had an area of 187/2 in^2.What is the area of my new paper?
  20. History

    Yeah b is correct.
  21. math

    Look at your tree. it is about 20 meters.
  22. math

    Naomi was at her house.She saw a tree.How tall is it?
  23. Math

    Thank you so much Scott!
  24. Math

    solve the equation c/4 -5 =4 Please show all steps please!
  25. Calculus

    Ok. Thank you. You are right but I tried working it out using 2??(11.142-12.857) (x(18-1.4x) dx. I got a different answer, Is there a way I am to set up the y-equation.
  26. Calculus

    This is wrong, thank you
  27. Calculus

    Use cylindrical shells to find the volume formed by rotating the region in the first quadrant enclosed by: y=1.2-1.4|x-12| and y=0 about the y-axis
  28. Calculus

    That was for washers method, This is for cylindrical shells
  29. Calculus

    Use cylindrical shells to find the volume formed by rotating the region in the first quadrant enclosed by: y=1.2-1.4|x-12| and y=0 about the y-axis
  30. Calculus

    Use washers to find the volume formed by rotating the region enclosed by: y=1.4?2|x?13| and y=0 about the y-axis
  31. Science

    I need an answer....
  32. Science

    Can someone send me a link to what global warming is? Thanks
  33. urgent help!

  34. urgent help!

    ASAP help please. Choose one destination that is represented by a flag. Write a paragraph about the effects of climate change in that destination. I do not know what to choose for this just give me ideas plz.
  35. Calculus

    At the scene of an accident, there are skid marks which are 200 feet long showing where a car put on the brakes. The driver swears that he was obeying the speed limit. If we assume that the car braked with a constant deceleration of 16ft/sec^2. We can determine whether or not ...
  36. mATH

    Ms. Sue? Anyone?
  37. mATH

    1. Compare using <,>, or =. -15 and -21 A < (MY ANSWER) B > C. = 2. Which nuumber is greater than -24? A -42 B-27 C -16 (MY ANSWER) D -30 3. Which set of integers is ordered from greatest to least. A -13, 4, 0, -8 B -5, -2, 3, 1 C -12, -8, -4, 7 (MY ANSWER) D 4,6,7...
  38. Social Studies

    The decades around the year 50 B.C. saw the end of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. What factors led to the decline of the Roman Republic? Do you think there was any way for the republic to be preserved? What are the disadvantages of an empire compared to a...
  39. math

    if you know the radius of a circle how can you find its diameter?
  40. number base help plz

    explain plz sir steve
  41. number base help plz

    plz solve for me too hard show step payuto 123_(base4) = N_(base8 )
  42. maths equation too hard@reiny

    how about newton literative method? Payoto
  43. maths equation too hard

    x^3=3^x plz help me what is the solution yes i know x=3 but how?
  44. maths equation too hard

    x^3=3^x what is x plz show step
  45. set maths

    In a survey of cars,it was found DAT 75% were old,65% were small nd 50% had been involved in an accident.8% were accident free large old cars,20% were accident free small new cars, 7% were accident free small old cars,6% were new small cars which had an accident what % were A...
  46. sequence help plz

    5+11+17+23 +... Find the sum of the 2n term of the series plz help me show step
  47. Science Please Help

    Write a paragraph that provides examples of each stage of volcanic activity, a description of the volcano, and facts about each stage.
  48. Chemistry

    Say there is a diluted solution and we need to find the final concentration of it, using the equation M1V1 = M2V2. Does this method change, if the compound (concentration that we're trying to find), is in a solution that has already reacted with another compound? Ex: CaCO3...
  49. Math

    if you were to sketch a cirlce graph for the data shown in the table below, what fraction of the circle would represent food? Expense Activities= $600 Food= $450 Souvenirs= %270 Show answer in fraction please!
  50. physics

    A car starts from rest is uniformly accelerated at 0.1m/s square untill it reaches a speed of 15m/sec square. It travels at this speed for 3mins and it returns uniformly retarded so as it come to rest 8mins after starting.plot the velocity time graph of the motion and use the ...
  51. physics

    A particle is projected with a speed of 39.2m/sec at an elevation of 30degrees.find its greatest height.
  52. ELA

    Thanks Ms. Sue!
  53. ELA

    Oh. Then can it be C?
  54. ELA

    Which of the following passages from the text best illustrates Phillips ability to adapt to his blindness? A. I tried to make my eyes cut through the darkness. B. After a moment of silence, I heard the sizzle of the water as Timothy doused the torch. C. I knew it was early ...
  55. Math

    and how did you get 45???????????
  56. Math

    where did you get that 10,2???? i don't get it
  57. geography

  58. algebra

    Show Work Use the intermediate value theorem to show that the polynomial function has a zero in the given interval. f(x)=x^5-x^4+4x^3-4x^2-20x+18 [1.5,1.8]
  59. Chemistry

    A solution is made by dissolving 32g KCIO3 in 100g H20 at 80C. The solution is cooled to 10C. Describe what you would observe as it cooled and state what temperature this first occurs at. What mass of crystals would settle out of the solution?
  60. math

    -1. Using order of operations multiply, divide, addition, subtraction. Since there is no multiply, go to divide 3 by one third, which is actually 3x3, then add one. Then subtract 10 from nine and you get -1
  61. Geometry

    Krista was vacationing in the jungle and wanted to ride a zip line. The platform was 173ft above the ground. The angle of elevation of the zip line was 40 degrees from the ground. Approx. How long was her ride down the zip line?
  62. Math

  63. Math

    If the area of parallelogram ABCD = 246 mm2 and h = 20.5 mm, what is the length of the base of triangle ABD? A.12 mm** B.24 mm C.123 mm D.There is not enough information given.
  64. Math

    Demarcus drew a pair of complementary angles. He drew one angle that had a measure of 48 degrees. What was the measure of the other angle he drew? A. 42 degrees** B. 48 degrees C. 132 degrees D. 138 degrees
  65. physics

    When point charges q1 = +8.9 μC and q2 = +7.6 μC are brought near each other, each experiences a repulsive force of magnitude 0.10 N. Determine the distance between the charges. I got 6.08 m
  66. physics

    At a distance r1 from a point charge, the magnitude of the electric field created by the charge is 291 N/C. At a distance r2 from the charge, the field has a magnitude of 165 N/C. Find the ratio r2/r1. I divided 165/291 and got .567
  67. Physics

    Two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 2.97 × 10-3 m. The objects are initially electrically neutral and are very small compared to the distance between them. Each object acquires the same negative charge due to the addition of electrons. As a result, each ...

    Your current cell phone company charges $30 per month for unlimited minutes. Another company charges $20 per month for the first 500 minutes plus 5¢ a minute for any additional minutes. Should you keep your current service or switch to the other company?

    You currently drive 288 miles per week in a car that gets 24 miles per gallon of gas. You are considering buying a new fuel-efficient car for $15,000 (after trade-in on your current car) that gets 48 miles per gallon. Insurance premiums for the new and old car are $800 and $...
  70. Spanish

    Es viejo, el carro de mis padres.
  71. Spanish

    Answer. Use a possessive adjective in your answer. Tus padres tienen un carro. ¿Es viejo o nuevo el carro de tus padres?
  72. Math 141

    A pair of fair 6-sided dice is rolled. What is the probability that a 3 is rolled if it is known that the sum of the numbers landing uppermost is less than or equal to 7? (Enter your answer as an exact fraction.)
  73. geography,business ,consumer studies,maths litracy

    what can I do with this subjects.what job options are available for me to study in university
  74. math

  75. Math

    How can I insert 4 arithmetic means between √2 and 12/√2? How do I incorporate fractions and roots into sequences?
  76. Math

    The 6th term of an arithmetic sequence is 3 times the 2nd term. Prove that the 10th term is twice the 5th term. tn=t1+(n-1)d
  77. check my work

    bruh #8 should've been b
  78. math

    a mother wants to invest 5000 for her sons future education. She invests a portion of the money in a bank certificate of deposit which earns 4% and the remainder in a savings bond that earns 7%. If the total interest earned after one year is $300.00,how much money was invested...
  79. American History

    In Jefferson's view, George Washington's action in addressing the Whiskey Rebellion
  80. Physics

    A car, moving along a straight stretch of highway, begins to accelerate at 0.0442 m/s^2. It takes the car 30.8 s to cover 1 km. How fast was the car going when it first began to accelerate? Answer in units of m/s. I tried converting 30.8 km/sec to m/s then subtracting 0.0442, ...
  81. Physics

    If the time (up and down) the ball remains in the air is 2.14 s, find its speed when it caught. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2 . Neglect air resistance. Answer in units of m/s If the time the ball remains in the air is 2.27 s, find the maximum height hmax the ball ...
  82. chemistry

  83. Science for ms. Sue

    If you were to walk towards a Van der Graaf generator, the effect of its electric field would get weaker as you got closer to it. A.True B.False I think it is A
  84. social studies

    I believe the answer is C, i might be wrong though.
  85. math

    What are the 4 concecutive even integers such that the squar of the second term is equal to the product of the first and last term
  86. How long will it take the investment to double?

    $3,600 is invested in an account at an annual interest rate of 4.8% compounded continuously. How long, to the nearest tenth of a year, will it take the investment to double in size?? Any help would be appreciated.
  87. math

    order from least to greater 4 1 over 2, 19 over 4, 37 over 8, 4 3 over 16
  88. math

  89. Chemistry

  90. 5th grade math

    (a)36,000&10=360,000 Explain how you decided on the number of zeros in the products for (a)
  91. Physics 2

    four identical charges (q = +3µC) are arranged in a form of a rectangle. what are the magnitude and direction of the net electric force on the charge in the lower right corner attributable to the other three charges? distances are in meters.
  92. Chemistry

    If 1.5g of CaO is mixed with 2.5M HNO3 how many moles of CaO were reacted and what type of reaction is this ?
  93. english

    Yes, you are correct.
  94. math

    math lol December 16, 2016 at 2:34pm your answer is not "lol" as you say:(
  95. Math

    group a ate 1 pizza
  96. Science

    Both carbon dioxide and water are pure substances. How are they similar to each other? A.) both substances have a set ratio of atoms that cannot be separated by physical means. B.) both substances have a set ratio of atoms that can be separated by physical means. C.) both ...
  97. Math HELP

    a flower was 1.6 meters high one week ago in 7 days it grew 11 centimeters find the current height of the flower 12.3 m, 1.71 m, 125 cm or 11.2 cm , i did times tables and got 17.6 and then i tried deviding but got a weird long number that wasn't on the list
  98. Math

    a flower was 1.6 meters high one week ago in 7 days it grew 11 centimeters find the current height of the flower 12.3 m, 1.71 m, 125 cm or 11.2 cm , i did times tables and got 17.6 and then i tried deviding but got a weird long number that wasn't on the list
  99. reading

    If I got a 92 on my mid term then got a 50 on a worksheet the following day then what would be my average
  100. Accointing , Economics and Life Science

    I was wanting to find out that with the subjects l got what type of career could l have
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