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  1. math

    A shirt is on sale for 30% off. The sale price is $51.50. What was the original price?
  2. Maths

    Plastic block A has a mass of 1.2kg. Plastic block B is made from plastic with a density 40% greater than the plastic block. Work out the mass of the plastic cube. Plastic block A is 20cm by 10cm by by 5cm. Cube is 6cm. Is it 6×6×6=216 216 ×1.4
  3. math

    There are eight bills in Mike's pocket that are worth worth than less than $30 what possible 12 combination could he have only using $10 bills $5 bills and $1 bills
  4. math

    The eight bills in Mike's pocket are worth less than $30 what possible12 combinations could he have only using ten dollars $5 and $1 bills
  5. Chemistry

    . A 15.0 mL sample of HNO3 of unknown concentration was titrated with 0.109 M NaOH. A volume of 18.6 mL of the base was needed to neutralize the acid sample. What is the molarity of the HNO3 solution?
  6. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    #6 is about $9.00
  7. language arts 6th grade

  8. Chemistry